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in this video today i'm going to show you guys how to use the slide section in powerpoint so further

ado let's get started so i'm going to go here up in this section where you see slides i'm going

to pick a new slide so i'm just going to hit this and that is how you create a new slide now another

thing is is let's say i hit this drop down arrow it's then gonna allow me to pick from my template

different types of slides i might be interested including in my presentation so let's say i want

to content i can click on that and now it's going to pull up this template for me to just populate

content into that slide another way to do this is if you right click you can do new slide as

well you can also do right click duplicate slide you can do right click and also do layout so you

can do it right here let's say you don't want to do a bunch of work and redoing previous slides

you've done in the past this is a really cool feature that i love to use so if you want to

reuse an old deck click on this reuse slides after clicking that a menu right here is going to pop up

on the right showing you all the different types of slides that you can reuse from other templates

so let's say i want to use a couple of templates from the vectory sample file deck that i got i can

say choose content and then what's going to happen is it's going to populate all the different slides

in that template and i can just slide through here and pick which ones i want to drop into

this new presentation so this is a nice efficient way you have to actually open up old slides to

bring them in you can just bring them in right on the side menu right here and pick and choose

behind a waste time loading them up and let's say i want this slide right here i can then click it

and now it's pasted in nice and easy i can even pick this one and it'll just populate in all the

slides and i can choose as many as i would like and then they're all just going to show up right

here on the left of my presentation super fun super quick tool i really love using reuse slides

especially if you have duplicate content next is this layout feature so we already showed you how

you can change the layout here by right clicking and then picking these different layouts right

here you also can do the same feature if you hit this drop down menu right here and pick a layout

but then they also give you your own section just to make it nice and clear and depict just layouts

and if you want to change layout so let's say you clicked this slide right here then you want

to change the layout you can change it to be this layout right here and now the layout has changed

obviously the content that's already on the slide will not change but the layout behind it will all

right so another thing that you can do is let's say you made all those changes and you want to

go back to how it was originally formatted you can hit the reset tool and now it's going to show you

all these templates that originally were there in the layout so to show you guys this even

more clearly let's say i'm on this layout right here i move this up here i move this over there

and i was doing a bunch of edits and i wanted to go back to my original layout what i can do

is hit reset and now it will move back to the original location that that layout was set for

so really quick way to reformat your slide back to the original version next is section so i really

love using sections just in case i want to keep my presentation really organized or if i just

i'm trying to use this in a way to just break out my presentation so let's say i want to

make this first couple slides a section i can just hit this drop down menu section

add a section right now all the slides are going to be in that one section because they're all

within that section but let's say i want not to all be in that section what i can do is first type

in the name test then let's say i want everything from four down to be in a different section i can

then click on slide four hit section add section now everything from slide four and down will be

in a new section so this will be test two and then i can rename it and then another thing is is let's

say i got all these sections and it's like a really big presentation i want to just make it

nice and clean to see all my different sections if you hit this drop down arrow and then hit collapse

all it's going to collapse both the sections you created so then you can go into the section you

want to work on at that given time another thing is you can actually remove all sections so now

it's just going to be like my normal presentation without any sections and then you can also choose

the option to remove a section so let's say i added a section here and then i named it test

and then i added a section here and named it test2 and then i added a section here named it test 3.

now let's say i want to remove this section right here you can just click on the section you will

remove and then go remove section and now it's just going to fall under that previous section or

if you only had one section to begin with it will then just have no sections at all another thing is

let's say you want to expand all them so let's say you had them all collapsed and you like this view

because you were able to see all the different sections but now you just want to expand all of it

you can go here to drop down and then hit expand all and that's how you can see all your slides

again in case some of them are hidden lastly if you want to rename a section you can go here to

make sure you have the section selected then go here to this drop down menu hit rename and then

you can name it let's say i just want to name it tyler and then i'll change the name of that

section right then and there you can also right click on the name and then rename the section

that way as well this right click on any section will also give you a bunch of different features

you can also move the section down so now this section is going to actually be below this section

and that's just another way to also efficiently move a bunch of slides at one time i recommend

creating sections for your presentation especially if it is a very large deck if it's not it might

not be the worst thing in the world to not have them but is a nice way to keep things nice clean

and organized so that is everything in the slide section in powerpoint if you did like this video

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ado i hope you guys have a great rest today and i hope to see you guys in the next video



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