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Alright, now we're going to start the show with the fitness division.

The fitness division is a division that's rarely seen at bodybuilding shows nowadays,

because it's very difficult. You have to not only get into great physical

condition because of your conditioning and leanness

but you also have to perform a very difficult routine that shows off your ability as an


[Music playing]

Hi, my name is Christina Cole, I'm from Redding, CA. and I'm here competing in the Tahoe Show

on the south shore of Lake Tahoe. I'm having a lot of fun and it's beautiful here.

The competition I will be competing in, my division is Women's physique.

It's a lot of fun, it's great. Everybody here has been really helpfull.

You know, the fitness expo has been amazing, and we're having a really good time.

And I'm just trying to wait until tonight so that I can eat a very large meal,

and have a little more brain activity than I have right now.

So, thank you very much.

Hi, I'm Jenay and I own Svadhyaya yoga studios, which also has now (as of January 2013 actually)

Lake Tahoe Yoga School. You can find us at

and we're here at the Expo for the Tahoe Show in order to talk to people

about the idea of wellness on a whole other level.

Short muscle is great but long muscle will keep your body young for a long period of

time. And we've just been hanging out and having

a good time talking to people, explaining things like our stand-up paddle

yoga classes, our beach yoga classes and everything that

we offer in the studio. If you're interested in having a good time

and meeting a great community of people come on down and visit us. We're located in

Roundhill behind the Safeway there is another plaza there and that's where

you can find us. And again, we're at

Beginning with our Figure over 45, so we're going to bring out our competitors right now.

We're gonna bring out competitor #128 Val Phillips.

[music playing]

Hi, my name is Chrissie Jory and we are with the Studio Lake Tahoe here in Meyers.

We offer: Pilates, Yoga, and emotional freedom technique with Carla,

and we think you should come visit us to increase your quality of life.

Competitor #129 Cynthia Johnson

[music playing]

My name is Amber Wright and I'm with Balance Bodyworks of Lake Tahoe,

We do massage outcalls, accupuncture, and other services as well.

Competitor #130 Jody Begley

[music playing]

Hi, my name is Sarah Walker and I'm here today at the Tahoe Show

representing advanced concepts in plastic surgery and Dr. Andrew Kojinciski

and Dr. Kojinski is a board certified plastic surgeon

and people who are in this industry competing as bodybuilders

often, you know, work out like crazy, and work really hard for their bodies

and some of them have a genetic predisposition to slight deposits of fat here and there

and still need some help every once in a while. So, Dr. Kojinski specializes in proceedures

such as celulase, smart lipo triplex, laser high-def liposculpture, and breast augmentation

among others. For those of you who might need a little extra

help with your physique or just have some things that you might want

to change, Some help that is not god-given so to speak,

go ahead and go to the website

Our top 5 winners, a lot of suspense here, in Master's figure over 45...

Our 5th place trophy goes to competitor #136 Lisa Kessler.

[crowd cheers] C'mon Cassie!

C'mon Cynthia! and our 4th place trophy goes to competitor

#135 Cassandra Chandler. [crowd cheers]

C'mon Cynthia, C'mon Cynthia! and the 34d place trophy goes to competitor

#133 Cynthia Smalley. [whistling and cheering]

and the 2nd place trophy for the master's figure over 45 goes to competitor #132 Renee

Lyman [loud cheering]

Making your winner tonight for the Master's '45 competitor #134 Yolanda Glasser!

Goog job, stand for a photo. Cassie! [crowd woops, cheers, and applauds]

Thank you, Ladies.

Hi, I'm Dr. Miller, and this is a bodybuilding thing here but also I feel what's very important

is flexibility. So not only the strengthening but the flexibility

is very important. It's also very important to stay aligned,

and so we at Alpine Chiropractic and Sports Clinic offer alignment.

It's very important to get aligned and make sure that the nerves are flowing to all these

muscles at 100% so that when you start asking them to contract,

they will contract at 100% by getting 100% nerve flow to them

without interference from subluxations coming out of the spine. So this is what we focus

on. Also, foods, nutrition, and for me personally,

spiratually. So there's a combination of things that balance our bodies and that's what we

do at Alpine Chiropractic and sports clinic. We like to balance the body with many different


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