Practice English Speaking&Listening with: SKF Induction Heaters TIH series

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Poor fitting accounts for a significant percentage of bearing failures

Often small bearings are fitted on cylindrical shafts

using mechanical methods

however as bearings get larger

then mechanical methods can no longer be used

This is why heat is used to expand the bearing inner ring

before placing on the shaft as the bearing cools

a stronger interference fit results

A direct flame should never be used

as the bearing can be damaged

Oil baths were once popular

but can be slow, dirty

and present significant handling hazzards

Using an SKF Induction Heater

safe, efficient an effective bearing heating

can easily be accomplished

Choose the appropriate yoke for the bearing to be heated

and just place the bearing on the yoke

Better still if there is space around the coil

then place the bearing here for even higher efficiency

SKF Heaters have built-in adjustable support legs

to make this option really easy

Place the bearing on the heater

and then place the temperature probe on the bearing inner ring

Press the start button on the remote control

and the bearing starts heating

The pre-set temperature is 110 degrees Celsius

but you can also choose the temperature you want

When the bearing reaches the required temperature

then a warning beep sounds, the heater stops

and the bearing is automatically demagnetised

Wearing SKF heat resistant gloves

remove the bearing from the heater

and place on the shaft

As the bearing cools then a strong interference fit results

just apply lubrication and the bearing is ready to run

SKF offers a comprehensive range of induction heaters

for bearings both big and small

as well as for components such as gear wheels

For ease of use the larger heaters have sliding or rotating yokes

The heater selection chart gives a good indication

of what heater suits your heating requirements

and can be found via

Heating bearings and similar components

is safe, easy and efficient when you use

SKF Induction Heaters

For more information contact your local SKF authorised distributor

The Description of SKF Induction Heaters TIH series