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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Speed Listening Challenge

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I've got the need the need for speed

listen good mythical morning thank you

for making us a part of your daily

routine and on Thursdays for asking us

to give you advice as this somehow you

have confidence that our advice will be

worth taking it will be it is question

comes from at link Neil's who asks how

do I learn faster how do I learn faster

great question

interesting Twitter handle yeah plural

version of me don't know how I feel

about you just be late meals out there

totally different person I'd like to

meet you link Neil's our names are very

similar there's a trend called speed

listening the trend people people set

things on to X speed for podcasts TED

talks even for college lectures to learn

things quicker real time is for lose

that's right so today we are going to

test out our speed listening skills as

we play once twice three times the

listening speed according to one study

people speak on average about a hundred

and five words per minute but you can

unless you're southern right we are

little but probably are slightly 89 yeah

270 words per minute but so that's what

the average person speaks 105 but then

the average person can comprehend twice

that 210 words for me here's this be

listening Trent that was amazing how do

you have that power

I've been practicing quite a bit I

understood it perfectly yes but it was

done imposed

yes so that's just full disclosure we

have designed to test an experiment if

you will to determine who is the best

speed listener let's get to it

round one okay we've moved the desk over

to give Rhett room to participate first

that's right read lots of room you're

gonna have to test your speed listening

skills first in this first round I have

created a monologue of direction which

then you have to listen to

motionless yes and then once my

Direction is complete then you have to

follow the instructions that I gave you

up to do what I said do and then I'm

gonna grade you based on a number of

points and award a point value hence the

competition the winner of which gets

crowned the speed listening King and

gets a speed karaoke track whoa which

I'm very excited about yeah I hope I win

it Rhett are you ready for me to play

your instructions I guess now just so

you know even though it's 2x and you

should be able to understand it I have

taken a little bit of Liberty to make it

a little bit more interesting and not so

direct in terms of your directions

that's the same thing that I did for you

okay listen up to X speed here we go

hit it there are a lot things posted

just over the Heisman rows on the

Titanic let the final three first not a

football Heisman hold your right hand

until you're on ten now I want you to

throw your left arm out we could go back

to the side we're gonna go with we're

out front we won't be going with next

decide incorporate Rose anybody like

together any forward like it lean over

the whole of it I can't don't worry

that's gotcha finally here's what here's

and you're marking the fall the Rose

close your eyes so you should be that -

oh goodness

that's it really boy I wish you to see a

brain scan and the speed sorry you're

really red but you know what I think I

got most of it I think I heard that I

should take the frisbee and I should put

it under my right arm I also heard that

I should hold up my left hand to the

side I don't know why I'm singing I'm

just excited

I didn't instruct this that's a negative

point hold it out like up it was like

we're good it was like we're gonna do it

up or we're gonna do it out or something

since you already told me there wasn't

out I'm gonna go with up and then I'm

supposed to lean over the edge of the

Titanic and then close my eyes like Rose

because that's what she did this is my

pose the boughs of Rose quick kinda

looks like I'm making a bad symbol so

I'm gonna do a thumbs up

okay I got my my report card here now

hold the pose but you can open your eyes

now so I know that your eyes are closed

I'm gonna give you a check for that but

start at the top holding your frisbee

tucked under your right armpit I'm gonna

give you that even though I'm not

holding it technically you missed the

Heisman part but I didn't say to stand

like Heisman but holding the frisbee was

the Heisman part but I'm still gonna

give it to you because it's under the

right arm left arm you have that up

wrong it was supposed to be out to the

side I said you could go you could go up

down out to the side which we're going

with or not which we're not going with

no but then a second ago when I held it

out to the side you said but that's not

what I instructed so that's why I went

like this so you don't have to give me

that point you were singing he was

saying that he didn't instruct you to

sing oh really okay you could take that

point with I I heard to the side I

thought you told me not just not to hold

my arm out to the side after the

recording was over yeah like you again

advertently given me a clue so you can

take that away but I definitely was this

is what I wanted to do right here this

is what my post was supposed to be but

this is what I did that's what you did

so you don't get a point okay and then

legs together leaning forward I'm giving

that so I'm giving you three out of four

which is pretty great they're trying to

throw me under the bus saying I tricked

you and you would have got four out of

four but you still get three okay three

points for Rhett

Wow - oh okay link I'm gonna do the same

thing for you that you did for me again

I have some instructions for a pose that

you should assume possibly using some of

those items behind you and they are not

very straightforward are you ready ready

hit it

you're a beautiful delicate man link

let's add some power to your flower okay

go make you flabby but stay go make you

a bee so grab that t-bone and hold it in

your t-zone next you need to add some

pounds to your arm out something feels

right about the barbells but we're

getting beefy so let's use the road less

traveled and pick the cowbells pick him

up and hold him above your head to be

powerful you distract a power stance so

let's take as much space as you can

abide and spread them legs extra wide

you wouldn't you like electrical yes so

bend then these and stick out your boobs

cause it work outing squat with us one

okay I know I'm supposed to get a t-bone

steak and some dumbbells but the thing

that confused me was oh my goodness

this is juicy man yeah I'm blood

actually the thing that confused me was

it said take the t-bone steak and put it

in my t-zone which is here go with your

instincts man when I was going through

puberty my mom taught me how to wash my

face she was like you get a lot of oil

in the t-zone yeah right so you want me

to put the steak on my face which is

awesome okay but then I have to hold the

dumbbells it's gonna be tough I think in

both hands I have to hold the dumbbells

I don't know I mean probably mean

there's probably a way to do it I mean I

I mean yeah yeah yeah there you go

oh and this helps me with the squat I

get it yeah all right now hold that

while I hold that while I evaluate it

okay so Linc

it was hold that stake in your teeth

zone that's your your mouth but you know

what you probably moisturize your face

then this hold it was actually cowbell

holes that you supposed to be holding

you know this is going to be easy but I

miscalculated so I'm gonna give you no

points for holding stake no points for a

holding cowbell your legs your legs are

spread wide check and you are squatting

with your butt sticking out so link you

get you don't have to keep doing it now

you're just doing it for yourself you

know that I could do it you can't you

yeah you are capable of doing it but you

got a 50 out of 100 2 out of 4 T zone 3

all right right now we're ramping up to

two and a half speed for my second set

of me totally not physically possible to

do well

it's above the threshold of just normal

understanding okay yes again there's

some there's some things to misdirect

you kind of like cowbell dumbbell yeah

all right you ready hit it right you

want supposed to sitting on the stage on

the floor put your hands where you put

the past behind you that is a little egg

in the air like you just don't care if

you do care because you're decolor

beats me with another reason my friend

yes it's just an air mass no faster that

time okay I think I've got the whole

pose I know there's a clothespin vote he

thinks he has the whole Pole I think I'm

supposed to sit on the ground I think

I'm supposed to put my legs in the air I

think I'm supposed to that clothespin is

doing nothing to impede you smelling

anything my nether regions and I'm

supposed to smell like I just farted

this is my pose score me link sitting on

the floor check legs up in the air check

arms behind you on the floor so I don't

give you that one no really like this oh

that would be a lot easier face pointed

towards the crotch you're all over that

yeah I think that's instinctive for you

and clothespin on your nose even though

it wasn't fully on your nose and you

know it I think that's just a problem

with your nose

so I give you a point so Rhett you did a

great job that's four out of five for

the roaster yeah spit it up again did

you actually - I have since you've been

talking I'll give you an extra point

down boy I gotta say I'm feeling pretty

good about myself if you want to start

speaking to me a double time just in our

regular lives sure be glad to do that I

would try to speak twice as fast like

the Micro Machines man I remember that

guy okay link you are gonna have an

equally complicated pose with a number

of steps at 2.5 times normal speed are

you ready not really hit it link these

tests a bit stressful so why do you take

a moment to relax mister outside world

you don't anything for your ears or nose

we can help with your eyes grab a spot

mask a place it firmly over your eyes

you also need a dress for success

realization success a slight would make

you Slayer but you will need rope whips

rope so grab the rope don't oh your

clothes not sweater was in the selecting

position standing is exhausting laying

down is relaxing a fall asleep so

sitting properly but its annual lame you

should sit in a chair now for a special

treat take your shoes and socks off lift

your feet up high and call the puffle

bath so you get your code easily

okay I'm ready for some relaxation

now I'm gonna all right I'm it so I got

a spa mask which is this and I'm

supposed to be in a chair and then okay

so thrown the spa mask get in the chair

here hold my phone okay

this I'm forgetting what hat what will

you told me after that oh yeah a row huh

where's the road well you don't you only

you can do yeah you can use your eyes

all right that wasn't part of the

instruction okay put on the rope don't

take my clothes off nope

don't take your clothes off but I gotta

take my Bono's off shout-out to Bo we

know you know Bo Bo no speed listening


over here product placement in this here

this here and give you that foot bath a

hundred percent okay I will I will let

you know when we are ready bring it in

I'm nailing it okay

I'm feeling very proud of myself I think

you're gonna have to start speaking to

me at 2.5 times speed softly insert your

feet into the foot bath link proud of

yourself on the side is Vaseline you got

a vast aside to keep those roaches in

there I saw one of them crawling on your

foot and that was what kind of gave it

away huh well no I put my foot down on

five of them and they scatter and then

one went over the top and then I I went

like this I saw that oh man well let me

take a second to grade grade you there

link face me check rub check sitting

check shoes off check feet and foot

baths yes check now you gave me an extra

point in the last round for farting

while you were talking I also farted I'm

a little girl

I did really I was so scared and I saw

the roaches flinch I feel a little

conflicted about that to be honest with

you I'm not gonna give you an extra

point for farting but I am gonna give

you an extra point for putting your feet

into a bath of roaches yeah that means

we tie my friends alright so I think we

know who the real winner is these bugs

and you thank you for liking commenting

and subscribing you know what time it is

hi I'm Sarah from car evil Tennessee

great time to spin the wheel of


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