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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: จับพิรุธมิวกลัฟเขาเป็นแฟนกัน (Mew&Gulf with boyfriend) - ENGSUB #หวานใจมิวกลัฟ #mewgulf

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Today, Find Differences Mew and Gulf with boyfriend.

because later Mew and Gulf show off with boyfriend.

Today, If you all which match is boy friend.

this one boyfriend sulking and make up.

Mew and Gulf take Regularly turns sulking and make up.

Especially mew make up with gulf.

When we love someone, we will apologize Although We are not wrong

Once Gulf make up Mew.

But Mew Tease sulking with Gulf.

Gulf turn into Mew.

Mew ask for May help.

Mew : I am angry with you.

Mew : OK , Can't speak.

Gulf : Yes Mew sulking me.

Gulf : Im make up with him.


Mew: I'm make up myself.

In Thailand , Call pronoun myself with you mean boyfriend.

Gulf : make up myself?

mc : Both look at each other , I'm shy.

Gulf : make up myself?

Mew : this make up myself , at that time him.

Mew: Gulf cannot acting to TharnType The Series.

Mew : I'm thaw Gulf for him can acting to TharnType The Series.

Two, boyfriend is protective of his stuff.

If we observe Mew protective with Gulf.

Mew ban Gulf sexy

Mew ban Gulf mini heart to fanclub.

But Gulf tease Mew.

Later Mew become Sexy.

Gulf protective with Mew

Gulf : why are you sexy?

Mew : Why?

Gulf : you show sexy

Mew : you protective with me?

Gulf : You don't know yet?

Three, Usually hug boyfriend.

Mew hug Gulf

All the time Mew hug Gulf .

Four, Court boyfriend.

Especially Mew Court Gulf.

But sometime Gulf Court Mew .

Mew : Gulf like mountain.

Mew : I don't know , you like me?

journalist : This is question or Hearsay?

Mew : Question sentence?

journalist : Gulf answer for him.

Gulf : I like......

Five, I want boyfriend care me.

Even though , I know boyfriend care me.

But Speak out

that boyfriend care me

Mew attempt Gulf care me.

Gulf : I want you to take care of yourself.

Mew : He asked if it was worried ?

Gulf : that i'm said I want you to take care of yourself.

Mew : He asked if it was worried ?

Gulf : Yes, I was worried you.

Mew : That's it

Six, The body often exposed inadvertently.

Boyfriend that body often exposed inadvertently.

Like , Unattended Mew clasp Gulf .

Gulf clasp Mew automatic

fanclub : Why do you catch the hands?

Seven , Boyfriend.

I want to be jealous

Mew want Gulf jealous.

journalist : Gulf jealous him?

Gulf : NO, I Understand how it works

journalist : trust each other

Gulf : YES

Mew : Really you jealous me ?

Gulf : jealous! , You did not do anything.

Gulf : Why jealous you?

Gulf : Or you do anything?


This is Theorist for boyfriend.

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