Practice English Speaking&Listening with: DIY RAINBOW FLUFFY FLOAM SLIME!

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Oh My Gosh

Bestest Intro EVAAA


Good Day Everyone

And Welcome Back To Todays Video

Where I Am Going To "Be" Making Slime

So Its Been A While Since I've Made Slime

So i kinda forget

I'm actually doing a different recipe so it doesnt really matter

today im going to be making rainbow fluffy slime

with foam attached

DIY Rainbow Fluffy Floam SLIME!!!!!!

mixture at the end so it's going to be

fluffy and it's going to be flow so it's

gonna be great movies so i'm excited i

already kind of like put some of the

ingredients together and we're going to

make one of these scratched rainbow

we're just going to make five different

batches of these so yeah I might think

but also a huge thank you to best means

for sponsoring today's video as you guys

know I've been so does app for all while

now and will when i look at my phone

oh my god forbid this boy is level 240

damn nine not like I haven't been here I

think it's been over here that I've been

playing this game so let me know in the

comments what you guys are up to and you

don't know us being says here's a little

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so basically best beans is an adventure

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me and I yeah i'll put a link down below

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and you also get five dollars worth of

free gold and diamonds all right well

let's get on with the DIY i'm excited to

make this rainbow gorgeousness

so let's get to it ok so first things

first you're going to need it

one whole top of glue to kick off so

basically that

eight ounces of glue if you don't feel

like my friend coming in with I don't

oh yeah crazy scientist back with his

2000 already off to a great start

Joey alright here's the second one


ok cool next we add half a cup of water

splashing on in and this is pretty much

the stuff that I've gotten to all the

other bowls for the colors so from here

on out of high no idea what's gonna

happen so let's just mix this up just

water and blue inches ok so the next

step is so weird

you have to add shaving cream to get

fluffy slime so I'm just a bar girl far

over here

soothing aloe so we need three to four

damn cups of this which that seems like

a lot

where's my measuring cup was right here

ok alright are you ready for this

shame girl in a school as a kid they

would have a half cleaner does the

shaving cream you could like playing it

and make shapes and all these weird

designs and stop

honestly that was very smart move for

the teachers shaving cream of polish on

their animal but child labor

ok let's to pop how many three this is

so weird

who would have thought always put

shaving cream with glue and water and it

makes freaking slime okay ian is contact

solution so you're supposed to add two

tablespoons of that helped enough for

all there's one there's two mix that up

this is a lot still have four more these

holy crap what we're going to do the

little camera with you guys but it will

be done

don't worry that the last ingredient is

2 to 3 tablespoons of borax so I already

mixed it with water for this video's so

working on that

wait wait so just be one out of time to


was trying to slime oh my gosh ok

alright alright I'm getting excited

so basically we're just going to keep

mixing it until it's not sticking to the

sides of the full so i guess that's

probably why you figure out how much for

acts you need

let's take it real slow

holy crap this so difficult to mix now


actually she doesn't feel like she's had

enough she the big all blah ok ok so

actually i'm just going to add the food

coloring it now we're going to start

with our green color just because this

is my favorite so just drops maybe we

should have done it before

ok I'm just going to get my hands on

this one

they're probably going to get died don't

have gloves so you know it's just a

little bit in the bar is seriously so


alright let's just take her out Oh feel

so cool

ok I don't know this is actually going

to mix in with the color rule the whole

no it's not crappy screwed up guys we

should add the food coloring in a way

before huh

ok so we're going to try this sadly this

is how turnout it it's kind of cute it's

like a marble looks so this is the

number one

ok we learned our lesson

alright so that second time definitely

turned out much better and i was able to

add in the phone little beads so this is

the final result of the blue it's so

freaking fluffy I am so upset with that

is so cool i see so many other people

doing this

oh this is all I ever wanted to do make

like that fold it like that again

oh ok so now i'm going to make the five

other for other colors and then we'll

see what all looked like together

yeah let's do it

ok so this is the paint punchy or just

looking car i wad hae let's roll it up

into little 04 back together

never was ripped apart i was like a

heart-to-heart make a heart that's

ribbon bar okay i think at the end I'm

going to combine them all

next up is the green one which the

sternal like a friggin shamrock shake

when I was making this I made me very

very hungry and in need of a green on

healthy dream haha oh it feels really


it's like a little bit of an exfoliation

up next is orange

she's like a liquid while I don't know I

from wrong with her but she liked

wearing warming up in here but she's

still we look at this string that it

ended this snake was actually like a

giant oh well it works 1 4got i feel

like i like didn't put up four acts or

something in this one

and last but not least is purple nurple

move this will turn out really good

actually i was us with this color it's

so freaking printing all right i think

they all definitely are a little bit


Matt was cover that up never happened

what's going on there ok now it is time

for the moment to combine them all

together so we're gonna go in order to

red or pink and then we'll do orange

live this beautiful color silver the

orange african got into everyone else's


orange means to mind itself ok and this

is purple

this looks so freaking cool

oh my gosh was like let me try lifting

it up flip it up let's see if we can get

a thumbnail in here

oh my gosh ok alright it's fabulous how

my lips up

okay cool alright let's lift it up and

see what happens maybe like drip down

whoa looks so cool oh my god wow ok

let's see-oh took my group this is so

freaking free and cool just drooping

down guys this is my all-time favorites

like I've ever done

holy freakin crap looks like pants

little ruining rainbow pants on the


ok let's start mixing them all together

and this okay slowly becoming all one


I don't know why available orange being

in the mix of all this but you know what

too late now this is a very pretty color

of the light green with the teal take a

little time I action we have going on it

looks like freaking removes shirt

oh crap don't like okay well it's turned

into a field mess so I would recommend

if you're going to make all these colors

to just kind of the orange the army

pretty overpowering so I'm going to

college and this video here look at this

is joining Paul looks like a big piece

of all gone just like that you been out

ok so i left and you'll take over bit

and made these beautiful things so this

is what out orange this looks so young

you have actually this looks like

working uniform damn poop I've ever seen

your group home next time definitely not

using orange this looks so pretty look

at that looks so cool oh my gosh that is


okay this one is so much better than

that variety big clump of orange-nassau

I think we know what the true winner is

I hope you guys enjoyed today's video if

you did please give it a big ol thumbs

up and lets me know that you enjoy these

types of videos and I yeah that's it for

today i will see you all tomorrow good