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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Los cuentos SSBBW de Mac Pechugas – LA GLOTONA PARTE 5 –

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This work is not directed for children

hello PECHUGERS today I present the gluttonous part five

ok, where is the 100 ton woman?

here it is

wooow his girlfriend is very pretty

Hello! Where are the pizzas? I am very hungry

OMG !!! How did you grow so much?

I don't know, I just went to a mall despite weighing myself, and I started getting fat suddenly.

I ate a donut factory and I can't fill myself

The more time passes my hunger grows more

if you had taken longer to arrive, I would have started eating the buildings LOL

It's a good opportunity to use my sister's formula, let's go for it

we don't take

20 minutes later

These are 6 of the biggest pizzas and they all have a lot of formula, this will take away your hunger

are you ready?

yes give them to me

what's going on?

Oh no, she's going to crush us

Now I am very full

I do not stop growing, I feel that I will explode like a ball.

it was only a dream

maybe it's time to go on a diet ... but I'm so hungry

I wonder where there will be a donut factory

to be continue

well then Monica woke up

I hope you liked the video

I'll do a sixth part

leave your comments with what you think please

What do you think of this miniseries?

I will make the gluttonous part six

this is all for today's video I hope you liked it and until next time

pending part six where Monica wakes up.

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