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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Guanajuato City: Is This Love at First Sight?

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we have a serious problem... I'm freaking out, I'm freaking out, this city is so... mmm

hey guys we are here! we are in Guanajuato. Jesse had to run out to download

some files, he is at a co-working space this month, they've got super fast

internet. I'll take you down there sometime and check it out and let you

know about it. but Harper and I have been at the apartment. I have been unpacking

all of our stuff. I am one of those obsessive people that like I have to

unpack as soon as I get somewhere or else I just don't feel settled and now

I'm exhausted. I just--ugh. Super happy to be here, I mean we've just seen like

two streets on the way in here and they were amazing so I cannot wait to explore

the city, cannot wait. the major excitement this morning is that there is

a pigeon on a nest across the street with a baby

a baby pigeon.

oh my word, oh my word. We're in Guanajuato city, and we have a

serious problem, serious problem. this place is stinking


yeah like like the first night we were here we're ready to move, what are we

gonna do? I don't know how are we gonna make this

decision because that's exactly how I felt about San Miguel and now

we're in love with Guanajuato we're gonna have real trouble, real

trouble. okay so this morning Harper and I are exploring, there's a few things we

need to get just for personal care items and stuff for the house so we're gonna

explore, see if we can find a big store that has a bunch of stuff and just bask

in the glory of this amazing city

guys I'm freaking out, I'm freaking out. this city is so beautiful, I can not

handle it, I'm literally, I'm literally walking down the street almost cursing

because it's so beautiful

check out how walkable this is, this place is so perfect for walking

oh you know, just walking around, happen upon a whole ton of books

the colors here are amazing, the variety is amazing

the restaurants look amazing, so got to the store we were looking for, I'm

out of breath walking up and down these stairs with a kid on your back is a

bit of a workout, anyway anyway Google took us to the back of the store which

is around the corner down the street and up and down a few

hills from the actual entrance and this super kind guy saw us wandering around

obviously lost and actually led us all the way around the

street up and down to the front of this work it's just so kind, so kind

thank you

all right we stopped at a little bench to sit down, we noticed that like there

were like nine people around us who all had the same looking tortas so I

asked somebody where they got them and they pointed me to this torta stand and I

got one, I got a carnitas torta. Look at this

got pickled jalapenos and onions and tomato, mayonnaise and guacamole, or avocado

we are walking along looking for the other big store and and I'm just

I'm loving all the green space in this city, there's so many little parks and

places to sit and it seems like perhaps you can rent bikes or even little kids

bikes here... what?!

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