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with values and it was quality she is the c_p_a_c_ director of the american conservative

you hear these republicans are not really that conservative anymore they're they're

not really happen anyway

pending i think and you know if we end up in the house that i don't think it has family


people believe that democrats had the foolish and i think they typically the republican

don't or are willing to to deal with those issues if they didn't serve the i'll meet

you guys think

did george bush has a solutions anymore

and i do not reply part because it up i don't think that we have been critical but i think

that he

the community

done particularly

in aline unpacked

budgeted at a time back

what are your thoughts on iraq where you thoughts on the like the detainees bill that was just


i don't know my property though but

i'd farther back as i think that we every how the payment all better and we have

and a part of the house that i want to know what they're going to fight the battle there

i think that they

but it did not mention this because this is going to have it with my plaything

lisa you understand that you know that

there's a reason why people today

quota number of all the time because

dunlap bath no everybody concerned whether the reason is because he your talks the military

tosses generals

one thousand separate useful

there was an half an hour at least forty-seven out as a the generals are speaking through

john murtha is saying about these long but that when he supported %uh conservative

causes when he was there

you sort of fall is a payday incredibly sort of pro-defense democrat

%uh he was a largely mouthpiece for the defense department in congress and he of course a

for coverage for the military for you and stand still is

you guys cheese sticks for which is what you just which is sort of like a job


you know how many general bryan knight anything that hundreds and hundreds and

retained by their that got nothing to do it by the fixed opinions on it

i want something that they are private picked up under who write another five or six they

came out of the pentagon recently

came out with the heads up part of a police somebody firearms felt for you know what is

a retired as far as i know we submitted to the last couple months

who's come out so the muscles integrator

the network there

reinvent are usually does not like that began on political issue

at that point the from upper prepared for them from a military family right

but then i think a product that

unhappiness with iraq have to deal with a lot of people think well we have superior

firepower how can we have a wonderful are wiser

place however piet i think that can happen after that really have to do it for for that

americans are unhappy with enough force protected of any

easy come from a military family first of all you say two things they want the military

was utterly city disqualify

working conservative

you know that %uh the military people generally don't

publicly about politics that's why it's so shocking that everyone who has pets criticized

on rumsfeld

%uh the

that's a pact why it's iso

%uh this just then

the united states in vietnam the soviets in

and the americans iraq any without wearing a new lesson here that served in the road

yeah we could technically when every battle and be there forever

i contacted ralph everywhere

neckties so there are a lot of a killing field

out here you know i think it saturday so that i think going to be

how young we want to do your job lol

let me ask you a little question here because we do have superior firepower the way we can

win is ready either new compelling evidence that we can just drop

so many commercial workers on cities

but they'll say okay we give up our monthly did with hiroshi wildlife sake is is would

have eggs are really like to do that

and i don't know what the american everything in one

there but i i think that that a good pilot and when we are willing but we are fighting

back up and will open the enemy

on that put their families and

endangered places because they had about the family meeting in thirteen ten

leonide families %uh weekend deadly self stays a hayward either family values that away for

the american cv to us

who did it

have anything attack as on the island so you'd have a severe firecracker i'd agree with you

i agree with you and that the other guy who's through holy and they were the persian gulf

war when somebody comes a day to you that come to get him back okay

and so we should bring up the superior firepower agata where they were which is a dennis that

mikhail afghanistan and we're not

you have an update

firepower that size radio that they're not enough life but it was i wanted something

that is specially

it's doesn't want a disservice rather republics

so i go to the american cancer he actually

a number of your editorial writers at %uh i think that magazine you guys have i believe

i cannot endorse john carrey so this is never did this frontal no and others kidnap or maybe

it was a man and another thing i was at the american guy was that the american conservative

are alive and i think his services magazine

bucket malabar about another there is significant

the discomfort with %uh bush in this country probably congress with at the american certainly

but i want you to issue that's actually about conservatives okay to treat

not to have a lot of people that show that the conservative model might not necessarily

work a lazy affair

take your hands off don't do anything

there comes a time when you need your government to do something and hurricane katrina was

one of those i think i think it but i didn't get that backtrack a bit of you know it that

that notify right because they were waiting for a company to come down to the federal


and that's the problem is that the federal level

we don't think it would be at the federal level we could be convicted of a local level

so it does it matter lol tragedy like that

they let's hold back and hopefully locals doing okay john

predicate it gets

money from the federal level

this is what they want

democrats are in trouble or we would like we'd like to be who wouldn't look great list

was a mistake and get that federal money to the states that needed to run when there's

a crisis like as quickly as possible about that and i would disagree with but one class

not behalf

no i don't like at a different that yeah

university had their local government they had a together the big government they've

added together

you know the difference between what happened in mississippi what happened with the outcome

g_i_ joe namath it louisiana there was a city where the levees the whole yet it doesn't

senator in about five hundred at the event that bothered me that people don't acknowledge

what happened at mississippi department they're the ones that got back together

that %uh bits and pieces that is a misrepresentation

the fax %uh

in about half of the square


lost their houses and floridians are working season brook dr that's that's unquestionably

delays in people talk about louisiana moore's because there was so much more devastation

enough because

eleven local beer i kiss you good luck but because the

levees didn't all spacewalk the wholesale

the house of people died

what happens

heavily again i a little bit

have a lot

but left the freemen thousand la jolla thousands is just over rebellion hafez assad

twelve thousand reso's right

was only over a thousand people into early indoors at that time cannot happen because

i don't think i want that after hurricane katrina definitely hurt and help them together

and i see now why do you talk to carmel reason here griffin

insignificant no-man's land was not the hurricanes fault that it was not a nice one comment that

they can


if you have to believe that was

it because i think lagna

now i think that's that that that i have all the people that they cannot area

and made way back to a deadbeat dad if i get that whether or not they would have died idle

and i think that mean empathetic anyway

significant to defend families that don't have those articles in the hospital sent down

there to be taken off like these in oxygen tanks and its with penny server that i mean

it's their fault for not being able to stay alive themselves lulu

you know this needs to be a great consensus among

who you know counted bodies that there was

%uh i believe there was some just under a thousand of just over a thousand times a direct

result of hurricane katrina many think that medicine underrepresented count i don't think

anybody thinks its last except will protect you

%uh but you have any i've never heard

happily it over private at that time i don't have not contacted her

whether about them i've never heard that number hahaha i absolutely have but i kinda scary

for euro sigourney but that's not the best or i when i went out how would you go about

our gnarly separately i i mean last question for a considerable visited must follow his

for then i think serbian we appreciate your you're right that if the republicans lose

control the house and senate

it's not

and date for democrats but rather an expression of voters frustration with republicans who

turned their back on conservative ideals are

two things i like about that one i think i like about it

well i think that is the

does seem to already come up with an excellent

permission for wireless so i like it because i have a really bad quality

religion will be answered more decisions right outside of our republican was but i like the

bizarre t-shirt that's for that's the conventional wisdom to the senate

a lot of why it's a man

when republicans win

at the senate for example fifty wards worth which was a presence excuse me fifty one forty


and y

as a republican victory never an expression of voter frustration with democrats refusal

to say stand up to republican bullying and deliberate deceit

buddy democratic victory

is obviously repute

they should republicans and not a belief in democratic idea

but like that that but

how did you know mandate but i think in that particular k

if they have to be because

dot i think that americans want one if i can put paper from a break and

it's not happening on the republican background the democrat side that when american diabetes

by the way neither party of doing it i think one party wins i think that and they don't


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