Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Photography for All

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I believe this is the best time in history to be blind,

or to have any kind of disability.

The accessibility features

built into Apple's mobile devices provide us

with a level of opportunity

that has never before been seen in history.

These accessibility features also allow us,

as people with disabilities,

to find our voice and our creative expression.

I believe everyone has the right to be creative.

I find my creativity

through photography.

Here are a few photos that I have made

with my iPhone.

(VoiceOver) Madeira Beach, Florida.

Aerial view of Salt Lake City, Utah

Panorama of Mexico City.

Columns in front of Truman Hall

at University of Missouri, Columbia.

Riverwalk in San Antonio

with downtown buildings in the background.

Face of alien toy hidden behind balloons.

Sunset at Indian Rocks Beach, Florida.

Self portrait of my shadow showing my white cane.

(Luis)I believe that you don't have to see to have a vision.

My vision is a world where everyone can use technology

to express their creativity.

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