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(rooster crowing) (roaring)

- Welcome to Good Mythical More.

- Random disturbing fact. - All right, let's hear it.

- Since 1948, about 84 commercial airliners

have disappeared without leaving any evidence

about what happened to them.

- That's great 'cause I'm gettin' on a plane

just a couple of days. - Yeah, me too.

Maybe we'll get lost forever.

- Explanation, this happened more commonly

in the 40s and 50s when air communication

was not as advanced and usually occurs on smaller planes

but there is still a lot of mystery surrounding

the occasional disappearing plane.

Most famous instance being the total disappearance

of Malaysian Airlines flight 370

which was carrying 239 people.

Aliens? - Aliens, what, aliens.


Okay, all right.

First of all. - We have an ambitious idea.

- Yeah, this is about to get interesting

but first, if you wanna see behind the scenes

of those explosions and the prep

that went into this episode, go over to

and take a look at Behind the Mythicality.

- Also if you wanna see us completely resolve our

how to conduct a reverse slap,

that footage is available on the society.

- You might call that a resolution.

- Completely resolved. - Or you might just call.

- Totally behind us. - It me giving up.

Okay, we're gonna do a

series of things. - Me bein' right.

- Here at the desk that if you were to watch

them in reverse, ooh boy, you would have so much fun.

So you're gonna have to employ some incredibly technology

to get it back the right way.

- So, let's cut and then go into reverse mode.

All right, what are we gonna start with?

Eating some tangerines,

which we'll then be ending with that.

- Oh that's, that's a. - Oh gosh this is a.

- That's a hard tangerine.

- This is an unpeelable tangerine.

- If the whole video, maybe this one's softer.

Oh, this one's a little bit. - Oh yeah look at that.

- This one's softer, yeah.

This one's got a skin that, look at that, look at that.

You remember back in 2007 when this was cool.

- Yeah, it's kinda burnin' my fingers.

Kinda burning my fingers.

Look at that.


(wet chewing)


I went for the gusto.

Oh, you gon' pour some blue Gatorade?

(water trickling)

- How do we know this is Gatorade?

That's not Gatorade, guys.

- I don't know what that is.

- That's food coloring.

But you know what.

- Oh. - Straw cab, see synth.

Straw cab see synth.

Straw cab see synth.

- (nonsensical speaking)

- (nonsensical speaking)

- That would be (nonsensical speaking).

- (nonsensical speaking)

- (nonsensical speaking)

Oh, you ready for this?

Here we go.

Boy, this is good.


This is fun, right?

What are we gonna do next?

Oh, here we go.


(soft laughter)

Gettin' kinda wet.

Here we go.

That's gonna be inadequate.


(water trickling)

This is the right way to do it.

- Oh, oh, pull it out.


- Okay, it feels like a weird silent film.

This is like how French movies are made.

- You know what, I can fix that right now.

(nonsensical speaking)

- (nonsensical speaking)

Ooh yeah.


- This is so, these are really hard.

I don't wanna.




(nonsensical exclamations)

- (nonsensical speaking)

- This is gonna look like we're taking clothes off.

That's so exciting.




- Lemme pour these in your mouth.


- Boob!


- Race car.

(loud pops)

- Where's my?

(loud pop)

- Just kidding.

(loud pop) (laughter)

(loud pops)

- Boob!

- [Stevie] Did you guys have fun?

- I felt very French.


- [Stevie] We're not gonna air any of this backwards.

- You serious?


- What, why not?

- We. - It was so funny.

- We tried really hard, Stevie.

- It was so fun. - Come on, air it backwards.

- Come on.

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