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- I remember the first day a couple of weeks

ago opening the door on the first basil harvest,

and you open the front door to the building

and it just smelled like basil.

And I was like, all right, you know we're in production.

Gotham Green started 10 years ago,

we're a Brooklyn based company.

Moved to Chicago-- we started here in 2015.

This is our second location here in the Pullman neighborhood now

and we are expanding nationwide.

This is 100,000 square feet here of all different kinds

of lettuce and basil.

Growing indoors in a controlled environment,

we're really able to conserve our natural resources.

This farm here, we can use 95% less water

as compared to conventional agriculture and about 97%

less land.

JENN FRYMARK: There's a couple of great things

about the Pullman neighborhood.

One is it's a great place in the city

to be able to get a piece of land for 100,000 square feet,

like the size we want for a greenhouse,

and then we can hire all from the local neighborhood.

So transplant involves really looking at the plants,

making sure that there is no disease on the plants--

using the best quality.

We have about doubled in size over maybe the last six months,

and we've gone from about 150 to 300 employees.

Basil likes a warmer, it likes it sunnier.

Lettuce is more of a cool season crop

and basil is a hot season crop.

Everything is automated here.

So there is a computer control system that we programmed

to control everything.

We have sensors everywhere in the greenhouse.

We can grow these crops 365 days a year

and deliver fresh produce to the city year round.

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