Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Texila American University - Student Testimonial (Tamil)

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My name is Geethanjali, I'm studying MD2

I'm coming from Coimbatore

You've traveled far away from home, family and relatives

You might be worried if you'll adapt to the new place, if you'll receive the help you need

Or you may be nervous about the possibility of any problems

But the best part is that the management and the faculty here is very helpful

We also have a student affairs department

The student affairs manager and the coordinator is always willing to help

and resolve any issues promptly

They are available at all times and are always helpful even during an emergency

So there's no need to hesitate to reach out to them

On the other hand, the academic department, faculty and the students are very helpful

Apart from the academics and exams, we also have USMLE and FMGE (MCI) coaching

This coaching is pretty valuable especially , it helps save a lot of time.

So, when you attend these coaching classes, you can definitely clear the USMLE exams

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