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um I would like to say this

during the course this competition

people seem to forget something about this which is that this is real money

We have raised... I don't even know what the rest of the games are but just between

the two of our games we raised

a hundred and... fifty? sixty?

thousand dollars for breast cancer research. that is absolutely amazing

and that was due... and I guess if you add in ST that's like two hundred thousand


oh yeah, you're right, we can't add. 170. thank you the person back there who can add.

umm, anyway.

so that's well over two hundred thousand dollars probably over 210

yeah, for breast cancer research. as a fighting game community

that is absolutely amazing. and I would like to thank the members of

all the different communities for doing that. and I also want to say this:

the fighting game community has a unique history...

I guess I should probably be facing the room but whatever there's... two... there's there's

forty of you


there's... yeah, there's more people in the camera. alright. so here we go

as... as, I guess, spokesperson for Skullgirls

of course I would like to be the first person to say EVO should allow

both games in, hello, and I would say that even if we won,

but that has nothing to do with what i'm talking about. what I'm talking about is this:

the fighting in community has a unique history. which is like sports teams, right?

you are the worst enemies when you're playing against another person, but when

you're done?

you are the best the friends. and I saw a bunch of hate go on from both

communities - actually not both, all the communities -

during the course of this contest so I would like to remind everybody that at

the end of the day

we are all part of the fighting game community. whatever game you like,

whatever games you hate, the players of those games

are exactly like you. they put in work, they put in practice, they put in

training, they put in sweat

and they came there and they donated for this because they really liked it.

so, at EVO, since

uh, Smash is in the lead and the contest is now over,

at EVO I would like to remind everybody to treat the Smash players

with respect. because they deserve it as much as you do,

and I don't wanna see the... the kinda reception that smash has been getting at

EVO in the past.

um... that was pretty much the end of it, because remember, we are

a community at the end of the day and as a community,

we raised a ton of money for breast cancer research... I almost said breast cancer

I alwa... I do that a lot. so

even if we didn't win we all did something amazing

and you need to remember that and also I used to have hair.

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