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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: ENGLISH ADDICT - LESSON 2 - Giving Your Opinion - WAYS OF SAYING 'YES' & 'NO'

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it's a lovely day today here in the UK as you can see the Sun is out and

everything is looking rather nice outside my window today mm-hmm oh that's

better sometimes there is nothing better than

the lovely refreshing slurp of water hello everybody welcome to another

edition of English addict and you are very welcome to join me today

hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today are you ok I

hope so are you happy are you happy I hope you

are happy today do you know why because it's Friday

yes it is Friday and you are more than welcome to join in today on addict this

is lesson number two and I suppose the thought that I want to start with today

is there are so many English words around so many words in the English

language how on earth are we supposed to remember them all well that's the reason

why I am here to make your English learning a little easier especially if

you are like me an English addict so welcome welcome one and welcome all nice

to see so many people here today in today's stream we will talk about yes

and no lots of different ways did you know there are so many ways of saying

yes and no in English many phrases many ways of showing the way you feel about

something whether you agree with it or disagree with it

also today we are talking all about your opinion so we will take a look at an

excerpt from one of my lessons where I talk all about giving your opinion

so the two main topics today are saying yes and no and all the different ways of

expressing it and your opinion coming up a little bit later on now sometimes I

like to talk about business English business English is something that some

people like to learn as a specialist field especially if you are learning a

second language so there are many words in the English language that refer to

what we call specialist fields areas areas of expertise and here is an

interesting word do you know anyone have you ever worked for a person who likes

to micro manage if a person likes to micro manage it means they take care of

everything you do right down to the smallest detail so if a person who is in

charge of you at your company or the place your work sometimes they might

worry too much about the spoiled details of your job they watch everything you do

even down to the smallest things that you do in your day-to-day activity so

sometimes you might come across a person who likes to micro manage so when we say

micro it means small something that is tiny and in this case micro manage means

a person who wants to take care of the small things so sometimes you can get a

manager or a boss who who always fusses they always find themselves being

concerned about the small things they are always watching everything you do

even the smallest moments of time they will they will watch and they will

manage those things so micro manage is a very interesting business word and a

person who does this can be described as a micro manager so they like to take

care of everything the big things the important things and also the small

things as well the insignificant things so a little bit later on we are talking

all about ways of saying yes and no you might be surprised by how

many ways there are to say yes and no in English so we have the live chat

oh hello to the live chat nice to see you here

so let's take a quick look at the live chat oh hello there hello grace chin

guess what you are first on today's live chat and as usual I will give you a

super duper big Friday round of applause

today I am doing something that I haven't done for a long time ok can you

guess what it is something I haven't done on the livestream for a very long

time if you can guess what it is I will do it even if you can't guess I will

still do it so what do you think I will be doing today something I haven't done

for a very long time on the live stream if you have been watching me for many

years you will know maybe what it is perhaps so hello - grace what am i doing

today I'm doing something during today's live stream that I haven't done for a

long time something we are doing for the first time today we are actually

broadcasting the live stream in Full HD

are you impressed so today we we are trying something different we are

actually broadcasting today in full high-definition at 60 frames per second

so I am really pushing the boundaries of live-streaming today never done it

before never tried it before so we are going to see how that works

hello Darla Darla hello Darla Darla nice to see you here today is it your first

time on the live chat if it is your first time please say mr. Duncan it's my

first time on the live chat Louie Louie is here also Luis ping Yeol

hello Luis pinyon nice to see you here as well

Caterina is watching in Belarus thank you very much for joining me

Mika Thank You Mika for staying up until very late in Japan so I do appreciate it

I know for some people it is very late where you are whilst for others it is

very early hello - Hiroko nice to see you back again business win watching

in Vietnam can I just mention something a little bit serious one or two of you

have been writing to me asking me to make some comments on the terrible

events that happened a few days ago where a number of people were found dead

in the back of a refrigerated lorry can I just say I don't really want to start

talking about that on the live stream because well first of all the

investigation is in the early stages and also I don't feel as if it is an

appropriate thing to talk about but I do thank you for your interest and you are

also asking for my comments there is not much I can say about the situation

to be honest except it's a terrible event it's awful and I send my condolences to everyone watching in Vietnam

palmyra is here hello nice to see you back here

today as well blues bird Linna or Lena hello to you as well there is a great

game you can play by the way now I know a lot of teachers watch my live streams

and my English lessons there is a great game that you can play in the classroom

and it's called the yes/no game the yes/no game and it's a great game that

you can play with your students now here is how you play it here is how you play

the yes/no game what you do is you ask general questions to a student or one

person in the classroom and they have to answer all of the questions without

saying yes or no it sounds easy but in fact it isn't and it's a great way of

improving a student's vocabulary and also getting them to think quickly in

English so it is called the yes/no game and you can play it with anyone so what

you normally do is ask them general questions questions where the answer

might be yes or no but they have to answer the question without saying

either of these words so it's a great game and it's also a great way of

sharpening a person's use of English and that's what we're talking about a little

bit later on flower hello flower nice to see you blooming

here on the livestream again did you see what I did there

hello too Babloo also shahriar hello mr. Duncan I am happy to be one of your

people who love to learn and improve their English thank you very much I hope

you are okay Mohamed says I have been following you for more than five years

Wow I hope I hope you are having a good day

Omar hello Omar Omar I have to tell you something now you are far too smart well

don't Omar you have guessed correctly the thing that I haven't done for a long

time hello Belarus er oh nice to see you here as well

I didn't spot you on the livestream why do you put time on the livestream

anymore do you mean why don't you put the time I will be honest with you I

will be very honest with you I've decided to take the clock away from this

because when people watch it on the replay they think that it's live so I've

decided to take the clock away completely so there is no clock on the

screen anymore which i think is a good idea it's also a little bit distracting

I think so I've taken the clock away even though I can say now it is 19

minutes past two o'clock in the UK on a Friday afternoon

but I've taken the clock away so people don't think that the stream is actually

live whilst they're watching so highly Cuong I hope that answers your question

sufficiently Oh sufficient sufficient means enough if you have enough of

something it means it is sufficient it is suitable it is enough for you so I

hope my answer was sufficient I hope my answer was enough for you Ivan

let's play Anna Friday is the best day of the week now that there is a mr.

Duncan live stream yes there are let me just show you if I can find it there are

some lesson times for those who don't know yet

English addict live will be with you on Sunday Wednesday and also Friday from 2

p.m. UK time so you can actually catch my live streams three times a week

Sunday Wednesday and also Friday as well I will be with you for those three days

every week right up until the end of the year

hello mirela hello also to Paula watching in Colombia hello Paula nice to

see you here hello Katarina

hello Katarina nice to see you here I love the live lessons me too I'll be

honest with you I always feel a little bit excited before I do my live stream I

don't know what it is but it gives me a real rush of adrenaline my adrenaline is

going all around my body and it makes me feel very excited you might say that I

am addicted to the feeling just like English so if you are in English addict

you are in the right place so we have the mystery idiom

would you like to see today's mystery idiom here it is so this is a simple

question you have to guess what the idiom is from looking at the picture so

here is the mystery idiom for today that is today's mystery and there it was

mystery idiom if you think you know what it is please let me know if you don't

know what it is have no fear because I will give you the answer at the end of

the live chat so today we are talking about all sorts of things including and

this is something that I want to mention today opinion when we talk about a

person's opinion it is their thought or their idea on a certain subject or about

a certain topic so when we talk about a person's opinion we are talking about

their feelings the way you feel so an opinion might also be a point of view so

your point of view is an opinion and of course you can have a point of view

about anything and at the moment here in the UK people are making their opinion

known about certain subjects because we have a very big event taking place next

month here in the UK hello also to Muhammad again my goodness

I missed 20 minutes of the livestream I gave it a reminder but it did not notify

me can I just say if you do want to follow my live streams

scribe and also make sure that you activate the notifications so YouTube

will tell you when my livestream will be on however you can also make a note of

these days and also time Sunday Wednesday Friday 2:00 p.m. UK time

English addict live with me and Who am I I hear you say my name is

mr. Duncan and I live in England and have been teaching English on YouTube it

feels like forever however it has only been 13 years shall we have a look in

the garden because the birds are very busy today even though at the moment

they're not there because I think they might be camera shy but earlier the

birds were all on the bird feeder however now the camera is turned on

they've all gone away so we'll check in with the birds a little bit later on

meanwhile we are now going to have a look at an excerpt from one of my

English lessons where I talk all about a subject that I think is a good subject

to actually examine closely a person's opinion so when we talk about an opinion

what we are actually doing is asking a person what they think about something

their actual opinion so here is part one of my lesson all about giving your


hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today are you ok I

hope so are you happy I hope so

in today's lesson we will look at a major part of our way of thinking which

has the ability to both join and divide societies around the world from small

groups of people to whole nations in this lesson we will talk about giving

your opinion

what do you think the world opinion means the individual or personal view

about something it is your own thought and because of this it does not have to

be based on any fact or knowledge opinion is usually based on your own

idea and how you view that particular subject or situation an opinion is

normally based on two things what you know and the things you have experienced

of course knowing something does not mean that your opinion is correct the

thing you think you know could have come from someone who is also wrong so saying

that your opinion is right because you heard it from another person does not

necessarily mean that it is correct when expressing what you think about

something you give your view you offer your opinion you tell us what you

believe you tell it as it is you tell us what you think you give your two cents

this expression is mainly used in the USA

when two or more people are sharing their opinions we call this a debate or

a discussion of course in this situation the people involved will not have the

same opinion each person will disagree and challenge each other with their own

personal view sometimes discussions or debates can become charged with strong

emotions and the people involved may at times become angry we call this a heated

debate the subject or topic they are talking about may be hard to accept or

agree on the subject can be described as a hot topic there are many hot topics

around things which people find difficult to agree on in some situations

we may not agree with each other while in others we may share the same opinion

and all agree unanimously if we cannot agree on something then we may end the

debate and simply agree to disagree

there are many ways of defining opinion it's your opinion your point of view

your angle your belief your conviction your feeling your idea your sentiment

your standpoint your take your thought your viewpoint the way you see it hmm

this chicken is dead sometimes the opinion of a professional person will be

needed for example during a criminal court trial this person will give

evidence based on their professional experience they are usually referred to

as an expert witness experts are very useful because their opinion can be

trusted a doctor may be asked to give their medical opinion especially during

an investigation into a suspicious death

who dma where has that chicken gone

jazz hands we're talking jazz hands wave those happy jazz hands

all day long hello there and welcome I hope you enjoyed that part one of our

two-part look at giving your opinion and part two will be coming a little bit

later on would you believe that there are many ways of saying yes and no in

English there are many ways of saying it you might not believe me but it is true

so for example let's take a look at yes first of all there are many ways of

saying yes in English and we are going to look at them right now here's an

interesting way of saying yes yep yep so this is a informal way a very informal

way of saying yes so you might agree with someone you might say yes you might

allow someone to do something you will say yes you can also say yep yep instead

of yes so this is informal it isn't formal so never use this if you are in a

formal situation such as a job interview so something where you must show your

best side so yep is often used informally

sure sure we also can say sure no problem

yes yes sure so you might ask a person if you can borrow their car or maybe see

them tomorrow or maybe you want to do something with them at a later date

would you like to go to the park with me next weekend sure yes

so that is a great way of giving a lively polite response when we want to

say yes we can say sure I am sure no problem

yes abso lutely I wonder if anyone got that reference I wonder if anyone got

that little reference I made them absolutely absolutely

yes another way of saying yes agreeing with something maybe you allow a person

to do something borrow something maybe you agree with someone's opinion

absolutely absolutely so something you hear that you agree with absolutely I

agree with what you say yes yes you are right

absolutely so you are saying yes you are giving your agreement you are saying


another one a very useful one of course of course may I borrow your car may I

use your pen of course of course yes you can it's fine of course so if

you want to say yes if you want to agree with something if you want to allow a

person to do something maybe you agree with them you can say of course of

course now sometimes you can start a sentence with of course I do that quite

often so sometimes you will hear me say of course the Sun doesn't come out every

day of course it isn't always raining here in England so in that respect of

course means obviously something that is obvious of course it doesn't rain here

every day of course I don't go to bed late every

night it is something that is obvious something that happens and most people

are aware of it of course yes you can another one which is very useful

that's fine that's fine that's okay I agree that's fine fine so quite often

we will use the word fine to mean good maybe a person will ask how you're

feeling today are you ok today I'm fine I'm fine

things are fine and if you agree with someone or maybe you say yes to

something then we can say fine that's fine no problem no problem at all if you

say yes to something

you give your approval if you approve of something you give your approval you say

yes you give it your approval so to say yes to something to agree to something

or agree with something you give your approval so this is a way of describing

the action of saying yes if you allow something to happen if you say yes to

something you give your approval sometimes when a girl meets a boy quite

often they will go to visit each other's parents and quite often they are looking

for the parents approval they want to make sure that the parents like the

boyfriend or the girlfriend they need their approval so the go-ahead so we

often say go ahead approval you allow something to continue you give your

approval you say yes okay that's fine I agree yes your girlfriend seems rather

lovely your boyfriend seems rather polite I give my approval when we

approve of something we give it the green light so this is something you

might hear used in business again in business English you might hear that a

project or something that is planned has been given the green light so if you

give something the green light it means it has been approved someone has said

yes okay go ahead no problem they will give it the green

light they have said yes to something this can also be used as a verb as well

so you can green light something if you green light something it means you give

it your approval you say yes so that is actually the action so green light can

mean the action of approving or the actual approval itself so you green

light something you give it the go-ahead you say yes sure you can build that new

apartment over there we have given it the green light and finally with the yes

go ahead you give something the go-ahead you allow something to happen you give

it your approval once again go ahead no problem I agree you are fine

I approve go ahead no problem so if you say go ahead or maybe you will give

someone the go-ahead so that is a phrase that means to allow a person to continue

with what it is they are doing you say go ahead go ahead you can go ahead with

your plans you can go ahead with your vacation you can start your holiday go

ahead I approve it is fine by me back to the live chat as we continue today by

the way if you want to get in touch you are more than welcome to get in touch

there are many ways to get in touch with me and on your screen right now you will

see some of those lovely magical ways of getting in touch with me

so now there is no excuse whatsoever

there is no reason for not knowing how to get in touch there are many ways of

getting in touch with me for those who want to see the mystery idiom if you

missed it we are now having the mystery idiom in our live streams and here is

today's mystery idiom there it was hello - I've earned hello also - Jeremy hello

Jeremy Smith it's very nice to see you here today

Louie Louie you can give a thumbs up to mean yes so this is actually an action

that shows your approval and this is something that's been around for many

years it's school me and my friend we used to

go around saying you're right are you all right as a joke so that always

reminds me of my school days where when my friend

and also I used to go around saying you're I a you I are you alright so yes

it is a great way of showing your approval or maybe you can use it as a

friendly greeting as well like I did its school are you alright hello professor

Duncan oh I'm not sure about professor but I do appreciate your your kindness

and also my sudden promotion in the world of English this is English addict

every week you can catch me and I will be with you for those who aren't sure

because this is something new I've started Sunday Wednesday and Friday

so I will be back with you on Sunday from 2:00 p.m. UK time for those who are

wondering what is going on Christina hello Christina you are late but it's ok

better late than never that's what I say Oh Rafi hello Rolfie I see Rafi is also

a little bit late you are however don't worry because you can watch all of this

again later on at your convenience when you have time I am late I wish that

there was an app that could slap me in the face every time there is an English

live stream instead of just the notification yes I think YouTube's

notifications don't always work very well I agree with you there

definitely hello AJ AJ pan ciao hello AJ please sir can you say my name

I will say your name and also I will give you a round of applause because I

think it might be your first time here so well done AJ

I imagine when you woke up this morning you didn't realize that some strange guy

on the Internet was going to give you a round of

applause did you I don't think so no in the garden let's see if the birds have

arrived yet are there any birds what are you kidding where were the birds they've

all disappeared I don't know why come on birds

wellyou're where are you I have my lovely live camera but there's no birds

oh well maybe later well that was a big fat waste of time wasn't it

Hindustani says hello to you thank you very much also to highly Kwang John Sena

says I am also new here hello John nice to see you here as well

this is a lot of excitement for a Friday afternoon I have to be honest with you I

rarely though so we have the mystery idiom please show us the mystery idiom

again okay then here is the mr. mystery idiom it is a mystery idiom all you have

to do is say what you see and that's it so there it is the mystery idiom for

those who want to see it there it was we are now going to take a

look at part two of our lesson all about giving your opinion and this is

something that we like to do sometimes we like to give our opinion we like to

express what we are thinking up here in our brains it may seem strange to some

people but there are times when an opinion must not be given a good example

of this is the way in which news is reported on television personal opinions

and views must not be expressed by the news reader the news must be reported in

an unbiased way and the people who edit the news stories must be impartial they

cannot make any personal comment or express their opinions at all

there are many situations where a debate or an exchange of opinions can take

place in government there are many debates which are held in order to allow

people to have their opinions and points of view expressed openly this is

commonly known as politics the basic principle of politics is to express

these different points of view in an organized way each group is called a

party and in turn they represent the various opinions of the population in

politics the main division between these different opinions is normally very

clear to simplify this we divide political opinion into two areas left

and right on the far right you have the extreme opinions and ideas far-right

politics tend to be brutal and tough as we move to the middle then these

opinions soften and as we move to the left then the ideas and opinions become

more open and less harsh of course it would be fair to say that over the years

extreme views and opinions have existed on both the left and right generally

speaking far-right political thinking is no longer viewed as acceptable history

has shown that this form of opinion achieves very little most politics these

days can be described as moderate especially when talking about the right

wing these days we tend to use the words conservative to describe the right and

liberal to describe the left in the USA the Democrat Party is seen as liberal or

center-left and the Republican Party is seen as

being conservative or center-right here are some words connected to giving

your opinion discussion to talk about a particular subject you discuss something

topic a subject the thing you are discussing the theme of the discussion

debate a conversation involving people with opposite or differing opinions

stalemate when both sides of a debate or discussion cannot reach any agreement

dialogue the words spoken in the debate the words which have been said or those

that must be used the action of talking common ground the parts of a debate that

both sides decide to agree on having an opinion about something is what makes

you and me the people we are we may not always agree with each other but the

fact that we are talking is an important one communication and dialogue help to

break down the walls that divide us the English language gives us a chance to

share our opinions and put forward our thoughts and ideas we may agree to

disagree but at least we are talking as I always say the one thing we all have

in common on this planet is our individuality and as long as we keep

talking and sharing our opinions then there is hope for all of us

what do you think there it was part two of giving your opinion it's live English

addict for a Friday I hope you will have a good weekend we are coming towards the

end of today's livestream we have around about 15 maybe 10 or 15 minutes left

quite a few people I want to say hello to mr. Duncan

if mr. Duncan won't show it again or won't answer your question you can watch

again and catch it oh I see Ivan says in Russia the left are the Communists and

the right are liberal I suppose it depends where about you are in the world

now in that video I did mention left and right politics and also center politics

however I do remember when I first published that lesson I had a lot of

complaints from people who said that I was giving my opinion in fact I wasn't I

was just stating the basics of giving your opinion and I suppose the political

spectrum as we often see it so that's it really I was not giving my opinion for

those who are wondering rocky burr is here hello Raqib apparently it is

thundering and oh it is actually light rain at the moment so not heavy rain

light rain I like light rain I don't like heavy rain do you think it

is good if we have an English addiction I think English addiction is pretty good

because then your English will improve very quickly so look at me I have been

an English addict for over half a century and look how good my English is

every day I like to use my English Shh Pat choo is here oh hello it looks

like you are a little bit late today Ralphie says I do like the USA political

debates the less debates between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were very

interesting I think political debates can be interesting as long as there is

some substance however what I've noticed these days with many political debates

is that people say very little so a lot of it has no meaning we call that

rhetoric so a lot of politics nowadays is just about making pot making promises

that you won't keep or making the future look brighter than it will be and quite

often we will talk about the quest being worse than it actually was

so I think sometimes politics is a good thing I think it is very good and

healthy to have the ability to express your opinions I think that is a very

good thing whatever side of the political spectrum you happen to sit

Christina says I do like the freedom of expression unfortunately nowadays it is

easy to watch TV and understand sometimes that reports are manipulated

if you manipulate something it means you change the appearance or the meaning of

something you do things that make one thing seem like another thing so it can

happen quite often in television you might see things being manipulated I

like that word yamato is here hello yamato nice to meet you nice to see you

here as well is it your first time yamato i have a

feeling that it is can i say congratulations and welcome to my live stream

another very surprised viewer did you think that you would be getting applause

when you woke up this morning bib larper are there any chicks out there do I

count I'm a bit of a chick at least I was maybe maybe a chick magnet hello

Louie Louie politics nowadays is more communication than opinion I suppose so

here in the UK we are preparing for a general election so lots of politicians

at the moment are wandering around trying to get us to vote for them hello

said ji said ji asked can you say hello to my girlfriend a big hello to surges

girlfriend what is your girlfriend's name so I can

say hello to your girlfriend personally hello to yamato again Mohammed says my

country has a presidential election this month in Sri Lanka I think so yes there

are many elections taking place around the world as I mentioned a few days ago

in October I mentioned that politics and the political situation around the world

is very chaotic at the moment so we have some words that mean no and that is what

we are talking about today we are talking about uses of the word yes and

no so here is one way of saying no if you don't want to do something if you

disagree with something if you want to show that you do not agree you can say

no way no way if you say no way you are actually saying no no way

I'm not doing that no way so quite often we will put forward our feelings in a

very strong way when we say this we are saying no strongly no way there is no

way that you're over 50 mr. Duncan no way so you might say also that this is a

way of showing that you refuse something or maybe you don't believe something you

say no way I'm sorry my answer is no definitely not no way no way another way

of saying no is I don't think so I don't think so again you are putting your

opinion across quite strongly I don't think so

do you want to marry me I don't think so shall we get together

and have a relationship and be together for the rest of our lives I don't think

so so this is a very strong way of getting across your refusal to do

something or maybe a very strong way of saying no I don't think so if you are

very sure you can say definitely not definitely not so again you are putting

your feelings forward strongly definitely not would you like to go out

with me maybe we can go for dinner tonight at a beautiful restaurant and

then maybe you can come back to my place and we can have a cup of coffee together

definitely not so that is a very blunt way a very blunt way of saying no

definitely not here's a good one this is often used in a humorous way not

on my watch not on my watch so in this sense the word watch means whilst I am

around whilst I am involved so the thing I am doing if I am connected to this

thing in some way not on my watch that is definitely not going to happen not on

my watch so maybe I am working at a supermarket and I am the guard in the

supermarket and someone might come up to me and say excuse me have you ever let a

shoplifter out of the shop without catching them and I will reply with not

on my watch it never happens I always catch them I always catch the

shoplifters if you are thinking of coming into my shop to steal things

my advice is think again think again that means reconsider your opinion

reconsider the thing the you are you are thinking about doing reconsider your

intention think again I don't think so no way think again so maybe you have the

wrong opinion or the wrong answer I will ask you to think again

not on your Nelly I love this one so this is one you might hear in British

English a person who is saying no quite often in a humorous way so this sounds

funny doesn't it it sounds funny so not on your Nelly it means that's never

going to happen no way I'm not going to do this not on your Nelly would you like

to come with me to a beautiful tropical island for a long vacation we can spend

all of the time together and you might reply not on your Nelly no way it's not

going to happen another reply might be not in a million years this is never

going to happen no way no it's not going to occur it's never going to happen

anything you ask I will always say no it will never

change my opinion will not change and I will never say yes to anything that you

ask not in a million years it is never going to happen

another strong way of saying no not a chance in hell not a chance in hell

no chance no definitely not I am sure that it won't happen there is not a

chance in hell that I will ever marry you oh here's a good one I like this one

no way Jose no way Jose definitely not so this again is humorous it is a

humorous way of saying no definitely not no way Jose it's definitely not

happening so when we say no we will turn down something quite often if you have

something offered to you you might say yes and you will accept or you might say

no and you will turn down the offer so when you turn down something it means

you say no you refuse the offer you turn down the offer

maybe someone offers you a job at their company but you think that the salary

isn't very high so you turn down the offer you turn down the job interview

you turn down their offer you say no

sometimes when you say no you have to be very harsh or blunt but sometimes you

have to say no in a polite way and one way to say no in a polite way is

I'm afraid not I'm afraid not so this is a polite way a

nice way a kind way gentle polite sometimes being polite is very important

so here is a very polite way of saying no I'm afraid not sorry mr. Duncan I

don't want to go on a date with you I'm afraid not it's never going to happen

so there are some ways of saying no and earlier you saw some ways of saying yes

we will be going soon although we do have just enough time to give the answer

to today's mystery idiom so here it is so the mystery idiom to give you a clue

this is something that is positive so even though the picture looks negative

it's actually a positive phrase and here comes the answer right now are you ready

I wish I had a drumroll but I don't I have a chicken roll and a cheese roll

but unfortunately I don't have a drumroll here it is the answer to

today's mystery idiom

in the pink ah you see so the man is in the pink

so you see you you just say what you see on the picture so the phrase is in the

pink and the meaning of this phrase is to feel healthy and fit a person who

looks well and in good spirits can be described as being in the pink so there

it was today's mystery idiom and on Sunday there will be another mystery

idiom coming your way as well it is almost time for me to go thank you for

your company today I hope it's been useful sometimes we have to use our no

power to protect our integrity hmm I think so or maybe your honor

so sometimes saying no isn't easy it isn't easy to say no sometimes saying no

can be one of the hardest things to do I think so it can be very difficult to do

thank you to Rosa thank you also to my farts tastes like latex says hello hello

to you as well very nice I am feeling in the pink thank you very much - mica

Thank You mica that's lovely thank you pat chew thank you also to

Maria not on your Nelly I don't understand the word Nelly

then the word Nelly is actually a word that is used as a name for a lady so a

lady can be called Nelly it is actually a very old-fashioned name so there

aren't many women called Nelly anymore however there is a rap star a

rap artist called Nelly so there and also there is a song

about an elephant called Nelly the elephant and Nelly the

elephant packed her trunk and said goodbye to the jungle off she went with a

trumpet e Trump Trump Trump Trump and the song goes on and on...

I'm going now thank you know Amy Thank You Khaled Thank You Hiroko thank you

very much for your company today I am back on Sunday here are the lesson times

Sunday Wednesday Friday 2 p.m. UK time those are the times where I'm on YouTube

I will be back on Sunday I hope you've had a good time I wonder if the birds

have arrived let's have a look oh there is one bird a nuthatch hello mister

nuthatch oh he's gone and that's it it's almost time for me to

go thank you hi thank you my mag Ilya thank you also to grace thank you very

much for your company today this is mr. d'Ancona in the birthplace

of English saying thanks for watching me it's been lovely having you here today I

hope you've enjoyed it and I will be back with you on Sunday as well so don't

forget I'm back on Sunday from 2 p.m. UK time and I think also on Sunday

mr. Steve might be here as well so mr. Steve might be here I'm not sure at the moment

but mr. Steve should be here on Sunday and of course you know what's coming

next until we meet again here on the YouTube

ta ta for now 8-)

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