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Welcome to the Pose Method Strength Development Series.

So you think you know the role your muscles play in running, right?

This is the most misunderstood concept when it comes to strength.

Strength development for runners is very popular and at the same time,

approached in so many different ways.

The purpose of this series is to guide you through a basic 4-week training program

that will build up your body's strength from head to toe.

In this series we'll first focus on some conceptual ideas about strength training.

First we'll talk about how you should approach developing strength

when it relates to the three invariable elements in running.

We'll also talk about the relationship between force and strength,

a key concept for understanding the role our muscles play in running.

Finally, we'll offer a comparison between traditional strength development

and functional movement training.

This'll give you insight on how your training program should be structured.

For the practical portion of this series, there are a group of drill instruction videos,

followed by 9 practical training sessions.

The drill instruction videos will take you through the five different types of exercises

found in this 4-week program.

In addition to instructions on how to do each individual exercise,

we'll explain what direct benefits you'll gain from each category.

The 9 practical videos are meant for you to use as a guide

and follow-along during your training session.

Whether you're a multi-sport athlete or a recreational runner,

this series will help you develop the necessary strength to consistently perform

well at your activity.

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