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前一天晚上,我们一行四人从高松机场下飞机 We 4 guys got off the plane from the Takamatsu Airport last evening.

坐船来到了此行的第一站小豆岛 Took a boat and arrived at the first stop of this trip -- Shodoshima.

WENDA:基本上头碰到枕头就睡了 WENDA: Fell asleep so fast that my head touched the pillow.

WENDA:早上感觉睡的挺久但是感觉还没有睡醒 WENDA: I thought I had a long time sleep, but sleepy yet now.

赵租喜:你几点睡的 ZHAOZUXI: When did you sleep last night?

WENDA:我11点,日本时间11WENDA: Japanese time 11 oclock

赵租喜:你怎么那么黑呢 ZHAOZUXI: Why are you so dark?

LELE:可以把我拍的伟岸一点么 LELE: Could you plz let me taller when you shoot me?

我们一早坐酒店的接驳巴士 This early morning, we took the hotel shuttle bus.

来到一家医院门口等公交车 waiting for the bus in front of a hospital,

去往我们今天的第一站 and move to today's first destination.

YAYA:小豆岛的特色 YAYA: It's the feature of Shodoshima.

赵租喜:是哪里啊 ZHAOZUXI: Where is it?

YAYA:橄榄公园 YAYA: The Olive Park.

赵租喜:是那个吃的橄榄么 ZHAOZUXI: Is the "olive" which we normally eat?

YAYA:对,就是说日本明治维新的时候 YAYA: Yes. During the period of Meiji Restoration in Japan.

YAYA:不是需要学西方嘛,全面西化 YAYA: Japan decided to learn from the West, totally.

YAYA:他们就发现吃西餐要用橄榄 YAYA: So they found that they needed olives for western food.

YAYA:但是日本 YAYA: But Japan

赵租喜:就种不出来 ZHAOZUXI: Can't grow it.

YAYA:完全没有橄榄 YAYA: No olives at all.

YAYA:他们就从意大利还是哪里引进了一些橄榄 YAYA: So they found a solution to import the olives seeds from Italy or somewhere,

YAYA:全部都种在这个小豆岛上面 YAYA: and planted all on this Shodoshima island.

YAYA:所以小豆岛是出橄榄的. WENDA:你们现在有1000円的零钱么 YAYA: So olives are a specialty here. WENDA:Do you have a change of 1,000 yen now?


WENDA1000可以 WENDA: 1,000 yen is OK

WENDA1000的话比较好 WENDA: 1,000 yen is good.

WENDA:因为我们看了一下其实按照我们今天一天乘车的量 WENDA: Because I took a look and consider about the actual arrangement,

WENDA:应该是需要一个 WENDA: we'd better to have a...

WENDA/YAYA:一天的通票 One Day Pass WENDA / YAYA: One Day Pass

橄榄公园最出名的呢 The most famous pot of the Olive Park,

当然就是魔女宅急便里面的风车 is the windmill in Witch's House.

去那打卡之后 After checked in there,

我们就闲逛到了一个有漂亮滑梯的小公园 we just wandered to a small park with a beautiful slides.

出了橄榄公园不远呢就能走到海边 Then we walked to the beach, not so far from the Olive Park.

感觉当地人非常享受的是钓鱼过程的体验 I felt that the local people enjoyed the fishing experience very much.

因为我透过清澈的海水 Because through the clear sea,

根本就没看到有什么鱼 I didn't see any fish at all.

在海边闲逛也是为了等待去寒霞溪的公交车 Walked by the sea, waited for the bus to Kankakei.

这是个被誉为日本三大溪谷美之一的地方 This is a place known as one of the three great valleys in Japan.

选择去这玩还有个原因 There is another reason we chosen to visit here is,

就是坐缆车上山之后就有一个餐馆 there's a restaurant when you went up the mountain.

因为在小豆岛上找东西吃可不是一件非常容易的事儿 Because it's not easy to find something to eat on Shodoshima.

寒霞溪比较出名的就是像枫叶这样的红叶植物 The famous plant in Kankakei is this kind of red-leaf plants.

并且有很多的展望台 And there are a lot of observation.

是从高处观赏濑户内海的好去处 a great choice to watch the SetoNaikai from a high altitude place.

寒霞溪还是挺大的 Kankakei is quite big.

很多地方我们都没有走完 Many routes were not finished.

正好这次带了无人机 Luckily, We'd taken the drone.

走累了就让它飞一会儿帮我们来继续看看风景 so we flied it to help us to record the sight we cannot arrive.

可能是因为已经11月份了 Probably due to it's November already,

山上没有什么让人眼前一亮的红色 there was not so much bright red on the mountain,

所以当我们下了山 so when we went downhill,

游客们看到一棵特别鲜艳的红叶的树就都不想放过 A tree with particularly bright red leaves was appeared, we tourists took photos crazily.

YAYA:刚好 4:07 有一班 YAYA: Just at 4:07, there is a bus departing.

YAYA:然后坐到这个丸金前 YAYA: Then get off at Marukin mae.

WENDA:这个只到草壁港对吧 WENDA: This one only goes to Kusakabe Port, right?

LELE:丸金前干嘛呢 LELE: What do you want to do at Marukin mae?

YAYA:就是丸金酱油 YAYA: Marukin Soy Sauce.


订好酒店的晚餐呢我们就直接回去了 We went back straight after the hotel dinner were booked.

在回去的车上我们看到了很漂亮的夕阳 We saw a beautiful sunset on the way back.

也算是对我们小遗憾的一点补偿吧 It should be a kind of regretful for us.

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