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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Creepy Clown School Lockdown: Epidemic | Al Dente Creepypasta 16

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I was either stranded in here, ALONE, with this likely predator...

Or stranded out there in the middle of a lockdown...

Hello, and welcome to Al Dente Creepypasta, horror stories cooked to perfection with a

splash of red sauce My name is CZ and I will be your server this episode.

Morning classes with horrible teachers are hard enough to get through without an insane

clown on the loose in the school.

Todays story takes us through the worst day of school.

Lets dig right in.

I heard he has a thing going on with that girl...

Gina Wendelvon!” she half-whispered.

We were sitting in the back of 2nd period science as my best friend Lexi spilled the

tea on the latest rumors about Mr. Markham, the history teacher slash volleyball coach

whos been the subject of some pretty messed up rumors as of late.

Lexi: “Leslie Franklin was supposedly upstairs getting something from her locker after practice

one night, and saw Gina coming out from aprivate tutoring sessionwith Mr. Markham!”


Why the hell would Gina even want to?”

Lexi: “She must REALLY need an A in US History.”

Thats so gross!

Eww, eww, eww, no!

Hes old.”

Lexi: “From what I heard, she wouldnt be the first.”

What she was telling me was, sadly, probably true.

The rumors about Mr. Markham had swirled into a frenzy since the winter break incident,

when he had supposedly given Kim Ichikawa a ride home after the last Volleyball practice

while her parents were gone.

The bell rang.

Do you think its true though?”

Lexi asked me, as I dropped off my science textbook in my locker, exchanging it for my

US History book.

I dont know, why dont you ask him?”

I told her mockingly.

We both had Mr. Markham next period together.

I bet you could find out Evanna.

I think he likes you!”



And once again: Eww!”

He does call on you a lot.

Like a lot a lot.”

Nope . Dont care.”

Evanna: “Darn it!

Not again!”

The locker had snagged a bit of the skirt I was wearing and it was pinched inside my

locker door.

Lexi: “Come on, were gonna be late!”

You could be like a school hero.

Expose him for what he really is and get him fired!”

We were sitting IN Mr. Markhams class now, and I didnt want to have this discussion

with him in the room.

She was right though.

Of the four students that he hadrandomlycalled on this lesson, three of them were


Lexi, can we please have this discussion some other--”

Mr Markham: “Evanna!

Youre not talking during my lecture now are you?”

My heart skipped a beat.

Had he overheard us talking about him?

Mr Markham: “If you have something to say about District of Columbia v. Heller, why

dont you share it with the class?”

No, I dont sir.”

He paused and stared at me for a moment before continuing his lesson.


In front of the whole class?

He must really be getting cocky.

Thanks a lot…”

I muttered to Lexi.

Mr Markham: “Evanna!

See me after the bell!”

The whole classooedat this, and I rolled my eyes.


The last thing I wanted was to be one-on-one with the biggest creep teacher in the school.

When class let out, Lexi told me shed wait out for me in the hall.

Mr. Markham waited for the whole class to empty out, then closed the door.

I remained at my desk.

He didnt say anything at first.

He took his time walking over and sitting on the desk directly in front of me.

He stared at me for a moment, then sighed, as if he were still contemplating whether

or not he was going to punish me.

The silence was uncomfortable.

Then he went into this rant, about how he was supposedly concerned with my performance

lately, how it was reflected by behaviour in class.

It was all bull.

He wouldnt shut up though.

He was going to make me late for my next class at this point.

I saw Lexi waiting outside the door.

I wanted to signal her to just go on without me, but her back was turned.

Mr Markham: “This is exactly the kind of thing Im talking about!

Are you even paying attention?”

I just…”

He interrupted me.

He started asking me all these questions.

Is there something going on with my life?

Is there something wrong at home?

The passing period ended, but he told me hed write me a pass to my next class.

Then things started getting really weird.

He started asking personal questions.

If theres something else distracting me.

If I had a boyfriend.

I needed to get out of here.

I made up some story about being overwhelmed by my school work.

I dont know why I thought that would get him to let me go, but I think it had the opposite

effect, so I froze for a moment, then stood up out of my chair.

He gets to his feet as well, with a scary look in his eyes.

Before it could escalate any further, an announcement comes over the intercom.



All classes are hereby suspended into lockdown.

ALL classes are hereby suspended into lockdown!”

It took probably about 15 seconds for the reality of the situation to sink in

I was either stranded in here, alone... with this likely predatoror stranded out there,

alonein the middle of a lockdown.

Mr. Markham told me to get against the wall near the door as he turned off the lights.

He came and sat RIGHT next to me on the floor.

Uncomfortably so.

My head was spinning out of control.

Thats when I realizedthe door!

Nobody had locked the door!

I looked to the door and realized, there was someone standing RIGHT on the other side of


Not daring to budge or make a sound, I tried to conceal my breathing, taking slow deep


The footsteps stopped in front of the door.

I was shaking.

But the room was quiet.

*door handle sound*

Whoever was standing out there, had tried to get in.

The door was ALREADY locked.

I didnt know if I should be relieved to safe or outraged that Mr. Markham had LOCKED

ME IN to our conversation after class.

The intruder continued to stand outside the door.

Then suddenly


The entire room seemed to shake as the guy threw his body against the door!

He tried this a second time before the sound of a girl screaming could be heard from down

the hall.

What happened next took the horrors I had experienced up to that point, and twisted

them into something ten times more terrifying.

The guy on the other side of the door, started blowing this clown horn, over and over.

The sound drifted away from our door and toward the screaming girl who continued to shriek

and call for help.

*screams, clown horn*

I looked to Mr. Markham as if to suggest he should go out there and try to help this girl.

He avoided my eye contact.

Freaking coward!

*big bang*

All at once, the screaming and the clown horn stopped at the sound of a thud.

I gasped, because the severity of the situation had hit me.

This wasnt just another drill, this is the real thing.

What schools all across the country practice lockdowns forwas this...

This person, this intruder with the clown horn wasnt just pulling some kind of joke

he was dangerous.

My mind went to a dark place: a worst possible scenario.

And it hit me hard.

My eyes started to blur with tears.

I buried my head in my hands, just trying to focus on taking deep breaths.


...and they started to caress me.

That mother****ing pig.

He was using this HORRIBLE situation to his advantage.

He was trying to take advantage of me at my most vulnerable moment.

And maybe the worst part was that I was trapped.

I couldnt make even a sound without putting my own life in danger.

At this point, I didnt care anymore.

I didnt care about the lockdown, the intruder, any of it.

I needed to get out of this room... now!

I pulled away from his grip and ran to the door, leaving him alarmed, but he wasnt

quick enough to stop me, I unlocked it and slipped out into the empty hallway.

I didnt really have much of a plan, other than to hide.

I looked left.

Further down the hall, a girl was lying unconscious on the floor with a guy in a black and white

clown suit standing over her.

He didnt seem to have noticed me.

I looked to the right.

An empty hallway.

Rows of lockers.

And one trash can.

I didnt know if this would work, but I didnt really have another option.

I quietly ran to my right, jumped, and landed in the trash can, trying to make as little

noise as possible.

Lucky for me, the can was mostly empty, so I was able to crouch down and not be seen

poking out the top.

It was quiet for a moment

Thenthe clown horn started repeatedly honking again

It was gradually getting louder, which meant the clown was headed in my direction.

My hiding spot was about to be tested.

The clown yanked the rim of the garbage can, and sending me tumbling out onto the floor!

A pair of big, shiny, obsidian black eyes was staring down as the clown stood over me

with a disgusting grin.

It was the face of an old style circus clown.

He must have been wearing blackout contacts or something and his face was completely greased

down in white makeup, except for his lips and the dots on his cheeks, both of which

were painted black.

In fact, his entire outfit was black and white, making him look like he had stepped out of

a black and white photograph and into reality.

The only part that did look more cartoonish was how very bloodthirsty his grin was.

I was lying on my back on the floor where I had been dumped out of the garbage can as

this horrifying thing reached down for me.

I only knew of one thing left to do.

As hard as I could I kicked my foot up into his balls!

But to my shock and horror, this attack did nothing to him!

The clown didnt even flinch.

It seemed to cause him no pain whatsoever.

I felt his silk gloves close around my neck as he pinned me to the ground.

I tried to scream, but I felt my throat close up, and I knew it would do me no good anyway.

All I could do was look up at this circus drawn nightmare andand there was something


Just above my head was someones overstuffed locker.

It wasnt fully closed; the bottom of the door was pushed open by some object that didnt

quite fit inside, but it looked like the owner had tried to cram it shut anyhow.

I reached for the locker door and yanked at it.

It gave a little bit, but it was stuck.

I was starting to blackout.

If I could just pull it free

I gave it a hard tug and pulled on it.

My vision was fading, almost entirely black now.

I maybe only realized it had worked when I heard the familiar sound of the locker flying

open, and it crashed against the clowns head, knocking it backwards and off of me.

An unbelievable amount of junk came pouring out.

Whatever was in there must have been heavy, because it had really knocked the clown hard

in the head, which was good because I also needed a moment to come to.

I had one more idea -- if this didnt work, I was done for.

As fast as I could, I took all of the junk out of the locker and hurled it at the clown.

Textbooks, an instrument case, a pair of shoes; anything I could find.

The clown seemed woozy and it got back to its feet and regained its bearings just as

I threw my last piece of ammo.

It seemed like none of the junk in that locker was big enough to hurt the clown which didnt

seem to even feel or notice anything other than the blow to its head.

But hurting it wasnt my plan.

I had completely emptied out the locker.

This was it.

Do or die.

I stepped back into the locker as the clown, with a twisted face of anger and frustration,

charged at me as I pulled the door shut as much as possible without pinching my hand!

Everything went black as I shut myself into the locker and furious clown slammed into

the door, effectively locking me in!

There was no scream or roar of frustration, just the echoey reverberation of the clown

crashing up against the metal door.

He fumbled with the handle shortly before realizing that it was no good.

Then I heard something move in the distance, and the clown started beeping its horn

once again, and heading off to some other part of the school.

I stayed safe in the that locker for hours until the school was cleared and the principal

used his master key to let me out.

The light hurt my eyes as I collapsed onto the hallway floor; I had been limited to the

tiny amount of light that poured through three thin slots on the locker door.

The principal gave me a little nod, and told me, “good thinking”, or something along

those lines, before turning and attending to the more important matters at hand.

The hallway was now filled with police officers, school administrators, news reporters, photographers

andwait, what were Lexis parents doing here?

My best friends dad was standing maybe 15 feet down the hall with his arm around

her mom, who was sobbing and dabbing at her eyes as the commotion flowed around them like

a rock cutting through a stream.

What? What had happened?

I looked around some more and realized they werent the only ones.

It looked like there were a few more sets of parents in tears scattered around the hallway

here and there.

There were no other students around, I guess the rest of the days classes had cancelled.

Before I got up from off the floor where I had fallen out of the locker, I noticed a

little ripped piece of fabric fall on the ground right where I fell.

It looked like it had been a piece of the clowns neck ruffle that had been caught

in the closing locker door and probably ripped off when it tried to escape.

There was text on it.

It said “...ipsey and Parks...”

The rest was torn off and I couldnt read it.

A bright flash filled the room.

Reporters were taking pictures of Mr. Markham, but to my surprise, he wasnt being handcuffed

or interrogated by angry parents.

A news anchor wearing a tie and holding a microphone started to praise him; going on about

this one brave teacher whose heroics may have saved the lives of countless students.

Then he started going into this phony story about how he immediately ran out to fight

off the clown and protect the students the moment the lockdown is called.

Yeah, right, youve got to be kidding me!

I was too drained to care though.

I was crammed in a locker with no food and not a big slot for air, and I really felt

like I was going to black out again.

I took a seat back down on the floor and closed my eyes for a minute.

Mr. Markham finished up his interview and the reporter wrapped up the story.

This is the second clown attack our nation has seen this week, after two students at

a school in Garden Coast -- just yesterday -- were fortunately unharmed during a lockdown


For CZN News 23, Im Poppy Harlowe.”

I looked around at the devastation surrounding me.

The incident was obviously over, but I still felt this huge pit in my stomach, as if nothing

had been resolved.

Two clown attacks in one week?

Sure the other school was probably nowhere near here, but still.

All the reporters and police officers seemed to just be going about their business, as

if this were just part of their routine or something.

Where was the urgency?

Why wasnt anyone doing anything about this?

For a moment I got really angry, but then the anger was just replaced with pain.

My heart slowly broke as I sat there.

I couldnt get Lexis moms face out of my head

Would I ever see Lexi again?

Would school ever be the same?

Im pretty sure I knew the answer to both questions when my parents arrived to pick

me up.

Both of their eyes were swollen and red...

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