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hi guys welcome to my channel everyone

say yes guys we are live again here in

France English teacher in France it's

live again guys so it's actually Monday

today is happy Monday everyone so how's

everybody doing guys how's everyone so

yeah Monday Monday is it's Monday right

now right now today is Monday everyone

in yes we are live again and just give

me a second every Monday just don't sing

hello welcome to my life Street game how

are you how are you how are you everyone

so let me just say the fluorine eyes

Adventure hello the 14 ice adventure how

are you hello how are you the four a

nice adventurer let me just just

something okay wait just give me a

second guys I need to check something

and none of that but I need to check my

chat room right now because I'm actually

using my phone for this live streaming

so yeah I want to check the chat room

from my laptop so let's try to see if

yeah we go alright so here it is the

four nights adventure he was from

Switzerland Wow welcome welcome to


how are you before a nice adventure

you're okay alright so uh how is the

weather in Switzerland nowadays the four

nine seven shirt I hope the weather

there is just okay with you I mean it's

a you know how can I say likeable for a

year or what how is the weather there in

your country nowadays or in the country

where you live so yes guys so

welcome everyone to this show estelle in

tonight's live streaming everyone who

will actually have a route game as you

can see there on the board it's rib game

so yeah the for a nice adventure said

cold already yes it's the same here and

what time is it now in your country the

foreign eyes Evan sure actually here in

France right now

it's um what time is it well it's I

think it's 7:25 p.m. yes it's past 25

minutes yes past 25 yes

25 past seven uh-huh teacher doesn't

know what to speak anymore yes 25 past

seven everyone it's 7:25 p.m. here in

France right now so yes and yeah for

tonight's live streaming this will be a

rigged game and I will be explaining the

mechanics afterwards I mean know when

there are more people coming same time

sis all right so we have the same time

of course so uh straight line is also

Europe right oh my god sure you're not

very good at geography uh-huh yes I am

NOT the for a nice adventure how long

have you been a creator I mean a white

secret order for nice adventure let me

see if you have content how can I do

that what happened to my screen okay

here we go

big ceeze a little high all from a wet

you how's it been raining in the UK

right now I mean because China let it be

rainy because it's actually the same

year in France this is channel it has

been raining and I don't like the

weather but anyway it's not too cold

today I think it was like six degrees

Celsius for today yeah so are we now

here yes okay all day long I need my

swimming trunks when I go outside

yes the same here but it's not really

old day long but in the morning and then

in the afternoon is actually brain as

well but it's not that heavy just like

drizzle you know it was drizzling in the

afternoon and I don't like it because

the road is wet I don't like when the

road is wet everyone you know it's very

annoying to actually walk in you know

your shoes gonna get dirty and wet and

stuff like that so I don't like it

all right before a nice adventure uh-huh

well use a very young to for a nice

adventure okay I think it's just about

stop it's just about to stop now those

alright said that's great to hear that

well anyway how are you picks this

channel I mean um house you were how can

I say how's life being a great cure

these days yeah it was sooo cool 76

hello welcome to my live stream how are

you yet with Zuko it was so cool it was

so cool are you Japanese it was Zuko

Julie LTE had a little welcome to my

live stream how are you - al TV it's

been a long time I've actually been

watch senior premieres to the Ltd and

yes he even had one premiere which was

um which was happening which was the

prohibited because of copyright issue I

need to do that to the LTE our money

hello welcome

how are you our money our money well how

are you

oh yeah Mattias good evening mati so are

you welcome back to my livestream

Mattias how are you today did you have

any chance to speak English today Montes

I hope you had and I'm pretty sure

you've had at school right Mattias and

the for a nice adventure

okay this is China all good hoping to

get a cannon 400g sometime this week

got it off eBay should be here on

Thursday this week oh that's great so

this must be a new toy for vlogging

right fix this channel well in my case

I'm actually uh it's kind of hard for me

to actually go live and I'm outside

because I usually go live or not when

I'm outside like you know walking on the

street or something but I go live it I

have time you know just to share the

place where I am usually so yeah but sad

thing is I broke my monopod so yeah I

actually ordered one on Amazon it's

actually a four and one or in one on one

of my so it's actually one applied

tripod and the other two things I forgot

what it is but anyway the most important

thing is the tripod and monopod for me

so yeah I have my tripod here but I've

been using this for quite a long time

now so I actually need another one so I

ordered but I'm still waiting I'm not

sure when it's didn't arise should we

all TT the reason is that it is in

public domain in USA in Canada but other

countries can do it there can do it

there are people here that's the

restored work of others in the situation

France well I think it's okay

actually as long as the video that you

are trying to reuse is actually there's

something like a lot of for reuse or

something like that well if you're not

aiming for monetization I don't think

it's ideal to actually have some videos

which are reused so it's better to have

you know your own version I mean your

own your own video your own content

because channel this is just for

pictures only I used an awesome on

pocket when I blog oh well I actually

always used my phone when I love you

know I just use my phone I

my son song s10 yeah so that's what I

always used with iron block so yeah

anyway welcome everyone thank you so

much for coming everyone say oh yes and

a way for tonight for those people who

are actually interested to join in

tonight some activity this is about you

know rugby and everyone so I hope you

guys are interested if not then it's

okay you can just enjoy making friends

and you know talking to some people in

the chatroom

so like that you can also express

yourselves say yeah Ruby's foreign

family welcome to my life's river beas

foreign family how are you because China

no I used my phone to great camera it I

have a samsung s7 yeah I used to use

actually I used to use my samsung e27 I

mean long time ago and the first time I

did my own blogging I used my samsung

8:27 2017 2017 yes and yeah so uh anyway

the memory was not very good so I

decided to change the phone to some some

s10 and yeah that's what I've been using

out I mean until not for my buddy Ruby's

boring family said AHA wanna see CA make

it famous

oh my god hello I really love the EES

are you CA um

Ruby's foreign family sunny you an

opponent Alaska oh I think it's all must

be a oh my god my very good student is

always in my very good student always

watches the notification when I am live

right the foreign eyes adventure visits

the day I kept teacher yes I am Farkle


I am from Cebu okay yes back in

Philippines I lived in Cebu byxis China

please smash okay thank you so much

everyone he answered I'm good

think out loud yes it's great to hear

that um our real all teacher while all

our real

where are you left me a real huh oh my


except uh so Q its be a welcome CA I

hope you are doing great CA and we also

have Musti hello Musti welcome to my

life three months see you how are you

I think Musti has been to my life

screaming what a few times a woody let

me just check you out for a second

ou might see a bracelet made by me oh

it's very interesting one see ya I think

I have made a bracelet like this when I

was in Philippines as a project at

school wow that's interesting one see

alright so that's your bracelet the four

nights adventure I'm from The Vow Oh The

Vow is a beautiful place rubies for

families to see a yes I know you are CA

re old rhe wailing is the son of rubies

born family fixes China anywhere to go

looking tea got fish and chips Oh fish

and chips

that's delicious because this China I'll

have a great time enjoy I think it's so

much for dropping by I hope you're gonna

be here again in the near future thank

you so much for dropping by fixes

channel and the I hope to catch you live

again yes you have a lot of friends

there and you go live as well yeah it's

quite cool when you go live with your

wife yes this is China I will pop in if

I see you live okay thank you so much

alright say yes guys um well I think

we're gonna wait a little bit more so

maybe like eight minutes more before

we're gonna start our real show tonight

yes have a great

evening basis shuttle and extend my

regards to your life and have a

wonderful meal with her and again

belated Happy Birthday yes yes delayed

did happy birthday I think yes yeah it

was you who was celebrating your

birthday yes and your wife was going to

prepare I mean make a cake for you yes

kissing guys insert the battery because

I think I want to even out of battery

life or now honor right caramels cannot

be high teacher in history France is

dropping by hello everyone and great to

see you Karen loss cannot be all this

channel guys is amazing channel you know

she's really got the skills you know the

way she I mean she has skills with her

hands I mean she is very good she's very

good at you know arts and DIY and things

like that if you guys are actually

interested in you know making your own

Christmas tree or Christmas decorations

you should check out caramels Kenobi she

has some tips and how to make them her

vsport family caramels cannot be helped

oh yes every spark family Carlos Kenobi

is the second the second house of

caramels are seven to seven and in this

channel this is all about

of course freaking o P this is all about

her DIYs and arts and stuff like that so

yeah if I'm sure it will be a great

channel alright so yeah how are you

Carlos can opine yeah it was great I

actually watch your video but haven't

been finished about a

and disadvantages of living in Las Vegas

yes it's good you're with your husband

at least you can actually discuss

together you know while they can see

sure hi Ruby sporran family yes yeah

that's it guys so uh anyway tonight guys

I was actually know I'm planning to go

live only for one hour and 30 minutes

yeah but I'm hoping there's gonna be

more people if not then we'll just go on

with the with the thing that we're gonna

do tonight yeah I'm okay thank you you

are very welcome

yes guys the weather here is not so good

I mean it has been raining you know yeah

so anyway we're be sworn family how are

you be sporting family have you finished

the dinner

actually before I bet might guys we just

finished you know we had just finished

um dinner as well I prepared dinner

early because I wanted to go live yes

guys I was the Paris hotel here in Las

Vegas and was thinking I was in France

with you yeah I actually saw that I wish

you could actually visit France but in a

way even if you visit France I'm not

sure if we will be able to meet because

you know I'm not in Paris I'm actually

two hours away from Paris irbaz foreign

family yes now watching your allies at

Sabo oh very supportive huh all right

excuse me for a second everyone I'm just

okay nurse eat in America hello nurse

in America thank you so much everyone

for coming

so yes this let be really a long stream

I mean usually you know I go live for

like two hours and more but tonight I

guess the longest will be just one hour

and 30 minutes yeah in a way Smith no

well welcome to the live stream how are

you Wow how are you how are you Karla's

Kenobi yes I'm was gonna be everyone do

you know who she is of course you know

thank you

English teacher in France you are very

much welcome um CA what did you eat for

dinner CA what did you eat for dinner so

yes guys um well into nice life's remain

this is just really you know a kind of

word game and I'm pretty sure that you

are familiar with this I hope but I'm

pretty sure you are or be sworn family

but that got my man cool oh no it's this

very okay it's very okay or be sperm

family yet always we know well how are

you gonna wish me to well guys I bucks

in enough panda eyes maybe you can see

oh my god what kind of ice the teacher

have um nurse a good American hello

Carmel's can Opie yes almost can hope

you guys can we swim no well haha well I

hope with this thing we is gonna greet

you everyone because you know sometimes

what this image is ignores people so I

actually chose them because you know to

welcome people when I can't welcome for

example people are at the gate and I'm

here sometimes I just use my phone so I

cannot write like

to say anything to them the sitter's or

the viewers but yeah sometimes but to

see who can do that instead of me but

yeah sometimes he doesn't

that Mouse can hope you enjoy your

rigged game you take care of mr. shrink

friends gotta get back to cool - Mike

yes have a great time Karthus Kenobi I

know you're a brick right now all come

on focus on or Carlos Kenobi thank you

so much for dropping by yes guys so

that's it just give me a second guys

how are you Noel Noel Noel Noel so yes

guys this is see ya this love screaming

everyone this is just you know a roofing

so I'm pretty sure you are familiar with

a rigged game right so you can see their

word game but I'm gonna the version of

this word game is gonna be different

okay so uh well I think okay so one

minute more and I'm gonna explain the

mechanics gonna waste with Noel and fine

Thank You host okay

is it also freezing in your place right

now um well because it's freezing here

yes it's always cold oh I don't like it

it's like our you know buddy keeps

shaking and also inside our wedding my

god everything's shaking and all the

tiny little cells of our bodies yes it's

to see at the moment oh that's too cold

here it was actually the last time I

checked it was like four or five yeah I

think something like that to you hello

getaway speed in awhile funner state in

America yeah so I guess everyone is

actually a busy right now so yes I think

I'm just gonna start explaining the

mechanics because I've been like for

twenty minute

now so yes that if they were a rigged

game everyone so I'm just doing this

because some of my students actually

gonna watch the live streaming as well

but anyway I

I hope they will but I'm not really sure

okay so yes myself this is a routine in

the sale of this rigged game is actually

a kind of challenge because I'm gonna be

giving them rude and you didn't make as

many words as you can for example I

would give you one word for example the

word is Apple so the first letter of

Apple is a okay so I'm gonna tell you

mate as many words as you can that

starts I mean the start with letter A so

you're gonna write it in your little

chat room and of course whatever it gets

you know the most words or whoever gets

many words will actually get the point


but of course the spelling should be

correct yes and if I say make as many

words as you can

yes as long advance out of Stephanie

laughs no I don't know I think they're

busy it's okay and the next thing is uh

for example I say because the word is

Apple now make as many words as you can

you know any words that end with e Apple

the last letters eese it should be like

that and there's gonna be timer of

course it can't be possible without a

timer timer should be there to actually

you know give you some kind of pressure

so yes guys still there are some rules

of course there are one two three four

five okay so there are five rules okay

let's talk about the rules the first

rules as long it is but remember

everyone this is English root

game all right so it's just be English

okay roots out of this world or out of

English are not accepted of course okay

so yes guys so there are actually five


the first one is only English obviously


hey when yeah that's the first rule only

English second no plurals okay no nor

else everything should only be singular

form because of course we can say

funeral if I say the last the last

letter of this word should be s so you

put s in all the words that you have

because you make it clear already make

them plural and the next one is no

aggravation okay no aggravation of

course I think everyone knows what every

patient is for example doctor the

abbreviation for doctor is D and r dot

right or period or point or something

like that and the next one is no one is

Lansing you yes that the other is no

acronyms okay no acronyms I guess you

know what acronym is we missed a

afternoon these are actually you know

the first letters all the a certain you

know just the first letter of a word or

first letters of summaries so for

example what for example


for example Y T Y is U and T is to you -

that's the acronym that's an example of

a Korean okay

yes what is one singular hahahaha it

always with Noel my god so yes guys

there and of course the fifth one which

is the last but not the least no copying

from me or you know chat maids answer

yes no copying everyone I don't think

it's possible to copy because you will

be writing at the same time and you'll

be son

messages not at the same time so I think

it's it's impossible right

so yes the the sick guy so whoever gets

the highest number of calories will get

the point

okay so Gore's the point means the hours

that you gonna have for the WH you know

I'm gonna give you one W each yes for

one round okay one round one W each if

you get the point

yeah the thing and yeah but if I get a

waste with no well you had a lot of

hours before and I only watched with

angels activities maybe it's less than

the the hours that you got before so I'm

wondering what's your plan with your

hours the well okay so anyway guys so I

guess it's time to start isn't it yeah

because if we'd been live for almost

thirty minutes now so I guess it's time

to start are you guys ready so I'm gonna

write the word here okay I'm gonna write

the bird here and you're gonna actually

yeah okay here we go

nobody is answering now I think nobody's

joining the game but it's okay everyone

go opposite each shirt oh my god I think

is so much behind I'm no p9 I always you

know I'm used to calling you p9 Annie in

USA yes these rates go up oh my god I

don't think so look at the iPods oh my


okay guys you guys ready or you guys are

not ready the foreign eyes and the true

singular plural noprl only singular okay

yes so uh this is the first thing that

you have to do guys okay I'm gonna write

the word here

okay so once again you're nothing so

once again guys you make as many words

as you can okay so whatever makes the

biggest number of overs will be the


okay so yeah when you win of course you

will have one W each from English

teacher in France so you guys ready but

I think nobody's ready right

it sounds very peaceful tonight it

sounds very silent where's everybody go

over everybody where where has everybody


the for a nice adventure yes teacher

okay only one person is ready there are

six million people watching right now on

only one person is ready Oh finally

there are two people ready okay so I

guess two is better than no one right

all right Salem first you're gonna make

okay first thing you're gonna make I'm

gonna show you the word and I'm gonna

let you know what you're gonna do after

I show hello for a nice adventure yes

very nice adventure guys is from


we have nursing America nursing in

America for America getaways food the

wall is from the UK and he enjoys a lot

of getaways with Noelle welcome to

another getaways with well ah is it

perfect Noelle the partners adventure

finder it's nurse I am sick oh wow

interesting okay so ready so we will

have time at the timer will be music

when the music stops everybody has to

stop okay

and you're gonna start you have to send

your messages and I'm gonna put a stop

signal alright so uh you have 1 minute

and 30 seconds to actually create as

many words as you can everyone alright

so here we go the first word is summer


summer everyone sale from the word

summer I would like you to make words or

create words that start with letter S

okay words that start with letter S can

you guys start hello and welcome to mel

ice cream yes everyone okay ready start

words that start with letter S you have

to write everything at the same time not

one by one come on all at once okay when

you finish no more chance of sending

again does at once you have to type at

once okay type at once everyone you have

to sand all the words that you have

created at once okay for example for

example forget always we do well yes our

for example nurse in America stands Sun

Sun these words should be together this

together and then send it at once okay

not one by one all right

oh come on not one by one everyone send

all the words and have created at once

okay because if you send one by one that

means you only got one word okay so I

would like to see all the words at once

so for example I'm going to give you

example for example see so or sad for

example so I have your three words so at

the same time not one by one okay yes so

let's start again yes

okay start everyone okay let's have the

music music everybody


so whatever has a lot of words or the

wool has the biggest number of words

will be the winner a porter and whoever

get that will have one doesn't your age

from English teacher




don't move

how much time left


all right time is up everyone so I'm

gonna actually face stop right now

so right now all right oh my God look at

what get away speak Noel wrote can you

see that okay so we got some wares here

from foreign eyes adventure shine sign


sorry Savage sabotage Sunday Saturday

sunrise sunset set setting all right so

how many words does fart noise Avenue

have she's got two four six eight ten

twelve all right so far nice got twelve

all right so let me just say twelve and

we have not your uh I would all say of

same sand okay three words all right

okay there are three words from Agathon

and get away sweet noel spectacular sour

strollers silver almost league a lot of

words sugarstar super-soldier soccer

shiver stranger scarf sweater sufferers

sulfur sunflower spider seniors walkers

might personally first our shelter Wow

so what do you think wins everyone okay

so you have your 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18

20 22 23 all right 23 from getaways with

no wow 23 and we've got a nerve slated

Mary clasp on sad son South sour soup

oh the same room okay so you've got the

same word as getaway speed the wall for

the word sound sorry Savannah bass with

Noel I will remove one point from you

and one point one one from from P 19 USA

okay I think it's only sour is the same

yeah only sour right so yeah we have

your nurse aid though you have a

software the same supper okay it's the

same with good always been a well so

you've got to the same

so get away sweetener well only what

else are at the scene shine Oh shine is

the same with the oh my god this is


uh-huh so shine the same weed for a nice

adventure oh my god that's wrong

okay I'm gonna write it feature is so

confusing now all right

the fart noise Adventure is the minus

one because you have the same answer you

have there your Sun Sun Sun

okay so we have the same words there you

have shining genie says show me shine

okay so shine so that means some very

nice adventure only 11 right because

mine is 1 and B 90 is it - uh oh my god

Oh actually to shine and Sun the scene

oh that's confusing anyway um yeah

because I know the same words okay this

is a rule - so you've got ten because

mine is two words so you have their oh

this is very confusing to do that okay

I'll just count everything okay the

teacher changes her mind so yes you have

12:04 nice adventure nursing him at 2 4

6 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 okay 20 and

23 from gonna waste for the well 23 Wow

so getting waste with you while everyone

got the point - wow you were very smart

to get a waste we know well so they

don't ways to get weak and while

everyone get a waste me - well good the

biggest number of routes

okay get always been oh well so he's got

one point okay one point means one WH

from English C training friends hello

fans and welcome to my luxury of time so

how are you Oh

fans of that level fire that's amazing

fans oh I see you've got level 5 from

Buddhism oh okay so whatever guys if you

get the honey

level from Lucas symbol you will also

get yes three WH from English teacher in


yes three WH everyone from English

teacher in France if you get the highest

level from what this omocha distinguish

giving levels to the people in the chat


Pauline Island is the most beautiful

teacher on the planet

oh my god thanks so much welcome Paul in

Ireland how are you one two three hours

oh my god that's amazing that always

spin you off so I won't be sleeping and

that's the case yeah fine so good

dissing oh it's really here laughing

outlet I think this would get my yahoo

buddy now yes but this might I know what

look this thing with does yeah finally

with disagree is there a level six

laughing out loud

probably we don't know the foreign eyes

aperture you one house in LA - well he

beat me 89 word gave me yesterday

CPD P 89 so yes many all the people here

in the chat room are actually native

speakers probably yes so if you guys are

interested to join please do so yes the

game is actually of course for a date so

it's either you need to create words

that begin with something or create

words that end with something so yeah

and whoever makes the most of the words

or whoever makes the biggest number of

words will get the point

everyone say yes you have one minute and

30 seconds to do that okay so we have

actually started and the first person

who got the first point was then a waste

with no well

alright yes I the farah naaz adventure

has a lot in the final sense a be to

manipulate food system only do not at

all okay i sled

do this job fans Oh nurse did America

with system design affair I have nothing

to say about that everyone

the Far ninth I've made sure but this

even make me level 999 how's everyone

doing everyone's doing great

I guess the PDP 89 how about shooter oh

thank you oh that yes I'll pass doing

laundry oh you didn't laundry that's

amazing you're doing the laundry huh

root game today yes fun is the word game

today's been a long time teacher didn't

have glasses oh so yeah this is back to

English Peru and so that always would

know well why why why why alright nice

and let's proceed to the next line here

we go okay now I want you to make words

okay the first word is summer these

great words as many as you can that's

end in s okay and they in sorry

and Dean yes you have to wait for the

start signal and they ending in S

everyone okay and eNOS okay start so

make as many words as you can that end

in s okay so here we go the timer starts


where's the timer


Volkswagen van how are you where's my

keys that you sniffing flashlight



as many as you can whoever gets the most

number of words






our reasons everyone has wrinkled down


seagrasses family



thing come on

time is up so you have to set your

answers down time is up

be smart families asking what's

happening right now all right

everyone come on it's like to send your

answers all right come on

okay stop stop

if I give this up signal let Mesa stay

everybody stops and only oh the for a

nice adventure the adventure is after

the stop signal oh my god if our knives

I pitcher see yes guys if I say stop it

means to say it's finished okay yeah

well you have to actually send your

message or your answers okay as soon as

I say you have to stand all right so

let's have getaway sweet noel us ass

last mouthful beans muscle scissors

scissors pants zig zags

oh that's florals exotic animals dude

you've all got two four six eight nine

yes anyway these words are always in

neural forms you can't have the word in

singular forms because they are always

in pure forms these are special you know

special vocabulary special roots two

four six eight nine ok 9 for develop and

we have yeah who else

fascist said don't even don't start to

sing I put on floss girls Oh girls this

floral okay tonight we're gonna waste

with Noel and put on floss it's okay

girls not okay because it's plural

warm miss okay less parts it's plural

form so you only have two forwards no 2

2 1 2 3 yeah forwards

I'd have to thumb just four points

because I mean four risks because the

rule guys the rule here is no only

English no plurals no aggravation no

acronym and no copying okay but anyway

for this one of course it's impossible

to happen to to copy from from from each

other but every sometimes you have the

same amateurs and it will all just

consider that all right

yeah and must be in singular form yes of


yes of course of course get any

supermodel the for a nice adventure

oh the furnace adventure has a lot of

answers yeah but I think everything is

in chloroform yeah it is should be alien

the singular uh-huh but different nice

adventurer Oh what happened

it should be your internet connection

right so yeah answer is not accepted I'm

sorry before a nice adventure because

your answers given after this top signal

okay so you have to give your answers

everyone right after I say stop you I

mean right after the the music stops and

I say set your answers now

so I wait for a few seconds and then

when I put the stop signal that means

over uh nope rules yes but yeah I

understand a Pathan because you are

right late it's okay

you didn't hear the rule yeah so you got

four oh my god does it mean get a wisp

involved at that point again oh my god

get away sleep the well you are a genius

huh get away sweet world got two points

now everyone so listen to you shine even

yes your rock fans own you all started

with Delilah

I try to concentrate all right cousin I

said well sit down that's like even

doesn't work laughing oh no no that's no

problem Rhys when families are you guys

ready for the next round okay so this is

the third round everyone to third round

is okay the word is summer okay right as

many words as you can

words that begin with our okay

begins our alright okay soft as many

words as you can alright let's have the



20 minute I'm stuck here do not be a

little tired


it's nice when you're very lucky not the

level so far but those little protective

piece that like button

everyone if you liked this video or this

live streaming




ninety cents charge begins with our son

and our neck and arm begins with ours


Oh time is up everyone it's time for you

to send your answers come on send your

answers since they tell me me Freddy

some good stick to the puzzle to skip to

be fun so the four guys okay you ready

here everyone stop stop right now

okay stop let's have you for tonight's

adventure right raid run runner rail

real rail rats right rich read read read

read rude road route wrote rot riot

roller rare radio read wow that's a good

job so how many words 2 4 6 8 10 12 14

16 18 20 22 23 all right 23 from the for

tonight's adventure getaway Sweden log

room route rule R equals rational

reality reliable remedy rude rat retro

remember realized revisit remnants

really really 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16

oh yeah no soon Noel are you giving up

get away Sweden well

oh he's after to stop signal so guys I

have a question are we going to accept

on Putin's answer everyone her answer is

after the stop signal I did not accept I

did not accept on the for tonight's

Adventures answer a while ago so what do

you think Ryan mercy date America

rainbow Robert rain reindeer row row row

row your belt one Rick Rick Rob rubber

Road read okay 2 4 6 8 10 12 Mercedes

America 12 the furnace adventure no stay

with me huh

oh I'm sorry

this up there to stop signal oh my god

okay well I'm gonna make it a bit longer

later to give you some time to send your

answers okay

but for now I'm sorry I'm Pathan okay so

I guess yes I thought I was giving her

answer but we will not consider it their

case so maybe next time okay don't worry

I'm gonna make it a bit longer later

okay so I'm go said run rugrat

ring brawl rape rant rail read read rent

rough rate rust brace rice ramen raised

rope rests refrigerator around request

okay that's the lies I put on this and

the frankness I did you hide it depends

on what the rules are

yeah okay shiny man very good job shiny

men well the rule is like your answers

after the stop signal it won't be

accepted so that's why you need to send

your answers right away

as soon as the music stops you have to

send your answers okay so the music is

actually your timer everyone so yes so

anyway later I'm gonna give you more

time but for now let's follow the rule

because the for a nice adventure is very


okay ah remember destroy use to lose

points for a period - light emits though

we have to make it fair I'm so the rule

is to pay attention shiny alright so I

guess the fart nice and mature got a

point Joe ah the foreign eyes I think

I'm gonna write your name here the

fluorine eyes adventure the fluorine

itis adventure ok one point it means

you've got one WH all right oh ok now

marked its rich welcome to my life three

more you mark this rich phone what to be

felt as though there were less pay

attention Eamon foot home phone I need

score Ok Go everyone yes Marcus rich

everyone needs for if you guys get

points and you don't want to get your

points you can she can make it to

America's rich because she can't go live

these days everyone because she doesn't

have internet connection at Oh ete what

I'm talking about

fans oh all right let's go to you

everyone yeah oh my god we only have 40

minutes left

ok before the show ends ok the next one

the next word everyone

okay so here's the next route everyone

the word is Noel

alright the word is Noel Noel is a

French word everyone which means

Christmas okay

yes Noel is a French word which means

Christmas now I would like you to make


oh great words everyone learned some

words that begins with n okay begins

with in O should be this in okay start

fine so isn't too bad you have to write

as many words as you can and you can't

end all the words as a


teach your favorite line at the same

time having said all the words at the

same time Marxist British mice how

people did I'll stop because rule ah and

check how they do it




our right time is up everyone so are you

guys ready to send your answers everyone

because as soon as I write the word stop

and if your answer is written if your

answers are written after the word stop

then that means your answers won't be

accepted everyone so I hope you guys

actually have sent your answers right

now okay so yeah so yeah that's the rule

everyone okay

so by the way there are rules that you

have to remember here we go

so only English nope URLs and uh

probation no acronyms everyone so these

are the rules that we have all right

okay the fart oh my god the fur nice

adventure is timed out what happens to

depart message oh the furnace adventurer

ah what happened was the answer of the

furnace adventure oh my god what there's

no problem with that

okay we will just read the answers of

the furnace adventure oh my god I'm so

sorry the furnace adventure no it's not

what they seem oh this is actually not

but everyone yes so it says pammi

because a lot of same letters fates my

fault anyway all right so uh the four

guys I've been trying so sorry but

anyway I will clone your answers as well

and I'm gonna read your answers you're

actually timed out but enemy find out is

only for 300 seconds I think this uh 300

seconds how many minutes is that I hope

you're gonna come back very nice Edna

Traxxas sorry I'm at all sad

okay is it on put on good deed answer

first okay I'm photo said nine nine nude

nightmare need needy net not named near

new news

not nephew next naive okay 2 4 6 8 10 12

14 16 17 okay the 17 you've got there 17

Uncle Tom a nurse aid in America no

problem says enjoy cooking shiny men

said night nor nothing nobody not aware

nurse nude non November near named nose

in Austria Oh nostril oh my god number

ok very good

two four six eight ten twelve fourteen

you've got 14 shiny men while get always

be : and nail not nothing mavey nice nap

knee naked not nappy napkin or narrow

narrator nasal nose nip nipple nips

nitrate nitrogen no see notable note not

Schnabel not old neither Wow

what can this chanel everyone get always

be the 1 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 2 4 6


you've got 20 getaways with the Wow

spelling correct uh-huh I'm talking

never nice oh this is too late

anta thong but anyway I mean you did not

put together you should have put it


I'm never nice knows mostly nipper night

now the fray nice adventure I'm so sorry

I hope she's gonna come back for only 5

seconds I think she's gonna be back very


only 5 seconds

okay yes that's I'm so sorry actually

like what everyone is very particular

when it comes to spamming rude Silla

yeah because words and phrases words or

faces yes well I don't know how it goes

but anyway it's not a big deal only five

seconds okay now I'm not okay now not

now not no never no no no nine next

night nit night nap neat non non mmm-hmm

noise noisy not note not note not nope

no nominate no no nervous all right how

many verses she have 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16

18 20 22 24 26 28 29 get away sleep

awhile 29 and fun soda made it to me err

yeah pencil Alphonsus said never not

knowing you next to what what is was oh

my god I lost it

nothing you knows the book because my

foot starts within but should have

rather blocked me well first the same

thing as fine so Simon Marcus asked the

well you're asking the wrong one

laughing out loud yes but so because you

know I think you will get the three WH

stuff and so because you've got level

fire nobody has got the highest

that you know let's assign me miss not

snitch dang laughing out loud do well

I've got your back bro

feds are not Gladys participants brother

no wonder I love being out laughs all

right guys so I think what the foreign

eyes I think shirt got the point right

because she's got 29 am i correct the

farted ice adventure you got another

point everyone the foreign ice adventure

oh where are the points now okay the

furnace adventure I've got two points

now so one point again that means one W

each yes so yeah I put them next next

yes hi this is Douglas student in

Minnesota you must a yes everyone has to

speak English English right in English

mocha feed Uruguayan Wow

mocha is beautiful thank you so much my

work is beautiful can act of kindness

they're just kidding guys so yes

actually they rule everyone okay I'm

gonna show you the rule again so can act

of kindness we're actually having weird

game today so your favorite word is

muqaddas your favorite word but the word

game today's all only everything is only

English okay so only English no

aggravation open or else no acronym

everyone okay so you guys ready

looking over love oh very nice - sure

I'm so sorry you got time out by night

but because I guess of the repeated

words you know and and everything

anyways my fault

but it was despite second so yeah it's

okay you're back now only for five

seconds bucket no luck oh okay shiny the

teacher your handwriting is beautiful

wow thank you so much this is my

handwriting it's beautiful you think so

no I hate my handwriting you know that

all right so let's now sorry

could be brain damage ten years ago all

right so here we go through again let's

go back to the word Noel Oh

so now I would like it to me work rate

or form works okay as many words as you

can everyone as many words as you can

the word is the well you create words

that end in L okay

and in L and in L alright okay start but

commoners I bet you're only five seconds

now you could do some with Alma after

each word that you have okay where's our

music thank you so much good at the

lightness everyone to see life is less

3d please don't forget to click that

like button



Spelling's you'll be wrong most of the

time left

yes wrong wrong wrong


they are my moderators establish a

single decision to rhombus




yeah everyone so that means it's not

free it's that your answer someone

everyone laughing out loud bangs is

looking out my shiny minimal robots see

if let's put a little clip this is my

baby's clip what do you think about it

this it look ridiculous or what oh my

god I don't like it

I don't think it's nice to put this clip

you know it looks ridiculous isn't it

maybe here is better okay you like that

we knew now Rider they see the finest oh

I think a third of the four annoys

Adventure Bay okay here we go okay

stop everyone stop stop right you know

okay where we know uh-huh where we know

okay Marcus Ridge is a beautiful

wonderful careful natural special facial

blue rope electoral core oh okay very

good so you've got two four six eight

okay Marcus got eight words eight roots

and we have scandal it's not accepted

because it's separated all the words

should be sent at once okay if it's

separated that's considered a different

thing it was with my small boy Hall

Carroll camel drilled raw dog boss soul

fatal Ethel three frail expel fell he'll

go fizzle fossil bowel

so you've got how many murders have you

got got a waste bin a while 2 4 6 8 10

12 14 16 18 19 uh-huh

19 the for a nice adventure Wow

very fast level novel way to go wall WOA

WOA ml what does it mean WOL L does it

exist teacher would pool doll fall kill

ball call fall he Lyle no mall mall God

rail raw Paul pale pale veil uh-huh go

there are some words I want to know

uh-huh you have hear the words wall guys

does it exist this one please check it

out and you also have the word this and

yeah that's it I think that's all

oh and this one okay there are three

words which are not familiar for

teachers if you guys can help me check

it out if that exists okay yep shiny

men-tel's pal do fool tunnel tunnel

whilewhile st. Francis are you should I

name is your friends dave is real meal

feel kill out of out of ink on a big

movie it's not LS I need man what are

you doing shiny thing tell normal belt

rail Canada - is laughing out loud okay

is the gate boy I am lost and I'm

confused retired I like ice cream

at least is right shiny wife is the best

ah the brightness of enter Annika

research to the opposite yes there's

there's over a ball okay okay this

accepted I was running out of base

running out of feet or running out of

words shiny men please let me know

what's really the real reason aha

okay that exists what about the other

two routes guys did they exist because

they're not reading from deliver all

doesn't exist yeah I have never heard

this room there's so there is wool yeah

of course there is little but I mean the

wo ll this one wo ll I'm not sure if it

exists not good meaning okay it's okay

yeah I know that uh wh exist that the wo

ll I don't think it exists that's it I'm

s engineer now just make sandcastles at

the beach yeah yeah very nice life of

you yours now cannot go kindness so yes

guys the powell does not exist the - one

about w o ll i don't think it exists

does it exist

everyone well that's it exists I just

checked the sport nothing a but yeah it

doesn't exist right yes there - - or a

nice adventure how many points do you


how many words have you got here - 2 - 4

6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 25 minus 2

is 23 okay 23 so you are steel winter

water for tonight's adventure

three points now all right let's proceed

to the next vocabulary uh-huh

obsolete weird ow no one really

well it's correct if my wife says it

accent wall wall wall yeah British

accent wall wall so mommy's and the


all right through it that's me Holly

welcome to my life screen or you as a

mere on lick bad weather is sad as bed

wetter aha yeah I don't like rainy days

ah hi nutbar be searched through the

Epis to side with goo ha ha ha ha yes

all right let's proceed to the next one

you guys ready ok guys we only have 30

minutes left before the show Emma Skye

so I'm planning to go like only for one

hour and 30 minutes today I mean tonight

so yeah we have 30 minutes more and the

show is going to end ok so the next word

is what is the next third feature the

next word is the next word ok so once

again the rule FIFA white kickback funds

Oh rules only English no information no

clue else no acronyms all right so these

are the rules now let's proceed next one

next guys you guys ready an act of

kindness is laughing out loud

thank you so much for the like everyone

made dictionary for the rule our good

names our goodies is acronyms acronyms

okay acronyms acronyms for example guys

why T that stands a why T stands for you

choose this acronym why is you t is true

YouTube alright okay next one the word

is a hand okay

now I would like you to craters or

foreign words as many words as you can't

words the start with letter

okay start begins we be everyone



this is my baby love hair clip

what the letter is yes begins with

letter D fighting men



drop around your I'll change genre all

their risk you take who's playing yeah I

have this one here Genesis - no you're




all right so now let's have your extras

it's time for you to send your answers

because the music has just stopped okay

come on give me the words that you have

formed every one that starts with letter

D come on before I write the word stop

you have to write your answers I mean

you have to send me your answers

everyone no more answers that's it

that's all everyone well Godot is video

well huh an act of kindness I sit down

thought it wasn't music I'll share my

vids Reese oh my god and once again I'm

done laughing all right

oh my god what happened to my screen

okay here it is

okay so now I'm gonna actually okay you

know I send a month I mean 20 cents ax

up kids this these days don't listen to

70s background music Wow but you know

kids these days are different um thumbs

oh so what yeah well they don't like

music from 70s but sometimes they can

you know they can listen to it specially

if the music is nice it's very nice to

hear actually you know it's nice for

Elvis name all right so now I'm gonna

give you the stop signal all right so we

have here the answers all Marcus rich

drilled raw dying drive drink DRA drape

drive destroy destruction dish dishes

drunk dream draw draw

delight okay so you've got two four six

eight ten twelve fourteen

uh-huh 14 14 14 14

okay 14 and we've got the four nights

adventure day

dance dancer dinner dog dogs Drive

driver dead death deal dealt doll dream

dress drunk damn dog drama

dry dry drain alright so yeah I guess no

words are repeated so you've got 2 4 6 8

10 12 14 16 18 22 23

am I correct 22 23 shine even direction

Duty dulled on dried deviant different

drum do dusty dole dole okay Steve Depp

2 4 6 8 10 11

shiny men see this is very good to check

your vocabulary everyone the purpose of

this game everyone is actually to check

your vocabulary bank ok safety are rich

and vocabulary you won't have any

problem with this game you will always

win but of course if you need to study

more vocabularies that means you need to

study more

yes so yeah that is the purpose of this

game everyone to actually check your

vocabulary bank

alright we have okay next up getaway

speed well due date dull dull dog dander

dragon dog sir did dad deed don't doctor

drama dark dance drama director damn the

ward warned a daylight dead died drive

drink Dinah do more 6 8 10 12 14 16 18

20 22 24 26 27 except the word darn


well got 27 oh my god Noel st. Martin's

rich don't worry you are before me what

is that Marcus rich widow with hours of

shine even the furnace at misery


so yeah guys the web will always make

you laugh everyone Noel is like fans oh

you know like oh my god get back to

kindness brain is badness in 2010 and

date 2009 no Aries thank you so much

connective kindness really your name can

acts of kindness so there's really

always kindness in you thank you so much

makes out out so you can act of kindness

yes for real even the ambiguities

martha's rich hello Jenna is that Jenny

can okay Jen China oil in my bunker PS

thank you so much an act of kindness all

right can I have a pen does your name is

Jen act of kindness according to Mark

description of our district I belong yes

a big smile from hindfoot thumb okay so

I think it always sweet know well that

the plate everyone right yeah get away

speak them all get the point

my phone is crazy

haha Oh an act of kindness

it is Marcus richest fullest fault okay

who forgive her how many points for me

for mr. fans Oh fun who did not give her

answer I mean his answer I think some

say Agnes and now Jen yes I think you

have to change the name of your channel

a woman's name can act of kindness but

don't remove act of kindness okay

alright so uh get away so no a la ghetto

a sweet

got the third point okay love all smile

you date to help you need to smile oh

yeah thank you so much can act of

kindness the fart nice adventure hahaha

I am Jen oh you are Jim the for a nice

amateur your name's Jen Wow hello Jen I

don't ha ha ken alright let's retrieve

to the next one guys okay so now haha

yes oh nice to meet you Jen fine so

Ashley Neiman I got my point so I'm not

getting greedy hehehe I'm happy

hahaha shun you man because he's got

level 5 from lattissima so he's actually

got three now three myself at three

because he's got level 5 if what this

evil doesn't give up the next level to 5

then finds a look at the 3 points you

know yes see my March is kitchen water

is it something about see my my buddy I

don't know Martha's Rouge otaku okay


alright act of kindness

alright next one okay of course that's

the word again

but I would like you to create words

okay create words that begin with H

everyone okay begin with the H okay

start my phone knows better laughing out

loud Marcus do what guys you always make

me feel better

you always made me feel better

it's so much everyone


you are thanking me are the sunshine


what fun by selecting up where you want

me got a lot of fans though again

because the shiny they are they're not



no Semite nose my nose is gone when I do

the best you can't see my nose I will

tell him you wrote his name the wrong

way can act of kindness and Oh Agnes

okay everyone send your messages right

now I'm insane your answer is it's time

to give your answers everyone time is up

well my students are very smart whoa a

lot of ink yes Gary's window L has a lot

of pink and shiny men as well Wow

everybody has a lot of ink okay I guess

that I slack for me to say stuff

everyone has everyone given their

answers okay stop right now

thank you very much I need somebody with

a you all right everyone so yeah where

are we now okay here we go let's check

me out responds no it's giving stuff oh

he's not participating shiny man we had

we should send him to the principles of

finish line a man right yeah um paid by

the word lot of cash he he paid by the

word not no no cash Damini can-can I was

hyper concentrate so I took time to


all right so we have here I put those

answer on both us and our hair heats her

heart here how hip hog half hey hubby

hubby ham hat hot Headz hog hiking high

heaven hem hope hop hall hell head

header has the have husk

hurry good so you've got 2 4 6 8 10 12

14 16 18 20 2 4 6 8 10 31

Wow and put some 31 that's amazing huh

31 we have shiny men hard heavy home

house party hot side hello hi hand belly

foster horrible yes Hari bol Hari

harassment here oh my god here where am

I now I'm lost here hold help

my name is asking help

2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 17 shiny men 17 is

for shiny men getaway sleeping well hi

hello haul hand whole holiday hair has

um behind hit shift a hard holy

Goldhammer hot cat head hollow hockey uh

have has how's our head high knuckle to

for to you 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 22 4 6 7

ok 27 well so nobody has a nobody has

actually surpassed the enters of ankitha

martha's race

has however her here home in herself

with itself hell here hang out and he'll

ham ho sorry good Martha's Ridge not bad

two four six eight ten twelve fourteen


alright 15 is Marcus rich ok cannot love

kindness oh the foreign eyes amateur oh

that's not finds is going to say stop

it's me so it's okay the partners

amateur happy had a while a lot of pink

guys yes a lot of big happy had headband

highlights hi highway highs a little kid

Hancock hope he'll pile

ha ha ho kook hide hit hit hi dear heart

Anton hunter hang hanger hammerhead

Hagar's sounds like familiar does it


everyone can you guys help me in this

room this is the only thing I don't know

Haggar shiny man teacher look at fans oh

look at him principal's office

yes boon geishas the and Pathan yes I

put those long geishas connect up

guidance off to explore a spotty Brewer

as fun grain weeks and words off to my

blue channels olive and yet oh why thank

you so much for dropping by can act of -

and of course thank you so much free

kindness I hope you can enjoy your blue

channels yes you later got oh I can act

of kindness I'm gonna see you again

ok thank you so much so yeah I don't

know if it exists everyone so anyway

let's count the answers of the four

knives at

sure 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26

today oh that's more than a Pathan let

me check again 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20

22 24 26 28 30 32 every woman am I


we know now yes I like scruple oh yeah

but I think Lal top 5 hello boys

thank you so much connective blindness

can act of kindness

okay paid by the world word word lot of

cash uh-huh

shiny okay I think I have read it can I

took kinda shot up to you renders it in

Mecca by the weekend knots of kindness

verse 8 in America SP Nyami in USA I

think you have been to her channel

before I think I'm not sure then right

it's time to shine like a diamond shine

bright like a diamond

yes this is song and so shine bright

like a diamond

yeah I think before night's adventure

got the point right I vote for the four

guys at mr. yes

yeah the furnace adventure got it hot

thank you I can I can yes I can act of

kindness I can't I can Hospital see

University in America yes the wall is

shining shining wrong spelling funds

those shining only one in okay yes where

are we go

I'm quitting I like Scrabble oh yeah

this life you see love are you very good

at that I mean you're very good at

vocabularies the furnace most of the

people who like Scrabble guys are good

at math and good at the calories you

know the furnace at mature ha at bar

research an Amana hoo-hah Wow level

floor really the well yet level floor


yes I'll be choose being on three people

tonight who will get the highest level

so we've got her well level four let's

see the well got level four as well can

we speak of Altru funds open system is

drunk shiny man you're not shining that

much bro faz oh my level 4 with all your

effort damn I got level 5 and I'm lazy

like alright let's proceed guys to the

next room you guys ready

of course you are so the four knife I

can't you've got her fourth point very

good student guys very good student the

furnace temperature has shiny shimmering

mid-may yes

shining shimmering splendid shining a

yawn sorry laughing out loud like the

movie uh-huh

no every is lucky guys really guys I

have some donation here you guys are

discouraged guys yes

so for those people who'll get the

highest level from with two similar

tonight there will be three lucky people

and Orsi will have three wh okay each

person will have three W okay let's

proceed to the last word I think this is

the last one guys oh I'm over the time

that I plan to go live though I've been

over in like four minutes now so yeah

this will be the last word everyone okay

so I will just finish the beginning the

last word teachers also losing her voice

oh yeah anyway last word is Shannon

please Dietrich give all my possessions

to Martins okay that's very kind of you

sign even thank you so much yes we will

give it to Marcus rich is any yeah sure

and a shun a few mentor okay so the next

word is actually this one

okay the word as she doesn't want taps

ones all oh thanks honey men that you

are so awesome

okay did I swear everyone as late

everyone late okay yes so I would like

you to write or two great words that end

in E everyone and it and oh my god I'm

not writing here and in E ok yes guys so

start you are see yes you are

corrections i demon yes and it's with e

ok so young music starts now


I thought might you see because I ran

out of buzz this one the black one it

was empty so I bought a new one and that

is pink as well

yeah I've had my hair for long

no pen


yes Bo borders phantom mr. safe nice


teachers nickname would be tasty it'd be

really effective see here what time is

up everyone then your answer is lon

what are the words that you have created


send me your answers now before I write

the word stop we only have 12 minutes

dice gonna waste with no mouth little

squeeze like boutique okay everyone

right first I'm gonna put the word stop

after I woke up and I see you oh you

woke up seeing me and abalos big shout

out to you Jenn Abalos she woke up and

she sees me oh my god that's amazing to

hear that Jennifer or Jenn appleís hello

teacher hello everyone yes hello Jen

Abalos thank you so much for coming how

are you my good guys I can't believe I

still have my eyes swollen

oh that's unbelievable Jennifer the

first thing if you wake up you should

see me haha no no no she likes to see me

the first time she wakes up you know

okay stop everyone okay I think that's


Wow English teacher in France level

floor interesting

Oh more distributions late Marcus Rees

I'm so sorry you've got many answer

smart distress oh my god guys look at

Marcus what do you thing about her


get away sweet noel little or little

okay little squeeze like booty all

boutique is wrong spelling what tea is

this one look tick is spelled this way

okay boutique is spelled that way

praying here oh my God where does reason

spray everybody oxidize the oxidized is

not s is Z ah oxidized is Z naught s

your bowling bowling don't own time hole

quicky quicky is where the Sea Org

correct me if I'm wrong but yeah this

how I see it

it's a yeah is this telling later is

late is better than nothing

all you have to convince everyone Marcus

rich chu cube no sizzle jumble mumbo

humbo jungle mine quake make fire blaze

the weight tape make sake alright so how

many words have you got so let me check

if again away spin well is trying to

what um

defend his answers yeah oxidize Z

quickie is with C and boutique is with

you after Bo yes so you've got two three

routes up see guys all breaches oh come

on now well I've never seen this such

you know I always have this Z very good

excuse me well well there are some

English words for example realize that

there is Z in American English and s in

British English bought for oxidize

there's only one Z rule is rule that oh

my god I don't know he's having revenge

we're only told Marcus race oh my god

I'm so sorry Marcus race it's a verb

form of a bitch oh my god you guys are


no you're minus 3 ma gonna be spoon 1

minus 3 so if you got 2 4 6 8 10 12 14

16 18 20 22 24 26 28 29 minus 3c you got

26 okay 36 shiny make two new true move

from he/she who's blue blue la Ruffa -

named Sam die please die please oh my

god I'm so scared

you know man no redone Gus please

redundant spelling at this one okay

redundant redundancy it's D you threes

double no there's no double here no get

always free Noel has no double words

here everything is different

oh yes and we have the stuff make coffee

Jennifer and make coffee oh my god fun

so I'm going back to sleep

Oh enjoy your sleep have a good sleep

Jennifer Ellis Marcus okay Marcus has

her worse but rule is rule my god

I'm donkey so scary now revenge I'm

Marcus first chaplet mate wake above

abide celebrate base gate gun-based

Isle alight along angle ankle entra is

saying arise rice rice rose

yeah no I'm human how are you

you crying oh yes I know fun Sun level 4

but at least you know three people will

be chosen the highest level latest

better than nothing our room is real

game word Oh too much first too many

words yes yeah okay right now laughing

out loud nurse again America make maybe

the same what do we make shine even

before tonight anyhow a unicorn well

darn ah no well what was your former job

again vendors but oxidized things

correct English word British song

British how would American guys American

yes meanwhile guys get the brown again

yes got the crowd against in well no

I'll get okay guys so that's actually

the last one okay

make in well list times to really but

anyway is feeling well but a lot of

roots oh no we got that time well shiny

Minh is very meticulous in checking all

the roots all sorry Chinaman make

where's that make Wow very good is a

shiny man thank you so much find any men

thank you so much finds that my former

job was of course Noel is heading yeah

you're very competitive watch line amen

but guys you don't want this the last

you know this is the last word okay the

last read but that jeeps lillienfield oh

I put twice - by the way oh I hate you

you also teaming how you tried to cheat

by Neyman you wrote the word soon twice

teacher is not very very good at

checking your answers then the Neko cat

Marcus Rizzo oh very good job

Marcus rich uh you are getting the

points from getaway

well very good so this is for Marcus


Margaret is rich okay alright so uh yeah

this is everyone so this really for the

vocabulary or the rupee shiny mint

oxidize your cars oh yeah you guys you

always make me laugh and feel you know

good thank you so much everyone

oh thanks no well yes the well is very

near kinda hard to swish and she's got

he's got great content as well

getaways went well and now they're

getaways me too well his introduction is

welcome to another getaway spin well I'm

not sure if I say right down if I

mimicked it right

get away stupid well correct me if I'm

wrong Marcus rich love with to uh-huh

washing dishes here oh ha funds are so

true so yes guys I would not just a

longer but we only have three minutes

more I look up the host why welcome to

another getaway spin well yeah Greg

right shiny men you guys make it right

do you always watch getaways be who else

videos right so she always says welcome

to another getaway spin well you guys

say it right everyone yes guys gonna be

summoned well has great contents you

know the other guys thank you so much

everyone for joining

tonight's you know wearing theme

everyone so I hope you guys are able to

actually check your vocabulary your

English vocabulary everyone your you

know English vocabulary yes you're able

to test how far have you actually

enriched your have you actually enriched

your vocabulary bank yes so uh yeah I

think it's a great chance for you guys

to actually you know Marcus Richmond

video cuz

the eye wine waiter are right she says

what mean she says yes get always you

mean well she says welcome to another


welcome to five meter well welcome to

another pod with Corazon yes guys thank

you so much everyone I really appreciate

your presence tonight so yeah you have

made me feel very good and it made me

feel better and I hope I have also made

you feel better in terms of your testing

you or you know testing your English

vocabulary yes you know sometimes we

actually know a lot of words that

sometimes when we try to say everyone we

somehow don't have anymore you know I

mean we think of a lot of things but

suddenly we can't we can write the

things that we're thinking because we

can't think of anything

Oh what am I saying about we're gonna

say Marxist yes is James William welcome

to another rum coffee the well and so

since they donate my points to someone

here you believe earning it Wow

finds out so yes they some the three

people who get yeah we have the

panecillo get obese with Noel

Wow so Marcus will have seven Wow seven

out 7 w each 7 w each because gonna wish

me Noel that level 4 so that's 3 inches

Scott he's got 4 points to 7 w each

level 5 5 so 3 wh-who are you giving it

to fans though I don't want to decide

you can choose funds oh okay

you can choose and the four guys

adventure that for WH okay good job

depart nice adventure thank you so much

everyone big big shout out to all of you

so I hope I will be able to go live

tomorrow if I'm feeling good yeah it

depends on my condition

we don't we spin waffles said she

appreciated our precedence I appreciate

the apps

I hate to get away soon ah you're really

you really know you really loved at that

moment that I was absent oh that's so

sad to know that get away sweet know my

lashline even t-shirt I don't thank you

for making me feel miserable

thank you for eight times no oh my gosh

did I make you feel miserable of tiny

man I hope not no you know making you

test your English vocabulary I don't

think it makes you feel miserable it

actually it helps you oh my god you guys

no sensei your choice

oh no I can't choose funds oh if you ask

me to choose that's gonna be for you

fine so remember you've got one hour

with me but you haven't taken it yes one

hour is for online class pens oh you

think I forgot that I haven't forgot

that and if you let me choose a but it

shows you again and you will have

another 30 minutes so you can have one

hour at 30 minutes pens though shiny and

Bravo Fez oh and for your generosity

the Farnaz adventure ha ha hos

appreciate our presence and I calculate

the absence of rubies foreign family all

got a very nice adventure less oxidized

finish line amen

oh my god guys I wanted to go like only

one hour at 30 minutes the look what do

you what have you done

I've been live for one hour 15 minutes

51 minutes so let's make it two hours

okay so nobody's leaving oxidize and

evaporates oh my god get me Smith Noel

haha my butt my pocket penis hijos

yes guys shiny even and shiny man let's

drink some cool then

as grab your drinks everyone and I'm

gonna do I'm gonna grab mine so yes guys

here is my new thing guys yeah my new

notepads case no this is not really a

case when you buy it's a case with all

the notepads remember I had a black one

before but out of no pass because I

always use a lot of notepads and today

you know I have used 10 for tonight yeah

and then yeah I bought a new one and I

chose the pink one here we go

heís gonna give me a man Julieta you

welcome to the live stream who are you

my three-in-one messy hose yes my friend

beside ba that I always speak no well

yes that's a nasa-funded song that

always been a while yes thank you so

much everyone

so we only have 7 minutes right now so

yes if you guys have questions or

anything you would like to express

please feel free to do so

yes what is that word game is over

okay now meet moon io is some dumb doing

the artist was actually in Europe

get away spin well it's a 70 euros only

70 yes so in the u.s. is 100 but in the

in Europe only 70 well sad to say can

always win well remember I told you I

went in reached I got actually 100

something yes 100 or how much was that

20 something 170 I can't remember

exactly but and luckily I actually

shared to my group I lost you know it

was one under something and suddenly it

became 90 something yeah so that's the

estimate take one only okay estimated so

yeah I lost some I don't know what

happened with a white tee

I lost the newly honest getaways

meanwhile the foreignness amateur does

all for tonight less evaporate oh my god

evaporate telegrapher nice I'm not sure

I'm gonna check you out later the

furnace a picture and I'm gonna land by

the way guys you guys wanna get your WH

questions for me please go visit my

facebook page angels you know Cathy's

Angels okay please visit mmm Cathy's

Angels so that I can send you your WH

okay yeah look for a nice adventure okay

my god get away spinner well they can't

delete that message okay thank you so

much get away spin tomorrow see ya Lisa

visit my Facebook page

Cathy's Angels you can actually like and

then you can send me a message and

introduce me to yourself

introduce yourself sorry excuse me guys

introduce yourself ha ha visit Charles

angel yes got these angels you're

fighting on the furnace adventure I

think the furnace at the trace money

place or what she monetize already you

get away Sweden well first time sunshine

demon why are they excitement what what

are they doing now huh as I'm enjoying

amen what are you doing what are you

doing ok so before the show as everyone

we only have 4 minutes and 30 seconds

money without money

ah yes you are I think so yes it's not

easy you know wait because we're not

famous yet so we are still trying to

build our channel so it's normal but

anyway all we have to do is we go live

sometimes because there are more people

coming when we go live we can get more

viewers when we go live and upload more

videos I think that's the only way we

need a shop good morning mummy loves

watching teacher present oh my God my

god I miss uh Dan Fowler and David

rosier I haven't seen that for a while

yeah and

please big thought police is very busy

i-it's very hate now okay so yes guys we

only have three minutes in 30 seconds so

before the show the word games of

Steckler gates reason oh yeah I did it

Barry's back because you know I was

almost running out of time because I was

supposed to be one year the month of

border is not silly I was able to get it

and I only started toy-like maybe three

months before I got 25 yeah thank you so

much everyone

evil I happen to know my egg what might

work in fact that is that because of all

of you guys admit you've been there

before take my channel

you know every time they go like you

really see from the beginning until the

end that's a reason and you know it's

very nice like when you have a prince

because even if they are just use it you

will get big you know but just clear

like air so you get nothing so really

you're from Florida Wow you're from

Florida and a lot of people from Florida

Maria does money from Florida bad

followers from Florida a lot of people

from Florida welcome Jay and Jay Miller

nice to meet you get away spend them all

living Eon was sad for him haha Mooney

number I'm equal to yes so yes guys this

relate so yeah guys I only have few

seconds or one minute less than one

minute so yes guys thank you so much

everyone for tuning in once again this

is a shrimp France if you're new

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one so I hope to see you again tomorrow

at my next live streaming so Ruby

sporting family big shout out to you

she's actually live right now if you

guys are interested in free talking you

can actually go visit Ruby's foreign

family everyone so thank you so much

from the bottom of my heart yes thank

you so much everyone have a wonderful

morning afternoon evening everyone

around the world bye bye bye