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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: #099 English podcast - Renting a car in English - ESL (rep)

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welcome to speak English now podcast

with your host Georgiana the podcast

that will help you to speak English

fluently with no grammar and no

textbooks hi everyone I'm Georgiana

founder of speak English podcast comm

and my mission is to help you to speak

English fluently and with confidence

today I'll be teaching you how to rent a

car in English the lesson is simple and

to the point so it'll save you a lot of

time when you really need to rent a

vehicle and in the next section you'll

practice your English speaking with a

funny mini story today's story is about

Brian a middle-aged man who wants to go

out with hot chicks it's summer again

and many of you are seeking a holiday

gateway so today I'll be teaching you

how to rent a car first of all you

should start by comparing prices online

consider doing your research by checking

travel websites like Expedia kayak or

Hotwire some of the most popular car

hire agencies are Alamo Avis and Hertz

before deciding or an agency asked about

the additional charges because these

charges will help you to figure out

which is the best deal some common rates

include underage driver fees which means

that the agency charges an additional

fee for a driver under 25 Airport

surcharges this charge will make a big

difference in the total amount basically

the agency will charge you a supplement

for picking up a rental car at the

airport and also additional charges per

driver you'll need to pay extra for

having more than one person driving the

rental it's also a great idea to book a

flight and rent a car together doing so

will often save you money since you'll

get better deals when you're renting a

car you can either pay in advance or

just make the reservation and

pay when you pick up the vehicle many

rental car companies will hold your

reservation without any form of payment

whereas others will demand a credit-card

number and if you didn't pay in advance

online then you have to make the payment

when you get to the pickup point be

ready to provide your reservation number

as well as your driver's license and

credit card before leaving the parking

lot inspect the vehicle carefully you

want to make sure that whatever problems

you encounter are well documented so

that you don't take responsibility for

them when you return the car you want to

look for major and minor problems check

that the windows are working properly

make sure there are no loose or

malfunctioning parts leaks or any other

damages should you find any anomalies

record and take a picture or a video of

them don't forget to fill up your gas

tank although some agencies give you the

option to return the vehicle without a

full tank they will usually charge you

extra before leaving the vehicle at the

drop-off point be sure to check the

front and rear seats carefully and

remove all your belongings to avoid

being charged an extra fee when you

return the car to the rental agencies

don't be late because some agencies will

charge you for another business day if

you return the vehicle even 30 minutes

after scheduled date and time also be

careful because some car hire agencies

will even charge a fee when you return

the vehicle too early the last step is

to hand over the keys and wait for your

receipt if you want to pay with a

different card or with cash make sure

they take the charge of the card you

initially used I really hope that you're

enjoying yourself now it's time to move

on to the next section this week I've

created a funny mini story about a guy

named Brian he wants to go up with hot

chicks so he's got a brilliant idea all

he needs is to drive a luxury car I'm

sure you're getting

sorry about the story but first let's

see how a mini story works I'll start by

giving you some information a phrase or

two and then I'll ask simple questions

after each question there will be some

seconds of silence now it's your turn to

answer the question just give an easy

and a short answer not a complex one and

after you answer I'll give you a correct

answer this process will continue and

I'll gradually tell you a story with

questions and answers okay let's get


Brian is an unattractive short

middle-aged accountant who wants to

impress hot chicks

Brian are you a middle-aged man yeah

I'm a middle-aged man I just turned 47

yesterday are you at all attractive man

no no I'm not tall or attractive in fact

I'm assured unattractive man what do you

do for a living are you a doctor no no

I'm not a doctor I'm just an accountant

I wish I were a doctor do you want to

impress hot dogs

no not hotdogs

I don't want to impress food what I want

is to impress hot chicks

brian is convinced that he can go up

with hot chicks if he drives a new

luxury car Brian are you convinced that

you can go out with grandmothers no no

not with grandmothers I want to go out

with hot chicks do you want to drive a

car from the junkyard

no not from the junkyard I can't find

any new luxury cars out there would you

like to drive an old used car no no I

don't want to drive an old used car I

want to drive a new luxury car

Brian dreams of driving a red Ferrari or

at least a yellow Lamborghini reaching

220 miles per hour

are you dreaming of driving a Ford

Fiesta no no I'm not dreaming of driving

a Ford Fiesta I wanna drive a Ferrari or

at least a Lamborghini Bryan do you

dream of driving a harley-davidson no I

don't dream of driving a harley-davidson

I'm just scared to drive a motorcycle is

your dream to drive a red Lamborghini no

no I don't dream to drive a red

Lamborghini I want to drive a yellow

Lamborghini or a red Ferrari and would

you like to drive a Ferrari at 220 miles

per hour yeah I'd like to drive a

Ferrari at 220 miles per hour that would

be awesome

anyway brian has a big problem he can't

afford to buy a car

not even a secondhand one Brian do you

have a small problem no my problem isn't

small at all I have a big problem can

you afford to buy 10 cars

no no I can't afford to buy 10 cars as a

matter of fact I can't even buy one car

can you buy a brand-new car

no I can't buy a brand-new car I can

even buy a second-hand car so let me get

this straight

you can't afford to buy any cars right

yeah you're right

I can't afford to buy any cars now Brian

intends to rent a Ferrari and is

checking prices at the most reliable car

hire agencies

do you intend to rent or to buy a

Ferrari no no I can't buy a Ferrari but

do you know that already

what I intend is to rent a Ferrari Brian

will you rent a Ferrari or a Ford

no I don't wanna rent a Ford I'll rent a

Ferrari of course

are the car hire agencies unreliable now

no the car hire agencies aren't are

reliable there are in fact the most

reliable agencies

where are you checking prices is it at a

real-estate agency not at a real-estate


I'm not looking for a house I check out

prices at the car hire agencies

sadly Brian can't rent a Ferrari either

so he gets pissed off so Brian can you

rent a Fiat yeah I can rent a Fiat but I

wanna rent a Ferrari remember are you

happy knowing that you can't hire a

Ferrari no no I'm not happy at all in

fact I'm pissed off I'm furious are you

pissed off right now yes I'm pissed off

Brian gets so mad that he robs a bank to

buy 98 Ferraris Brian are you mad right


yes I'm mad I'm pissed off or furious

however you want to call it

are you robbing a bank yeah right now

I'm in the bank and I'm robbing plenty

of money what do you want to do with the

money you robbed will you buy a house no

no I'm not robbing a bank just to buy a

house I want to buy 98 Ferraris how many

Ferraris do you want to buy 99 Ferraris

let's not push it I'm not gonna buy 99

Ferraris I'm just gonna buy 98 Ferraris

and that's the end of this funny mini

story I guess that Brian is really mad

by the way when we say that someone is

mad we may understand that this person

is angry or that they are crazy in this

case I think Brian's gone crazy Brian

has gone completely mad who buys 98

Ferraris would you buy Nadia Ferraris I

really hope that you've enjoyed today's

mini story can you see how many

questions you can answer it's like

having a conversation with another

person in English so now imagine a whole

story told this way it's amazing how

much you can learn by using this

technique now you can improve your

speaking and grammar with my enchanted

course only by listening thousands of

students have already obtained excellent

results using my method now it's your

turn to speak English fluently once and

for all will you join me go to enchanted

course dog come and start speaking

English fluently once and for all and

I'll be back next week with a brand new

episode bye-bye

did you enjoy today's episode get the

transcript now at speak English speak English


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