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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: $10 Target Valentine's Day Challenge

Difficulty: 0


- What? - No!

- What do you have from Target for me?

Ten years down the road

I'll still be sitting on the floor

Writing about you, writing about you

Lines about midnight car rides

And the color of your eyes

Thinking about you, thinking about you


- Hey you guys, Valentines day is almost here.

And, around the holidays, Matt

and I like to do this challenge.

We haven't done it for Valentine's Day.

So today, we are doing the 10 dollar

Target challenge for Valentine's Day.

- Obviously we're back in the house right now but

yesterday we went to Target.

(wind rushes)

I get my own!

- It's 10 dollars and under, so

this is actually a harder challenge than you think.

- [Matt] Rebecca, you're deviating, you're deviating.

- Okay you guys, so I see a bunch of candy.

Candy is cheap, and it's good.

(wind rushes)

- [Matt] There's so much stuff here,

it's crazy, look at the box.


Okay, this is proving to be

a little bit harder than I thought.

Not a lot of stuff's a dollar,

so I really have to kinda like, hunt for things

so it's making it a little bit more difficult to

- Think I got this stuff for him.

I'm really excited, I think I got

some really good ones but again

we're on a budget so, like, the stuff's not that nice.

Now, we're back, with our Target bags.

We each got to pick out 10 dollars worth

of gifts for the other person and

now we're gonna reveal them and

hopefully you like the ones I got you.

- Same!

It was actually a tough one because

the prices of target have gone up a little bit.

- It's so hard!

Might have went over

a few dollars. - What?

- [Rebecca] I don't know, somehow I was like

"You know what, I'm not gonna look at price."

- You were just like "It looks cheap"?

- No!

- Because ladies should go first,

I'm gonna go ahead and

give you your first gift - Why, because you're a lady?

(Rebecca laughs) (sorrowful music)

- [Matt] Okay, they have a bunch of little

tiny chocolates, these are actually under a dollar.

- Aw, thanks Matt!

No, Blackjack, you can't!

- Blackjack, it could be animal tested.

- What? There's only three?

- Caramel, caramel.

- Caramel.

- Caram.

- Girl always loves chocolate.

- What do you have from Target for me?

- Since you started with candy, I'm gonna start with candy.

- Whoa!

- Tropical fruit hearts, there's no way this was a dollar.

Thank you, Brach's.

I'm gonna open it up.

Blackjack, which one do you want?

(dog barking)

Smell what this smells like.


- Say, "Blackjack is a..."

- Blackjack is a...

One kiss.

Oh god. - Oh!

- [Rebecca] One kiss! - Kiss.

- [Matt] Just one, just one!

- Your mom is...


- True.

- You watching this right now are...

- Love too, but it's T, O, O.

- Love you.

- Okay, that didn't make any sense.

- Saved budget. - You know what this is?

- [Matt] L, Y, M, Y.

- Love you my...

Me you.

- I think it's last year, my...

- Love you, my...

Yellow. - You.

- [Matt] My yutal.

- You guys know what that stands for, let us know.

- And I got you a rose.

Chocolate rose. - Aw...

- [Rebecca] Way cheaper than the real ones.

- Is it? True.


32 valentines with 32 pets.

- [Narrator] 3D zooms!

- Now, I know this is more than a dollar.

- No!

- It says three dollars, right there!

- No, it was on sale!

- It says three dollars on the top!

- Image changes as you tilt card.

- Alright, let's check this out.

What is it?

(Matt yells)

They come in and out on ya!

(Rebecca laughs)

- That's a good gift.

- Oh and I got you a bouquet of tootsie rolls...

Pops. - All you got me

- [Rebecca] is candy so far.

I can re-gift this!

- What?

- Okay. - That's all good.

- [Matt] I mainly got foodstuffs cause

that was the cheapest.

What the heck is this?

- It's a slingshot but it's softball

so if you hit me, it won't hurt.

Okay. (slingshot fires)

- Whoa!

- He keeps trying, he's not hitting me.

Okay. - Yeah, last one, last one.

- [Rebecca] Last one, and then he's just gonna

Oh! - Yes!

- [Matt] I also got you some bubbles.

- And this was only 39 cents.

(bubbles blowing)

- Since Matt can't actually grow one of these, I thought

- What? I can't?

Whoa, Risonna Pinzano.

- Yeah, it's from her Nerdy Nummie line!

- I think it's a mustache... - It's a mustache!

- [Matt] A mustache cookie.

- Or you can just wear it.

- I can't wear this!

- Yeah, you can just... - Metal!

- [Matt] We'll try that later.

- See Matt, I got you something you can use

that you don't have. - Super confident.

- [Matt] I thought I would get you a micro-spinner.

- A fidget spinner, but it's like, so tiny!

I feel like I'd lose it in two seconds.

- Probably!


It's pretty good.

- Fidget spinners are out, but

Valentine's fidget spinners are in.

Mini fidget spinners are the new

thing for 2018 Valentine's Day.

(Matt shouts)


- I remember trying to get into the

fidget spinner and I just never got into it.

(Rebecca laughs)

- You have to promise me you're not

gonna use right now, you can use

it after, but not right now.

- Okay.

- Promise? - I can't promise that,

- [Matt] I cannot promise. - Matt, like...

- [Rebecca] You can vlog it but not right here.

- Okay, I can't promise this.

I have to use things instantly that's just my jam.

(Matt yells happily)

It's a Pez!

- He had never even known what Pez candies were

and so I had to show him how to put them

in the dispenser, and now

we'll see if he actually learned.

- I put the things in the Pez, and now it's put up.

Okay, fantastic, and another one came out for me.

(Rebecca laughs)

If you guys haven't tried Pez or like a new thing

that everybody's like, talking about.

- They're so old!

- Valentine's Day Peeps!

- Okay, I love Peeps but I've had way too much sugar today.

(Rebecca laughs)



Caram. (Rebecca laughs)

But I can't eat them right now.

- Yeah, I'm candied out.

- The next gift is, dun dun dun...

- Oh!

- Coasters!

- And they're all awkward.

- Yeah!

- Get happy.

- This is my favorite one.

Okay, he's got a swimsuit on but

Matt doesn't want to show it!

(Rebecca laughs)

- Sweet dreams.

- I've got Chill Out and Go Big.

- It's another candy.

- Matt!

It's magical, but I can't have any more candy!

- This is what you get on Valentine's Day!

- Okay, but this is actually really cute.

I got him funny string.

You're not allowed to do it right now.

You can do it later, over there.

- How much was that?

- I think a dollar.

- It was not a dollar, it says three dollars on it!

This is how we misread, guys.

(Rebecca laughs)

It was 10 dollars and we went way over.

- Here's something that was way

less than a dollar, and this was another gift I gave you.

- It's a bag.

- It's just a bag!

- Actually, I'm gonna put all my stuff in that.

- Yeah. - Well how about this, I've

- [Matt] got you some Valentine's day...

- Aw...

I actually want to make cupcakes with that.

- Well, it's all little hearts and stuff.

- Okay I like that.

- It's a rope of Nerds.

- More candy!

- Yeah, you tear it and you share it.

- I thought... - Oh, one Lego minifigurine.

- [Rebecca] What if we did like a pancake

art challenge and we used Legos

as like the things that we had to create.

See, giving ideas.

- Wait, you have to put these guys together?

Lego my Lego.

- And the last and final one, life

is short, eat more donuts.

- What? No.

- Yeah.

- They are.

- Edible.

- Oh my gosh.

- They're Belgian chocolates.

- Oh... - But they look like donuts.

- [Matt] That's crazy.

Didn't do another food one but I

did like a magic pen, wand, thing.

It's not like a pump but like...

(wand impacts hand)

(both yell happily)

Look at that.

- Like, what do I do?

- Well now it's doing it.

- Oh, this is it.

- Yeah, go for it.

(crickets chirping)

Awesome! (Rebecca laughs)

Well, that was pretty fun, the only thing

I got emotional over was the little dog

Valentine's Day things. - You're so...

- [Matt] There's no way this was only one dollar.

- Okay, that one was a little over.

It was Ro, I had to!

- True.

- My favorite had to be the bubbles

because everything else was sweets and candy

and I have had so much of that today that

I'm feeling sick, so I would definitely say

the not food... - On a normal day I would

- [Matt] have killed it on this, but, yeah.

- What do you mean, killed it?

- Well, like, you would have loved all the candy

but now it's like "I'm gonna save that for later, maybe."

- Yeah, he really gave me so much candy.

- So this was not a normal vlog, but it was a lot of fun

we love doing this challenge, if you guys

want us to do more challenges like this

let us know in the comments section down here below.

- Yeah, give us some ideas on challenges

you want us to do, because we will

definitely take those ideas and

give you guys some credits and some shout-outs.

- Yeah, right now we're gonna go deal with Blackjack

because he's going crazy,

and he's running right around

the house - He's hungry!

- [Rebecca] He wants dinner! - Wait, you want some dinner?

- [Matt] Oh my god!

- [Matt] Blackjack will not get off Becca,

he's like, "I'm gonna make it!"

How long can he last? (Rebecca laughs)

How long can he last?

- My leg, where are you going Blackjack?

- [Matt] What is going on with him right now?

- Alright guys, have a wonderful day

and we'll see you tomorrow, peace!

("Lines" by Caro Giek)

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