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- Hoo-ah, how you doing?

Now it's been a long time since I've played "Fortnite".

(crashing) Ah, oh.

It's been a long time since I've played "Fortnite",

five months to be exact, (easy music)

or at least you know, since I put a video on it.

But McCreamy came to me

with a pretty cool idea and I thought,

hey, why not?

We decided to get 100 people, put them all in a Discord,

and play hide and seek.

They will have one minute to go off and hide

and the last one to be found wins a thousand bucks.

(cha-ching) Nice!

But, however as nice as it may be,

Mccreamy and I still felt like it needed to be

a bit more intense. (intense music)

So we upped the stakes and made a bet.

I'm gonna find more people than you, bro.

- [McCreamy] I'm gonna find more people than you.

I bet you $5,000 I'm gonna beat you.

- If I find more people than you in this match,

you are going to give me $5,000?

If I find more than McCreamy,

he has to give me $5,000.

(upbeat music) (laughing)

If he finds more than me, I have to give him $5,000.

(yelling) Trying to run away?

This is what we do with your supporter creator money.

(static) Good day mate.

- [McCreamy] (laughing) Oh my god.

- What's going on dude? - Not much.

(playful music) I'm ready to record

this thing I'm ready to play the most epic game

of "Fortnite" hide and seek anyone's ever seen.

- That's exactly right,

the ultimate "Fortnite" hide and seek.

This is gonna be quite epic, are you guys as hype as I am?

- [McCreamy] Make sure you get your friends in here

if you haven't already, we need 100 people because--

- Yeah, make sure to get-- - The more the better.

- Your friends in here, if you have any (laughter).

Ladies and non-gender specific individuals!

Load up "Fortnite" right now, I'm gonna drop in.

- [McCreamy] And you guys are gonna need to

pay attention here because there are obviously

gonna be some rules and if you don't pay attention,

boom, out of the game, eliminated.

- You need rules, this is not South Korea.

(laughing) We need to sit down,

really really apply ourselves.

One in the chat if you're in the solo right now.

This is the hardest part, Jay,

you're new to this type of video

but this is by far the hardest part.

- [McCreamy] I'm very lucky that

I'm here with a professional, uh--

- YouTuber that doesn't post (laughing).

I don't know about you Tom but this is gonna be

the most epic "Fortnite" challenge ever.

- [McCreamy] It's probably gonna be

the highest octane of games.

- You know what, this is actually the highlight of my life,

this right here, this is the highlight of my life.

Ladies and gentleman, everyone,

go to the middle island,

land at the dock on the middle island.

If you land anywhere else we will pop a cap in yo' ass.

- [McCreamy] So me and Daniel are gonna pick up a few guns

from the houses but you guys land at the docks.

We'll be in momentarily. - How about,

you go pick me up some guns,

and then I will keep an eye on the children.

- [McCreamy] Yeah yeah, you do that.

We're doing this dude, this is gonna be

an epic game of hide and seek.

- I'm pretty keen, I'm pretty keen to waste money

on these children (laughing).

Oh my god, dude!

Oh my god dude my game is lagging

'cause there's so many people.

You probably wanna see me when I'm here though,

when you get here.

I'm not here, do I win the contest?

- [McCreamy] Where is Daniel?

Okay, look at all of them!

(laughing) We've got everyone on!

- I don't think you understand,

this is easily gonna be the best

"Fortnite" hide and seek challenge

that has ever been done in history, okay?

We have to make this the most epic experience

but time is running so let me be quick and explain.

(intense music) You will all have 60 seconds

to go off and find a hiding spot.

And if you're found, you dead, no respawn,

no second chance, out of the competition.

- [McCreamy] The last one alive

out of all of you guys wins $1,000.

Are you guys ready? - 1,000 dollary-doos!

All right, 60 seconds, go, go, go, go, go.

- [McCreamy] 60 seconds find your best hiding spot.

Okay, this guy has got the worst hiding spot I've ever seen.

(laughing) - He's like, hi!

Times up! - It's time to go man!

- Dude, no, no vehicles, no no,

you can't take no vehicles.

(gunfire) - [McCreamy] All right,

we're on our way.

(playful music) - Found one,

oh, I've already got my first one.

- [McCreamy] Okay, he's already got his first.

Come out come out wherever you are!

- And now it's every time that you find you kill.

- [McCreamy] Yeah I will, trust me,

you don't have to worry.

Found one! (giggling)

- Oh! - Fight for the lead here.

- We're tied for lead.

I'm going to the Salty Springs.


- [McCreamy] Found another one!

- You did?

- [McCreamy] That was an awesome hiding spot.

- Should we mute each other while we go out and find them?

- [McCreamy] Uh, no.

- No, we shouldn't?

Just, okay. - (giggling) No.

- All right boys. - Is someone hiding in here?

There is! (laughter)

- Shit. - He was hiding inside

the trashcan! (laughs)

- This is bull shit.

Bro I am not finding anyone.

- [McCreamy] I'm on three finds right now.

- What?!

I found one.

They are not doing bad

but the storm is gonna close

and they're gonna have to move in anyways

so I'm not, you know, completely concerned.

With how their shots, ooh, look at this little,

found one. (gunshots)

I couldn't hit him, he's embarrassing me!

Okay he's dead. - Daniel, Daniel,

I see someone. - Where?!

Where is he?

Tell me so I can shoot him with my kill, mine.

- [McCreamy] Come back here!

- [Daniel] Once you've been found you should stay still.

- [McCreamy] Go on, crazy lightning one,

oh my god, I think I found the best one (laughing).

- [Daniel] Where at? (laughter)

- What? - That was a good one,

right there, he was hiding on top of the respawn man.

- I don't know where any of them are!

- [McCreamy] You guys are doing great,

these are some crazy hiding spots.

- There's 90 people and I've found like two of them, dude!

- Storm surge! - Oh, storm surge!

- [McCreamy] All right, I'm 700 and 11 but about--

- Yeah, storm surge is like, I see you, I spotted you.

No, that's you. - Oh, that's you!


- I'm like, I found one, sneaky bastard!

- [McCreamy] Here's someone else.

I'm coming!

Where is this guy?

- You think you can run from me mate?

Yeah, PaperOwl, good G, good game.

- [McCreamy] Oh my!

- How many kills you up?

- I'm on seven right now. - What?!

Yeah, I've only got four kills.

- [McCreamy] Think about this, 87 people are alive.

- And no one has died from storm surge though, right?

- [McCreamy] Yeah, and I don't really know,

I think, like, are people actually gonna die here?

(distorted screaming) - Oh my god!

Got another one.

- [McCreamy] There's a lot of people there.

Oh, over here! (laughing)

- Am I gonna have to pay you five grand for this?

- [McCreamy] (laughs) I think that might be my kill.

- No, I think it might not be!

- No? - No, no!

- [McCreamy] Daniel, I think it might be mine--

- Mine! - Damn!

- Well there's still 50 alive.

Look at these sneaky boys.

See you later MrHeadClick,

get your head clicked on fool, pop pop.

- [McCreamy] Get over here buddy, hey, I see you!

- There's so many people dude!

Wait how many kills have you got?

- I'm on 13.

- [Daniel] Oh, I'm catchin' up.

- Catch up buddy. - I'm catchin' up.

- Pop, pop. - Got him,

he's out the game.

The real question is, is there anyone in here?

- I feel like there's hundreds of people in here,

thousands, millions even.

Bro, these bitches.

Oh my! (laughing)

These sneaky boys!

I just saw so many of them just drop out.

- [McCreamy] Okay, the storm's moving in.

- [Daniel] Are there more in this barn?

- [McCreamy] Still 43 people here!

- Look at how small the circle is

and how many people there are.

You come here, boy, unlucky.

(laughing) - [McCreamy] What's this guy?

Bro, they're trying so hard to find hiding spots.

- I know, and they've found good ones,

I just got really lucky I think.


It's like you break down any wall

and there's someone behind it.

Come here boy, mega nut!

- [McCreamy] (laughing) I feel like

I'm hunting ducks right now.

- Yeah, I know dude.

What the? (laughing)

- [McCreamy] Oh my god there's so many people in the trees!

I see you, oh my god, I missed!

No, no! - Mine, no, no!

- No! - Yes!

There's another one over here.

You can get back, you can stay out of there boy.

- [McCreamy] These are my kills, all right?

There's still 32 people!

Look at them! (both laughing)

- How many kills have you got?

- [McCreamy] I've got 20.

- [Daniel] Dude, I'm so close to you.

- [McCreamy] That's crazy, the one in the tree.

- Look at this sneaky boy!

No, no, that's mine!

No, no! (laughing)

$5,000 is a lot of money man.

- [McCreamy] It's still 29,

Daniel there are 29 people there.

(both laughing and shouting)

- Oh my god, I thought I killed you for a second bro.

- [McCreamy] I mean if they are,

they're doing some crazy stuff.

- (laughs) How'd I miss this guy, dude?

- [McCreamy] Oh there, is that you?

Is this you, with the can, no it's not.

This is you, right?

Over here, by the fig tree?

- Yeah, don't do it.

- [McCreamy] Daniel, there's 20 people here!


- Oh man.

- [McCreamy] There's three of them!

- Mine, come here boy, come here boy.

- [McCreamy] Good try.

I mean there is still some people

that are doing insanely well.

- I don't think there's a single person left that's hiding.

- Bruh.

- There's one! - There are some people hiding

there are some people hiding. - Oh no,

they're definitely hiding.

- [McCreamy] We've got six people left!

- Oh shit, we have a winner, there's one left!

What the fudge? (laughing)

She was right next to me the whole time?

You don't understand, I was standing next to him,

the whole time. (laughter)

Oh now, where were you?

Really, show me where you were.

- [McCreamy] Okay, so closed for,

Daniel how many kills do you have?

- You first. - I have 37.

(laughing) - No!

- [McCreamy] I win!

Well, well, well, what do we have here?

It seems as though I have a loser in my presence.

- [Daniel] Dude, listen, nah, listen, listen, listen,

you watched them leave you had an advantage dude.

- [McCreamy] You've got some leaves on you.

- [Daniel] Shut up, just send me your PayPal dude!

Dude, we'll go again, we'll have another challenge,

in the future and I'll win it, so I'm not mad.

- [McCreamy] Yeah, there's gonna be

something in the future for sure.

But for the meantime, you owe me $5,000.

(sad trombone) (laughter)

(rap music) ♪ Yeah hold up what the fuck

Bass in the trunk

Shorty wanna fuck

But I'm busy gettin bucks

If you know my fuckin name

You know my music boss

If you hear my fuckin shit

You a motherfuckin chump

Ayy ooh yeah dab

Billy stay high like a kite yeah

Bitch I blew up over night yeah

You know the word around town

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