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Are you Larry?

LARRY: Yes, I am. - All right, I'm Mike.

This is Frank. - How are you doing?

Nice to meet you.

We met some scrappers down the road.


And they said that your father had passed away,

he was a collector, and that you were thinking

about selling a few things.

Yes, I am.

My dad's name is Harold Snow, but he's been known as Hank

Snow for years and years.

But he's not the sing arranger Hank.

He just passed away a year ago.

We can go in this garage door over here that's open.

This one?


Oh, he's holding out on us!

[wolf whistle]


MIKE WOLFE: Oh, my gosh!


This is the kind of freestyle pick

that makes me love what I do.

MIKE WOLFE: Frank's a Cadillac guy.

There's a Cadillac, there's a Model A,

and then there's a Model T.

Just think how old this car is.

I mean, they started making Model

Ts in '08, and this is an '11.

MIKE WOLFE: Early Model T stuff is hard to find,

and it can get real expensive.

Has it got the original motor in it?

Oh, yeah.

MIKE WOLFE: I've stepped over a lot of Model T's.

I mean, I'm not really truly versed in every form

and fashion of them.

But this is a 1911.

And the earlier Model T's will command some money.

When's the last time the Model A ran?

Somewhere between three to four years ago.

MIKE WOLFE: Model T's were made from 1908 to 1927.

Then they came out with the Model A.

So are these two cars that you thought about selling?


This one and that one.

MIKE WOLFE: I think if that car was

rolling down the road with the type

of restoration that's on it--

LARRY: Right.

MIKE WOLFE: --that's, like, a $15,000 car.


This car here, you know, the Model A coupe--

again, an older restoration, but I

like the older restorations on something like this.


You know, I mean, I think to the right guy--

like at the very end of the rainbow on this thing,

if it's running, driving down the road,

and, like, he has to have it--

with this restoration and some of the bangs

in the body and everything, this is

a $10,000 car on the high side.

Here's what I'd do.

For both cars-- $18,000.

Tell me what you're thinking.

Is it possible you could do maybe $18,500?

That's for both of them.

I noticed the camber of that front wheel is, like--

Well, you notice the chip out of--

--laying over.

--of the tire too?

MIKE WOLFE: The what?

FRANK FRITZ: Chip out of the tire.

LARRY: All right, I'll be back in just a second.

What's that right there?

MIKE WOLFE: Yeah, it needs a tire.

There's a hook gone on it.

FRANK FRITZ: That's gone.

Frank's looking at the car, and he's such an eagle eye.

You know, he's really starting to pay attention to things.

Because most of the cars he buys, he loses money on.

You tell me, what do you think?

I'd stick-- I mean, 18--

I'd stay right there.

You're going to have at least probably $800 to $1,000 apiece

shipping them.

So there's an extra two grand on top of it.

Each car.

This hasn't been ran for four or five years,

so you never know.

Here's the way I'm breaking it down.

I think I can sell the Model T--

if everything goes right, the stars align-- $15,000.

So I have to be able to buy the Model T for $12,000.

And the $15,000 is if it doesn't have anything majorly wrong

with it, you know?

So that's what I'm speculating.

For something like this, I'm always calculating risk.

Now on the Model A--

running, driving, jump in it, it's $10,000.

So I have to be able to buy the Model A for, like, $6,000,

you know?

And then I got to figure shipping.


Oh, you got tires!

You got tires. - Yeah.

A set of brand new ones.

Pretty well new tires.

You can tell by the tread of these.

I'll tell you what, if you throw the tires in,

I'd do $18,200.


MIKE WOLFE: For the two cars.

All right, that'll work.

You'll do it?

That'll do it.

All right.

LARRY: Appreciate that.

This is a big deal, man.

We got a Model T. We got a Model A. For us driving

around the countryside and getting

a lead from some scrappers, you know,

we did pretty good for ourselves here.

I can't wait to get these cars back, figure out

exactly what's wrong, get them fired up,

and get them back into circulation.

That's what it's all about.

Hey, man.

Think that was it.

Thank you.

You dad was a hell of a guy. - I--

MIKE WOLFE: I mean, I really feel

like I got to know him today.

You know, walking around, seeing his photos

and cruising through the place.

I get the same feeling when I come up here.

Mike and Frank-- they salvage a lot

of stuff that would normally go in somebody's junk pile.

They're very knowledgeable guys.

And I know that these things will be taken care of

and appreciated.

All right, buddy, peace. [car horn]

All right, now.

[music playing]

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