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Hey guys recently I've been trying to draw inside PDFs using my Wacom tablet

and I've encountered a few problems which I'll show you now so if I open up

a PDF file edit it with Adobe Acrobat okay and then it opens up and let's say I

choose to draw comments in it right and then I choose draw freeform and now I'm

drawing with my tablet and look what happens if I draw something if I want to

draw a circle there's always a bit of a straight line okay there is always a

straight line I can't get rid of this straight line part it doesn't matter

what you draw there's always a straight part of it at the beginning all right

and the ink doesn't come out as quick as when you press it down so I'll tell you

when I hold it down so I hold it down now but the line doesn't show up now it

doesn't show up quick enough so to fix that problem what you're going to do is

basically you're going to go down to the bottom left and you're either going to

go to control panel or you're just going to search for Wacom and you go into

preferences now you go into preferences and this shows up and then what you're

gonna do is you're gonna go to pen pan mode click mapping and untick use

window use Windows Ink alright because what this happens is what this does is

it will disable the press and hold function to right-click which you don't

need anyway I mean when would you use the right-click when you're on your

tablet on your pen so get rid of that click okay close it down and now look

what happens when I'm drawing stuff okay I can draw a perfect circle there's no

more straight no more straight bit and the ink comes

out straight away ink comes out straight away that's the most important thing

okay thanks for watching guys see you next time.

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