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That ́s it. It ́s over

FC Bayern win the UEFA Champions League once more

Keep going, always keep going

That means that really anything is possible.

FC Bayern is always striving for the greatest possible success.

The club's mentality is quite simply this feeling of wanting to, almost having to, win every time.

We just want to keep, keep going.

When I put on the Jersey for the first time

The 18-year-old Bastian Schweinsteiger comes in

I'll never forget that moment.

That ́s Schweinsteiger.


Of course, the players are enormously important.

Butat the end of the day, the club always comes first.

At 15, I took a look round here, then I came here at 16.

And then I really was very surprised just how close everyone is and how at home I felt.

My housemates were like brothers to me.

Miss Wanke, our tutor at the time, who looked after us, was like a mother to us.

And that was all quite special, something I'm very grateful for today.

In my career, I have always played for FC Bayern. But also for the fans.

Just walking up these steps onto the pitch and first you see the roof and then all those fans sitting there.

The fans can decide a game or define it.

When 75,000 roar your name around the arena, that's a wonderful feeling.

In the south stand, when you're standing there in the crowd.

You feel the emotion so strongly. And yes, it's like when you fall in love really.

The south stand season ticket for us four, really you could say is our most valued family posession.

Well, it's worth more than anything else.

I always felt as if I was just like anybody else.

And thats why I always liked to attend the fan clubsChristmas parties.

That's when you getclose to the fans and feel that you are one of them.

These are all things that make FC Bayern so unique and give fans that feeling:

Well, if I'm a Bayern fan, then I'm part of it. Part of this big family.

Of course, now and again there is friction,, that's obvious.

It happens in the best of families.

One of my uncles is a Dortmund fan.

Which is actually a good thing, because then there's a bit of rivalry.

When you walk through these premises, you get a sense of this clubs amazing history.

And that is certainly something that makes an impact and has an effect on you.

This atmosphere that you get here. The aspirations that you have.

And all the circumstances that I didn't know before.

Particularly in women's footballthat was new to me.

And then, yes, you take on that mindset so that you think: Okay, we just want to win.

You kind of really want to give your all to this club.

You just want to give it your very best. 100%, in order to get better

And the players who have been with FC Bayern longer, they set an example to the newcomers.

They pass on their DNA.

Right, the winning mentality at Bayern, everyone has it.

Even in the youth teams, you notice that in training.

Over the next few years, FC Bayern wants to promote more academy players into the professional squad.

And I hope that I will be one of them.

It is true particularly at Bayern München that giving 90 percent just isn't enough.

You have to give 100%, otherwise you won't make it.

That famous line "Mia San Mia",

which also means getting things done, pushing things through in your own way.

And that is obviously a hallmark of the club, that every member gives their best to be successful.

And when that all comes together, as a team, that can be what is needed to win the title.

We have now been champions eight times in a row.

We have now wona total of 50 national titles.

Yeah, winning, for sure, it means a lot.

It means everything to us.

And to keep doing it again, you know. We just want to keep, keep going.

You can really feel a certain kind of ferocity, even dominance. That's why they call us "La Bestia" in Spain.

I hope that one day the whole crest here will be covered in stars.

It's not as easy as all that, you know.

We dont just go out and play, and then we are champions. We have to work very hard for it.

It's a goal!

Fans of both clubs will always remember these last seconds.

That was again one of those days when football made me cry.

The title has been taken away from Bayern in a spectacular twist.

How could that happen? To lose a UEFA Champions League final inone minute, two minutes.

And we did everything right.

And then that lost final at home. Well, I cried again.

And then the penalty shoot-out is happening in front of your eyes:

And all at once you see your hopes dashed.

Yeah, thats like watching a film or something over which you have no control.

Many clubs, but also people, crack after a defeat like that,

like in Barcelona, or here at home. That was, wellunbelievable.

After all this, would FC Bayern pick itself up again?


I'll only answer "Yes" or "No" from now on, that'll be great for the film.

What happened there is difficult to explain because directly after that lost final

you could feel that this team just wants to pick itself up

and come back next year to make the impossible possible.

That ́s Robben. Arjen Robben!

That has to be it for Bayern Munich.

That shows great, great human strength

if you can come together again after such a defeat.

Hopefully Oliver Kahn will save this one.

Shoots! Saves!

And then best of all was 2001, when we finally won the UEFA Champions League.

That́'s it.

What an eruption.

FC Bayern win the UEFA Champions League

The UEFA Champions League win in 2013, that was the fulfillment of our mission.

But it's important to know one thing: It's not over yet.

They haven't made it yet by far.

Of course, we want to attack at the very top in Europe.

FC Bayern will be right at the top in the next few years.

But also to give a pledge that you can only achieve that together as a team. You can't do it alone.

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