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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Feta and Spinach Filo Pie | Jamie Oliver

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Greek-inspired crispy filo tart with spinach, feta cheese and cheddar.

Beautiful flavour but dead-dead simple for you to be able to do in under half an

hour, that looks like you've been cooking for hours. First job pine nuts

100 grams straight into your pan on a kind of medium-high heat.

Toast them up, just takes a minute. For the rest of the pie filling, 5 eggs,

300 grams of feta cheese, I'm going to use 50 grams of cheddar cheese as it

does give the whole dish a kind of really nice gooey ooziness. Season it up

with pepper a little bit of salt, we've got the feta in there so go easy.

You can see over here the nuts they're pretty perfect now so I'm just

gonna take them off the heat and I'm using some nice flowering oregano, the

normal stuff is fine too. Just give it a little scrunch about a

teaspoon of that goes in. Get a fork and roughly mix it up. Put these pine nuts

straight in here this can go back on the heat and then mix it up and then

straight on to the spinach. Put some olive oil just a couple of tablespoons

in a pan and it takes 40 seconds to wilt it down. A little bit of seasoning and

ten little rubs of nutmeg in there. Once it's wilted down a bit have a

little go at the other bag. It looks like it's too much for the pan but it will

totally wilt down. The zest of one lemon goes in. Just a little knob of butter.

That's nice. Look you've completely wilted it down now get some greaseproof paper

run it under a tap, scrunch it up in a ball, then you've got something that's

really soft, you know, more like a handkerchief. Work straight onto here and

then put a little olive oil. With this filo pastry, it's very thin, it doesn't

need loads of cooking but of course the reason it's so

damn brilliant is because it goes crispy. You want to create an area of

pastry bigger than the pan, so you got sides and a sort of a lid. So almost half

as big as the pan again and I'm gonna cook it by the way in this pan. So I'm

only using one pan to fry, one pan to cook in. I'm just going to lay this

pastry in and around. Put four sheets down and then put a little olive oil.

Pat it like this. I've got some nice sweet cayenne pepper here and then

repeat the layers, the quicker you are the better, and we'll do about three or

maybe three and a half four layers. So we've got the pastry, get all of that

spinach quickly into that egg mixture. You can give it a little wipe out if you want

just bring the pan over here pick up the

greaseproof paper and drag it over like that and then you can push it in and

then with this spinach here, mix this up and just pour it in.

Maybe a little extra cheese just on the top like that. I want you to get the

pastry and pull it back over itself. Ultimately we're making a beautiful pie

that would normally take certainly an hour to cook and we're doing it in under

half an hour so we need to be clever, and what's lovely about this is even if

you're a raving idiot, like me, even if you do it badly and it tears or anything

like that if it's wrong it's right. Tear off this paper round here and in the

cooking it will carry on protecting that pastry. We're going to put it on that

high heat for about two minutes, just to get that pastry crisp. You can sort of

see around here you're just starting to get crispiness. Grab just a little

bit of rosemary and put it around this lovely tart here. We're gonna bang that

in the oven for about 20 minutes. It's gonna be good.

It just comes off like that. It's beautiful

An epic epic tart. Get yourself a nice big knife stab it in there take it to

the table, the fact that as you cut it it goes crunch crunch crunch, all your

guests will be going absolutely mad, and that is a beautiful dish,

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