Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Angelina Teny (South Sudan)- The Case is There, Women Delivered

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A lot of the work that was done by women could not have been done by anyone.

They understood very well

the meaning of the referendum for women and for their families.

You could trust that if you registered a woman she would definitely go vote

because they were staying at home.

They were not traveling during

I think, they have created enough awareness amongst all the communities,

the importance of voting.

Believe it or not, women actually carried each other. You know if there was an

elderly woman

in a neighborhood,

they would carry here and take her

and they would walk for an hour of more to make sure that she voted.

Women delivered,

had babies,

while they were queuing,

waiting to vote or waiting to register.

So I,

it would be hard if anybody believed that actually without women,

this could have been done.

This year (women are) majority,

mechanical majority in Southern Sudan.

People say that the women amount to more than sixty percent.

But even if they were to be only one percent more than the men

that factor was very important in the referendum because there was a


whereby if sixty-six percent of the population had to vote.

So we form a critical mass

as women.

Im sure were not going to have a hard time try to persuade

because the case is there.

We built the case and the women of South Sudan have been impacted


by oil production.

This is acknowledged.

This is acknowledged that the environment has been


They have lost land

to oil operations.

They never got any compensation for it.

They have also suffered. Because it was a battlefield if you like or a theatre

for the most tragic wars that went on during the war.

All of that, it is acknowledged,

and therefore it is only right and fair.

Also recognizing their role in bringing this independence,

theyve done a lot.

Particuarly during the referendum,

during the referendum they voted.

They came out in big numbers, they voted.

They made sure

that they also brought their families along to vote.

The women of South Sudan, in fact did join in the battle.

We have women combatants as well.

So theyve done it all.

Theyve done it all from raising families,

from maintaining communities,

from supporting the war efforts

and taking part in the war.

Theyve done it all.

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