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It's that time again, time for another just magical Telvanni city overhaul, because today's Mod of the Day is Verdant Tel Aruhn by Mika

The latest in a, a very long list of town and city overhauls by Mika, there's just, there's been so many of them that you may have noticed that we've actually started doing...

one every week, you know, every Monday.

Just you know, because they are just really fantastic mods and, I personally, you know I personally really like them, but...

There's so many that'll it take us months to actually showcase them all, you know, doing one a week.

So you know, spoiler alert for next Monday, you will be seeing another one of Mika's mods, but....Anyway, focusing on Tel Aruhn here.

Mika has once again just done a superb job at just, you know, enhancing this, you know, this town, and giving it a unique kind of appearance and feel

that fits in with the magical charm of the Telvanni.

Tel Aruhn know, kind of a historically neglected town, in terms of mods and also kind of in the vanilla game, it's you know, it's kind of there but...

You can kind of be forgiven for forgetting about it, it is a town that kind of feels like a lot of people just overlook? You know, especially modders.

In fact, the only two town overhauls that I can think of were both released this year in 2021.

You know, Tel Aruhn Chronicles back in January, and, now, you know, Verdant Tel Aruhn, you know, by Mika in....released in March.

So you know, there's, there's not really a whole lot of variety to, you know, choose from, it's, it's just those two choices really.

And anyway, Verdant Tel Aruhn is, well, you know, certainly a rather atmospheric town overhaul, you know, again, with a lot of that atmospheric lighting.

And of course, you know, it has a lot of that...trademark coziness that is a factor in...just all of Mika's town overhauls.

With a ton of just really cozy hangout spots you know, like on top of the Telvanni tower, know, a fishing pier where you can just imagine yourself

sitting back and...releaxing and enjoying the scenery.

It's, it's a very beautiful looking mod and...has a lot of those, you know, atmospheric cozy details, though...

You know, despite having a lot of the same trademarks as every other, you know, town mod by Mika

it still manages to, you know, stand out and be unique and distinct, because, again, Mika just uses, you know, a clever, you know, amount of...

just unique detailing for each settlement so...some things are always going to be unique to each town like, with Tel Aruhn, it's the yellow lighting and...

you'll notice that Tel Aruhn has just a lot of plant life and a bit of an overgrown feeling that makes it feel different to....

Mika's other Telvanni, you know, town overhauls, like for Vos or for Tel Branora.

And you know, that's certainly one of her just great talents is, you know, making each settlement feel distinct and unique.

While at the same time just, you know, enhancing that town's, you know, qualities, like, in the case of Tel Aruhn, just the Telvanni character here.

But anyway, that's just, that's our Mod of the Day, so as always I've been your host Darkelfguy.

Thanks for watching, stay safe, stay healthy, happy modding, and I'll just, I'll see you all next time!

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