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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: مردم، مجلس، قانون - یک پرسش؛ پنجاه نگاه - فیلمی از علی مولوی

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If I could change a law?

You mean to change a law of our country?


That's a difficult question...I don't know...difficult question

It has never crossed my mind...sorry, I have no answer

I'd change a law in a way to benefit me

I don't usually care about laws...

any given law is in accordance with what builds up a country somehow

So many laws and regulations that need to change...

What law would I change?

All laws are good, no?

The parliament hasn't come up with all these laws for me to change them, has it?

Our constitutional laws are rather flawless on paper...

But all in all none of it is practiced

It's all for show

I might legislate

to protect and nature... a bit more

It's dying ...

shouldn't say

Can't say in front of the camera

I'd give a little more freedom

Maybe I'd give people more freedom

I'd give more freedom, to people

Freedom for women

Total freedom, not half-ass freedom

For women to be equal to men

Maybe a law in favor of women

Our female athletes, for example, they are not allowed to leave the

country to take part in competitions without their husbands permission

I might wanna change that

For girls to be able to leave the country without

needing a formal permission from their fathers

In Iran...for a woman to have the right to become the president

To eliminate gender discrimination

I'd change the law that says women have to wear hijab

At the moment, I think compulsory hijab has become a problematic issue for everyone

I'd liberalize hijab

for every person to have the right to choose

whether to wear hijab or not no forcing anyone

For sure, I want the youth to have more freedom

I change a law , to support the youth

they're the most innocent in our society now

What law to change...

a little more freedom

in our personal least

for people to be free to do what they want to do as long as they're not harming anyone

The problem is that no law is ok

so many need to change

the main issue is, have freedom of speech

I agree

to have the right to speak out your mind

There has always been injustice in the world

I wish there were justice

The thing is that, nowadays, change initiates in people's thoughts

thoughts need to change

when that happens laws will change also

For me the most important thing is freedom of thought and is free media

free art, cinema, music and fine arts

If we could fix the educational system a little maybe...

our cultural awareness would have been much better than it is today

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