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In this capitulate present you a summary of the first part



The key that opens his Psychotronic power

You has a special power.

It is activated by an energy to which the

scientists are right now beginning to know and measure.

It is a surprising power.

It works for you in a form

that challenges any explanation.

The scientists observe this power in action

in conditions of laboratory

and they ask what occurs in reality?

This power seems to confirm the tales of fairies

on the genius that appeared

and helped to Aladino going out of the magic lamp;

on the magic tapestry that carried to his master flying to any place, instantly;

and on the fairy godmother

that arrived in the timely moment to help with a crucial decision.

This power begins to do miracles for you in what it know that it possesses it.

It brings him money, love, health and success. In which order? The power obeys

his instructions, fulfils with his decision.

The electricity did not begin to work for the man until this gave

account that it was here.

It bring to a native of the most remote jungle

to a city and the electricity will not work for him

until it give account that this button lights this light

and that the radio.

This power calls can PSYCHOTRONIC POWER,

and this video explains him his can

and says him

how press the buttons and turn the conmutadores.

When doing it,

has you the immediate proof that has the power;

so immediate as it arises the light

in what it gives him to the switch.

You does that they occur the things.

It controls his life. It enriches to himself same and to the other.

I have seen to people use easily that can to

Do that another person fulfil his will.

Change a decision desfavorable after taken.

Increase his sexual appeal multiplying it by one hundred.

Inject harmony where there was hostility.

Do disappear painful symptoms of illness.

Turn into a VIP.

Purchase a new house, car, or both things.

When it uses this power, does not cost at all.

It does not wear out. Always it is here,

of day and of night.

I have found the forms in that centre

and concentrate this power instantly,

forms that do him act the same that a ray laser.

It seems complicated?

On the contrary. Can do with the fingers

or through the eyes.

It is so simple like looking.

And So simple like signalling with the finger.


Has observed how speak some people with the hands?

When speaking go giving emphasis

with them to what are saying with gestures and appropriate movements.

The hands are a channel of energy.

We work with the hands, speak with the hands, explore with the hands.

It is not only the physical energy the one who

happens through our hands,

but also the psychotronic energy

Since already in the infancy learn with the hands,

are an especially appropriate starting point

to learn to control the psychotronic energy.

It is possible that see you emanate of the fingertips

the psicotronic energy, and surely could feel it.


To see it: it Find a black bottom.

Touch the the fingertips of the left hand

with the fingertips of the right hand.

It inspire deeply; slowly, it go separating the fingers.

It will see some transparent

white lines that connect them still.

To feel it: it Keep the palm of the left hand vertically, in front of the right.

It extend the fingers of the right hand aiming tothe left palm.

It keep the fingers at least to fifteen centimetres of the palm not to feel the heat.

Now it go moving slowly the fingers of the right hand

from above down as if it was shooting bullets to the left hand.

When doing it, will feel like a tickling or another feeling

that visits his left palm from above down.

This that feels is the psicotronic energy

To use it: it Keep a drawing in his mind of what wants that it occur,

of a special form that will teach him. Afterwards it extend the fingers to

the person or thing in question

Or to a portrait or diagram of the person or thing

and what want to you that occur will remain activated.


has remained you some time looking to somebody and this has gone back to look it?

A man that likes him look to the beautiful girls in the beach knows,

although the girl do not see it look it, that she will adjust the bikini.

There is a power in the look that you will be able to feel equal that feels the power

in his hand when it aims to her with the fingers.

The psychotronic power is not distinct of any another class to be able to.

The electricity can use well for profit of the men;

if it uses badly, electrocute .

The heat can cook and heat a house, and also burn.

The atomic power can accionar a generator, but also arrasar a city.

The psychotronic power can provide him wealths endless

if it uses it properly.

If it does not use it well, it can involve pain and disasters

Read the instructions before his use, say the prospectos.

Now I place him I to you the prospecto in front.

The eyes possess it. The hands possess it.

The eyes and the hands are «arms» psychotronic.

Has power in the look. Has power when signalling.

Has a mental power that generates psychotronic energy

that obtains his «instructions» of his eyes and of his fingers to do

his will like a giant slave.


The definition of the psychotronic to the beginning of this book describes

how is an interaction between the consciousness and the matter.

The scientists of all the disciplines ? Physics, biology, medicine, chemical

They are now studying these effects of the consciousness

on the body and on the surroundings.

Even the scientists that occupy to measure

and to photograph the psychotronic energy

and to see it realise «miracles» in the laboratory,

are not totally insurances of the exact nature of what study.

To many confuses them the evidence.

It seems to be that it exists a quality

in the space that allows to the energy psicotrónica displace instantly.

This does not obey to the existent laws of the physics

as they understand usually.

It seems to fall rather inside the field of the religion.

The people that use the psychotronic power

it seems that they use divine faculties.

Of course, this leaves perplexed to the scientists,

but persevere, especially in the communist countries

where do not accept the traditional concepts of the religion.

It is a question of time the one who alter the current laws

of the physics to accept the new proportionate data by the psychotronic.

While, it is easier to use the energy psicotrónica that treat to explain it.

The science still has not explained the sense of the smell.

The physical energies that radiates and do that a flower cause a scent,

the science supposes them today,

but does not measure them, does not show them.

In reality, there are more scientific proofs of the psychotronic energy

that of the phenomenon that call «smell».


The word «psychotronic» did not define officially until 1975.

But to the equal that the electricity lit the sky with the lightnings

a lot before it was born the term «electricity»,

like this the psychotronic energy has been affecting

the lives of the men during millenia.

The mediaeval alchemists called him «flowed vital»

«Mumia» called him Paracelsus,

the Swiss physicist of the century sixteen;

«animal Magnetism», Mesmer,

the Austrian doctor, pioneer of the hipnotismo, to 1800;

«Energy of the orgón», Wilhelm Reich;

«Strength ódica», the baron of Reichenbach;

and other so many scientific names by the other scientists, as

«Vis medicatrix naturae»,«Energy elóptic»,

«nervous Ether», «Forces X» and «Biocosmic Energy ».

The gurús of the ancient Indian worked with a vital energy to whichcalled «prana».

They specialised in controlling this energy and in producing phenomena

that amaze to the scientists even today.

In Hawai, where resides the author, the priests or kahunas worked with «manna».

They could connect with this energy and improve the level of life

and also produce the death.

All these secrets begin today to go out to the light.

The man always has had energy psicotrónica,

but no always has turned it into can

controlling it and putting it to work.

Now we know how do it.

The work that can realise for us is so incredible

as it was it the telegraphy without threads for our ancestors,

and the radio and the television.

Now we can control it everything.

When it learn to control his psychotronic energy,

will be learning to put to work this energy

and will do that the television seem a game of boys.

The energy put to work is the power,

Will have power to do things that only the mystic

and the psychic have attained to do.

and the psychic have attained to do

these «miracles» is that, knowingly or not,

put to work his psychotronic energy.

The method is very simple.

All what puts at stake are the eyes,

the thoughts and, occasionally, the fingers.

It offers him the «secret» combination

to open the door to asleep capacities, such as:

Predict future event.

Obtain the solution of a baffling problem.

Know where is a person and what is doing exactly.

Be a «medicine man by the faith».

Purchase a legal possession without money.

Affect to the time.

Locate pozos of oil, mineral streaks and lovely stones.

Do that a person fulfil the wishes of you.

Even more, it will be able to teach to the other

these same fantastic things.



«And how can my mind,

to which already costs work add and subtract,

produce these incredible things?»,

Leave me say him something about this his mind.

It is composed of neurons that are something as well

as electrical components in a device of radius or of television.

It can that there is a hundred of these components in a television,

but knows you how many neurons there is in his brain?

The brain weighs so only 1.380 grams

Hardly the two percent of his body

And however, it contains thirty thousand million able

neurons to look for an information and to store it.

Each neuron composes of a lot of atoms.

Frankly, there is one hundred trillones of trillones

of atoms in the brain;

that is to say, the number one with twenty-six zeros behind.

We are not accustomed to handle numbers so high.

This surpasses even in many times to the national debt

and to other astronomical statistics.

We move these one hundred trillones of trillones

to something more mensurable.

It suppose that each atom is a pellet BB,

like the pellets of the shotguns of air compressed.

Now if you wanted to fill a living room with shot ,

would have to use a lot of.

One hundred trillones of trillones,

Neither much less.

It would have to fill the living room every second

during ninety-four million years

to use all these perdigones.

Inconceivable? Already I create it!

And however, there is the one who put effort

in putting limits to the human mind!

It goes you to use the psychotronic power

to save lives, to create music, find treasures,

give back the health,

change an opinion and win in the game of the life.

It can choose the way of the hero,

the way of the saint or the way of the wise person.

This way can be a footpath or a motorway of free circulation.

It will learn to:

See in the interior of the body of a person

and correct what sees.

Command to the animals, to the birds,

to the insects and see how obey.

Improve the appearance of his body

or the one of another person:

build, brilliance, carry.

Multiply the contacts of businesses and

proliferate the influence of his signature.

Do that the rivals go back adherents.

Do reality the plegarias.

Predict the cotizaciones of stock exchange.

«See» to thousands of kilometres.

And this is only the beginning.

The ten previous points can

that at all they mean for you.

His life can be piped by other activities

and have distinct needs.

Any one that are his special needs,

his psychotronic power is had to cover them.

It is you prepared to give him to the button?

It use his psycotronic power to do reality his wishes

have said Us our parents and our professors

that the imagination is something useless.

«They are yours imaginations

How many times have said us this or have heard it say.

Well, have something interesting that say them.

The scientists Are giving account now

that the imagination is the key so that they do the things.

If something does not give first in the imagination of somebody,

will not be able to take body later.

The imagination is the «key» that opens

the psychotronic power.

It uses it the jeweler

when it designs a new ring,

«seeing it», producing it.

It uses it the novelist to create his characters.

It sees «them», it lives with them

in his imagination. It creates the book.

What elder was the reality with that it imagine

more open will be the psychotronic «key».

They are the neurons of our brain sintonized

with the neurons of other brains

and are able to collect information and to transmit it?;

Or, it is our brain splits

of a Universal Intelligence a lot of elder?

Perhaps any of the two theories was totally exact.

But we can trascend the limits of our skull.

And we are not the only. The plants also.

The animals. Even the loose cells.

What have to consider, more than the theory,

is the way to do that this energy work for us

of form wider and better and

under a more perfect control.

Relax. It visualise. What more?

The hands are another way to induce

greater and better profits and to do it

with a more perfect control.

The photography Kirlian has showed a powerful

energy irradiando of the of the fingertips.

This energy crosses only tangentially

with the physical plane.

Use it to move objects through a table

and will take hours in causing a very light movement.

But this energy acts in a plane that is more

important that the physical energy

and that the physical work.

It is the own energy of the life,

generated by the consciousness,

able to realise a palpable work

in the plane of the consciousness.

Like this, when you uses the hands to direct

the psychotronic energy to the people,

is you in his modality, in his realm,

in his sphere of influence.

Relax, visualise and signal with the hand.

This begins to activate the psychotronic power

to provide him the profits that looks for.

Signal the what? Signal a map, a portrait,

an object that belong to the person.



Always has considered no scientific

to the oriental philosophy. But it accepted

a lot before that the western philosophy

the existence of an intimate connection

between the man and the universe in a conscious sense.

In the yoga considers the mind of the individual

like an extension of the Universal Mind.

It considers it to him like a sprout, something as well

as the flowers that gives a tree.

Like this it is how the yogui considers to himself

same potentially able to show all the faculties of the

Universal Mind, when being part of her.

All what needs is to erase the illusion of separation

of the Universal Mind and join more to her.

From here the word Yoga, that means yunta or union.

Training his body and mind, the yogui (man)

and the yoguini (woman) can be it all,

know it all, do it all because the mind yóguica

active all the Universal Mind.

The yogui uses the hands, arms, feet, eyes,

the dorsal spine, the breath and the mind

to join to the Universal Mind.

The yoguis trained arrive to control his body

and his mind of such form that can feel consciously

that constitute an all with the Universal Mind.

We see in the modern western approximations

to the application of the psychotronic power

several similarities with what the

yoga carries centuries trumpeting:

the relaxation, the harmony and mental

representation, the expansion of the own image.

But we see likewise important differences,

and consider that these differences

constitute a step to in front.

In the West, the concept of energy

gives us a series of points of reference

that fits inside our scientific approximation,

an approximation that has carried us

to the point in that now we find us.

It sees that the energy concentrates in eyes and hands.

Therefore we use eyes and hands like

«instruments» to convert the psychotronic energy in practical profits.

Perhaps we lose us something with leaving to a side

the inherent disciplines to the oriental ways.

Perhaps we are «assaulting the doors of the sky»

and using an energy for practical profits

before having purified ours consciousnesses

and have reached the prudence and wisdom

necessary to use it properly.

The atomic energy arouses also this question.

We are prepared to use this energy

or are like boys playing with matches?

I and other «engineers» psychotronic have

argued this appearance of the same way

that suppose did the scientists that

dominated the energy of the atom.

Personally, I am convinced that it has arrived

the hour that the man give the following step.

All Is accelerating .

Those that do not learn to use his psychotronic power

to contribute to his own welfare and to the general

welfare of the humanity perhaps remain left behind.

You has observed to the generators and to the wires

create and distribute the electrical energy in silence and easily.

It has seen how the wires carry to his house this power with all silence.

It begin to see to himself same as to this system.

It see his consciousness like a natural generator,

of easy operation, his hands

and eyes like silent transmitters of this energy.

It has seen you produce electronic miracles.

It expect to see now psychotronic miracles.

It connect with the Cosmic psychotronic generator

to attain a boundless power on the other

In this chapter will learn to expand his

psychotronic energy several times

to achieve a boundless power.

It will be able to do that somebody think like

you without saying a word.

It will be able to melt the clouds.

The world is his.

It has it in the palm of the hand.

Satisfied go fixing put, give them priority

and reach them one after another.

Has you psychotronic energy.

It is his energy of life: the energy of his consciousness.

With the solid base of a body and a healthy mind,

our energy psicotrónica generates in powerful quantities,

the sufficiently powerful to guide us through the daily situations,

going out victorious and satisfied.

It is as if had a psychotronic generator that works better

when we keep all his parts in good conditions,

clean and very greased.

But to the equal that have a mind that occasionally

seems to present the characteristics

to form part of something greater

Like a Universal Mind or Infinite Intelligence

like this our psychotronic generator private seems

to be connected with something a lot greater that he.

We call to this greater source of power a

Cosmic Psychotronic Generator,

as like this it is as sure enough it comports.

The man is certainly conscious of the fact

that it is creating part of the universe.

Of what does not give account is that his mind

finds related with the creative strength

that is after the universe in himself.

Odd things occur when it gives account of this relation.

It begins to deploy divine skills.

It is able to affect to the matter, to advance or to retreat in the time,

to jump any distance with the thought...

And to control to the people.

The majority of the religions separate to the man,

like creator, of the Universal Creator.

When Sai Baba said him to the young:

«Yes, I am God, and you also are it,

the difference is in that I know it»,

was saying really that he foun inside God

and that God found inside him.

It did not treat to give the impression that it was God

that had gone down to visit the earth.

It was saying: «What I can do, you can do it,

with such that you take consciousness

of all your capacity.

«Connect» is to purchase this consciousness.

If now it feels you comforted by these two words,

is beginning to «connect».

On the other hand, if concepts that have taught him previously home,

the religious school or the institute interfere with a boundless concept of himself same,

needs to study any of the realisations that is attaining

the science in the field of the consciousness.

The science is discovering that the man possesses divine capacities.

It is working in laboratory with these capacities.

It is seeing that when the man does two things with his mind,

gives some fantastic change. These two things are:

1. Relax the body and sosegar the thoughts:

2. Take consciousness that it forms part of the Universe:

Some will say that these two steps are the base of the meditation.

But it do not detain in the words.

God. Meditation. Religion. Prayer.

The science is creating new terms for that

up to now was of exclusive religious command.

Intrusion? Never they will find the two?

To this referred me when it said

that the man separates of God.

The election is totally personal.

Can see to God inside himself same... Or no.


His generator psicotrónico is of course connected

to the Cosmic Psychotronic Generator.

We are free of disconnect, and many of us like this have done it.

Our stomach needs that they feed him.

Our body needs that they protect him.

It is you had to change these two minutes by all what

the scientists are discovering that they produce?

Extra energy for all day. Relief of the anxiety,

of the worries, of the depression.

Character more outgoing, attractive personality.

Better perception. Paz of spirit.

Blood pressure lower. Less need of stimulating or of tranquilizers.

Fewer headaches, or any. Fewer excesses in the foods.

Plan of performance to connect the psychotronic generator

with the Cosmic Psychotronic Generator

Closing the eyes and go back them slightly upwards.

It believes a room in his imagination.

Walls, ceiling, floor, windows.

Paint it of the colours that want to, decorate it,

carpets, pieces of furniture...

It install a big skylight in the room.

It place a chair under this claraboya.

This chair will use it every time that it go in in the room.

It is bathed by the light of the sky.

Seat now mentally in this chair.

It seats the light on you like a halo golden.

It comprise this universal light like something

that gives him the hand to his own internal light.

Keep like this during roughly a minute,

feeling love by the universe,

conscious of his greatness and of his intelligence

and that his be form splits of him.

It decide to go back to enjoy of this minute very soon.

It open the eyes.

Plan of performance to active the psychotronic power

through intentionality

It go again to his «special room» closing the eyes and imagining in her.

It happen magazine to the pieces of furniture,

to the colour and to other familiar appearances of the room.

Seat in the special chair,

feeling again the warm embrace of the universal light.

It affirm mentally his intention to purchase

a greater control on his life.

Ask help to the light that surrounds him.

It finish his performance knowing that it is done,

that now controls you his life.

It open the eyes.

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