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BHEEMILI KABADI JATTU [Bheemili Kabadi Team]





Catch him Don't let him go

Bell is ringing, let's go.

We are going to school But he is going home.

play Kabadi all time!

You don't care for anything..

And don't you care to go to school?

No use advising you

Won't you do good in studies if you go on time to study?

Mom, how many times I've told you not to apply oil while eating?

Yes, talk back at me all the time!

You'll go to play in the early morning!

You're coming when the bell rings and don't even dine properly!

It's all my fate. I thought to make you study well

But you didn't listen my words.

Stop! I am calling only you

Why don't you listen to me?

Get money and go.

Look the smile when it comes to money.

-See you mom. -Come, I'll drop you at school

-Come early for lunch -Ok.

-Hey, your bag. -See you dad.

5 X 1=5

5 X 2=10

-Give it. -I won't give.

-Give. -I won't.


-What happened? -He has broken my slate.

Ok, your uncle has come

Your mom asked you to come there.

-I won't go -You go.

-I will buy it later -My dad will hit me

-I'm not coming. uncle -Why?

-I'm not coming -My slate is broken. Dad will beat me

-He won't beat you -I won't come

-I won't come -Listen to me!

-Your dad will not hit you, come -I won't come

Suri! See! What your dad has done!


Our son has come! Wake up and see!


Dear, careful! Our son may feel giddy.



Greetings Sir.

Just now I came to know

How will you bring up your son in this situation?

Take this money, send your son to farm.

He will be with us and we'll take care him.

-Sir! -Don't talk anything. Take it

Henceforth you don't worry about anything.

Is Kabadi so vital that you left the goats to feed?

-Will you go to play Kabadi? -I won't go

Damn it. Already the road is worst. He's adding to it by grazing the goats.

Who is he? He seems crazy to me.

Is this your dad's road or dad's? Take your goats to the side.

Don't scold him.

He is the son of Kittu who died recently

Stopping studies, he shepherding for lack of opportunity.

So pity he is. I scolded unknowingly.

-Uncle! -What Suri?

-Careful! -Ok.

-Uncle, bye -Bye

Suri has come. Go and see him.

Heard that the landlord bashed you since you let the goats graze in farmland!

Today the goats won't graze in farmland.

-What? -My lover Devi came to me. -Then..

-She took me to the temple. -What did you do then?

-She held my hands. -After holding?

She told me to study to become a teacher. She too wanted to do the same.

Is that it?

-She gave me rice cake and jaggery. -Did she give you after licking it?

What happened next?

I got after looking around.

Suddenly her dad is behind me

-What happened next? -Devi got down a bus with a child on her hip!

Her hubby went to our Suraiah's shop to have a puff.

Seeing me she came near and spoke to me. She asked me 'how are you'!

She offered me a rice cake too I got it from her

-I've a doubt. -What?

Her son was standing with us whose name is Balaji.

I observed him closely.

Have you observed pinching him? With what?

Fool! Listen what I say.

He is listening. You continue.

He exactly resembles me in his appearance!

How is it possible?

We have to ask you that question!

Buddy, ladies are coming!

Keep walking fast, ladies!

Sit down!

Are you still thinking of her?

I forgot her after her sister attained puberty!

If Devi's sister gets down the bus with a child, how will you react?

Last night I had fish curry, buddy!

You don't need to tell that you had fish curry

I can smell it here. Nonsense!

Someone is coming

She is an old lady. Sit. She can't see properly

She can't see this side

Hey papamma son. I know you.

My ears are sharp like a snake

I can hear though I can't see.

Enter into the village, I'll see you there!

This is the situation of this village!

Kidding and ruffling are born traits of the people of this land!

He.. his mom named him as paidithalli

His job is breaking stones.

He is newly married. He likes his wife very much

His only hobby is nothing but gluttony!

-Go fast! Why are you doing slowly? -He is Sekar.

He inherited this quick temperedness and this rice mill from his father.

He's a quick tempered to the level that he himself doesn't know why he's so like that

Why he is there?

He is Sekar's companion Ganesan.

He catches fish in the sea and sells in the market.

Hey pig! Wake up. It dawned long back!

-Go mom! -Did you think he woke up?

He just changed his place. That's it.

Daily he is doing like this

He wakes up, drinks tea and lies down.

Again he continues the same work.

Don't think that he does this only on Sundays. Not like that

Daily he will do like this. Fool!

Hold it correctly Come to me I'll teach the work

He is Devudu who is fixing the fuse.

He is working as a temporary wireman in EB.

Did you see? Sun will give light in day time I'll give light in night time

-Ok, I accepted. -It has gone

He is a temporary electrician, isn't it?

That's why power also comes temporarily.

He is Ammoru.

He doesn't have brains But he is fat.

This the only petty shop in that place

So he has much cholesterol

-pour oil for 1 rupee. -Oil for one rupee?

Isn't there a vessel bigger than this?

Shut up. Give me as much as you can

Are you giving me free of cost?

Making a hole to the measure, you developed your belly as well as the shop

Give me you old lady!


He's Dhanaraj, a financier of this town!

Just now I've opened the shop! I will give you tomorrow!

-Don't tell like this. -It won't work out on him

He behaves both like Karna while lending and like a thug while collecting

This is the matter! All guys are from this same place

But they do different work!

Kabadi is the one thing that unites them.

Kabadi is like a battle ground to them

They love kabadi very much!

They've not even won a soap box in this game by playing out of town till now.

people mock at them that they can play but can't win in the game

pity, they dream that they would win someday.

Isn't life too same like this?

..So their game is continuing!

Thagarapuvalasa got 4 points Bheemili got no point

See, how our players are playing!

Hey Ammoru!

Can't you look behind you?

He has gone like a man but he is out

Let's what he'll do? He too is out

Time is up. Let's see what will they do.

Catch him

Thagarapuvalasa guy is going in

Hey Ammoru..

Thagarapuvalasa got 19 points and Bheemili got 1 point

Go that side

They played well and got the point

-Brother! -What?

-Shall I play? -What? Will you play?

Don't see how they are playing. Shut up and sit.

Bheemili got only one point

In the last minute of the game, Thagarapuvalas player is coming for raid

He has out the captain

Thagarapuvalasa got a freak victory over Bheemili

-Not that. He's come from that side -You should have caught him

This guy is standing crazy by not coming to my support in spite of my signaling.

Why do you stretch your leg in the corner, are they coming to fall at your feet?

Coming to the centre, he is kicking, but you guys are just witnessing.

-The referee is standing to their support, -Don't chew on the past

We've to win over this same team in the coming fete!

Why, is it not enough of our defeats?

Do you want to get disgraced by playing in our town?

Then whom should we call?

Don't you know about Uppada team?

Whenever they're called they would come and lose decently!

We'll call them for the coming fete. We can both win and walk around proudly!

What do you say? Shall we call them?

Why are you staring at me like this?

I've said what I know, it's your wish!

What he says is right.

We'll call Uppada team for this fete.

This is to announce that since our town fete and pongal fete coincides this time..

..none should leave the town till it gets over is this order from the panchayat.

-Greetings Sir. -Take it, Ramaiah

-Distribute among yourselves. -Long live!

-Ok. -Come

-Mom, Prakash is coming from the town. Cook lunch for him too. -Ok.

I'm going to the fete. Butcher will give 2 kilo mutton

Get it and give it to mom, and take care of the farm

I'm keeping on talking, but you're standing like a crazy!

You wanted to go to the fete. Won't he too desire to attend the fete?

Fine, but who'll care over the farm if he too goes to the fete?

It's ok. I'll take care of the farm, allow him to go.

Ok! You go to the fete

Ok sir

Come on!

Have you seen him?

He doesn't even have a full mustache!

He is trying to overtake the bus? See, how it goes now?

Brother! He has come

Come man! Come buddy!

-Brother.. -Come!

He has come

Come buddy! Come fast!

Come buddy! Come like that

Brother he has come..

Go.. That's it

Why did you leave him brother?

-Stop. -Are you challenging me? You have defeated.

You have won

Why brother, did you apply brake at last?

Look he has won now.

Leave it man, let him win.

How many vehicles have we tried to overtake during our childhood?

Look the happiness in his face. That is enough for me

-Bye mom. -Eat some hot Idly and go.

-Come, let's go. -Stop..

-Eat some and go dear. -I'll return and eat.

Just now my son came. He did allow him to eat even a mouthful of food, idiot!

You eat well and grow fat!

Why do you make your mom scold me on a good day?

You could have had your grub

Not this. I meant scolds!

-Where're you going? -To the fete, gramps.

Wait a minute I will come.

Fine, didn't you go to play a match at Thagarapuvalasa, what happened?

We lost the match by 1 point!

Bheemili got defeated by 26 points

You win and bring a cup before I die!

I'll die after seeing that!

After next match we should at least borrow a cup,

else none here would respect us!

It's a good chance! And lucky chance!

Let's see the daily..

It is filled with death news everywhere

Look at him,

He's having tea by preparing it himself.

-Hey pentiga! -When did you come?

I came yesterday!

Why do you drink your own tea in your tea shop?

What should I say?

Female dominance!

Who in my family obeys me, none would come to shop on a good day. My fate!

-Who? -My aunt!

Some people face hardship out of house but I face it in house

Sit. Fine, have some tea.

-No, come let's go -Where?

-To fete! -To fete?

-Wait a minute. I'll ask my wife and come. -Ok, come soon.

My honey, guys are calling me to the fete.

I will go and come. please allow me to go

Want to go? Look at your face!

Why should you go? Are you a rich guy?

Like a cock that is used to roam around the village..

..I want you to roam around this place without staying in the house

Bugger! She sucks my blood by staying here

I will go and come Give me permission!

-Ok, go and come quick -Ok dear!

She is sitting like a rock

It will be good if her death news come in newspaper!

-Before his arrival.. -Bring doll for our children -Ok.

-Shall we go? -Are you fine?

Yes, I am fine.

-How are you? -I am fine. -Dad..

Dad, I will also come with you

I have problems with her inside and outside with them

Go and take a bath

Did you have fully?

You are spoiled our business. Give it to me.

Take it Don't tell to her!

You go. Fete has started. Come.

-Don't push me -Serve me.

-I am telling you! -Go away. -Don't hit me.

I will give it to all! Don't fight! I'll give it to all!

Don't fight! Listen to me!

I didn't see you yesterday!

He is also not seen

Keep quiet! When you are here how can I get the chance?

He is fond for food but not for bed

You are always like this!

Take care your children and gold

pickpockets are here

You are a smart guy!

Come Prakash why didn't you come 2 days ahead?

-Are you fine dear? -I'm fine brother.

Today morning only I told your mom on your coming. Lunch is there

-How is mom? -She is fine.

You look old with grown tummy!

-You too have grown bald! -I won't accept one thing

-Which one? -About growing old!

Haven't you stopped of your kidding?

Sir, you're called to start the competition.

Go, I'll come.

Bag hopping competition

Though they are children they play well

During this fete, next is cycle race

-Give your cycle. -I want it.

-I want to go to the garden -Adjust now.

-Only once. -Listen to me. I want to go to garden -Go away

-Go away! -You..

Go back!

Look at pentigadu!

Dear! Look there!

Blow the whistle!

Crazy fellow! Look there!

It is slow race but not speed race

That's why your aunt scolds you daily!

Fat guy and glutton have started

Oh God! My leg!

Bring the food fast, I'm hungry.

What's the hurry within I bring?

Hesitating to have food in morning, are you now very hungry?

Don't keep talking, serve food.

How many time should I tell you not to serve it whole since it strikes

-I've taken. -What did you take?

Take it.. It remains same!

What youngster are you if you don't take this quantity? Eat well.

I prepared chicken curry because you like it.

-Come buddy. Just wait -Don't let her scold me like this morning!

You could have cooked the meat well.

Last time you asked me to half cook it, but now you complain it the other way!

Enough, you yourself eat it!

Why are you washing your hands?


The girl you marry will feed whatever she wishes

You'll realize my goodness then when you gulp the food like a blind hen!

Let's see when it happens!

You come only rarely from the farm.

Why do you find fault when your mom cooks meat and serves it with fondly?

How sad would she feel? I'm asking you only!

My mom always takes old rice and onion.

She buys some meat only when I come.

If I value it, she'll serve all the meat and have only the savoury for herself!

That's why I told like that.

-Forgive me buddy. -It's ok.

-You go forward, I'll join you. -Ok.

Dad, why do you get troubles in this age? -Its ok, I'll bring it.

Give it, move away.

Don't smoke here.

I am suffocating because of your smoking.

Ok, give the money.

You fool!

-What is this? -50 paise for this beedi

Why are you giving 50 paise instead of 1 rupee?

You only told that you inhale what I smoke. That's why.

Are you kidding?

No, it is chilli chutni

-Fool! When did you start selling guava fruit? -Don't touch them. Go.

-Why are you here? -I came to smoke here

-Where are you going? -I am going to fete. Will you come with me?

No, I've some work with him

-You go. I'll come later. -Ok

What did you say about me to parvathy?

Oh jasmine flower!

Oh black cuckoo

Who is my pair?

And when will he come?

Oh jasmine flower!

He comes in my dreams at dawn

He closes my eyes while I try to see him fully

That handsome guy will be my pair

Why my moon is not appearing tonight?

Oh stars! Crossing your limits

The time when both our eyes meet

is the moment to understand silence

This is the age when love sprouts!

With your knowledge, my wavering mind looks out for you!

Without my knowledge, my youth craves to acquaint you!

It is a new experience, my heart urges me to follow you

Don't ask me why, but I'll hide you in my eyes

The moment I see you, my heart jumps with joy!

Don't know where our journey will take us!

With your knowledge, my wavering mind looks out for you!

Without my knowledge, my youth craves to acquaint you!

I must talk to her

Look! My name... K. Suribabu.

What your name?

No! Let's tease her.

Excuse me! You look very beautiful!

-Thanks! -Don't feel shy for a little lie!


My youth has bloomed

My heart yearns for him

Thoughts about him swarm my mind

Holding me captive, it teases me

It vanishes with smiling eyes

Halves become one

You have come before me like a boon

Unsatiated mind incite me to mingle with you

The moment I see you, my heart jumps with joy!

Don't know where our journey will take us!

With your knowledge, my wavering mind looks out for you!

Your youth was flowerless Now it has started to bloom

I am living like a statue

I've met you like a flash

When you become my consort I'll turn a man

I fly daily like a butterfly

I've attained maturity at sighting you

I won't leave you till my life ends

I'll be with you as sweet memories

Your friendship has enliven my soul

The moment I see you, my heart jumps with joy!

Don't know where our journey will take us!

-pot breaking competition. -Rotate him well. Go now.

That thin guy is going holding the stick...

-You go! -Come!

Hold it tight!

Rotate him!

That's it This side!

Go that side! Go

That's it! Go

That's it..

Hit it.

Rotate him!

Oh God!

Useless fellow! You have grown like buffalo

Don't you know how to break the pot?

You won't prosper!

-Tie in a way that I see! -Are you smart and others stupid?

I swear by my dead mother that I'll not break the pot! -Then?

I'll break my mother-in-law's head in one hit.

-Excellent buddy! -She doesn't lend me a single tea!

-Yes.. -Ok, why to disappoint him. Tie it

Tie it buddy.

-Do you see? -No buddy. -Wait..

-Now I see clearly. -Kill you, I didn't tie yet. -Is it?

They are closing your son in law's eyes Will he break the pot?

Damn his face!

He can't even touch the pot being untied! How can he, when he's now tied?

-Hey paidiga.. -Go.

If you are a man really hit it

If you have guts, hit it

Show your smartness here than the food

-Hit man -I'll hit lady.

-Hit man -I'll hit lady.

I'll hit lady..

Oh god!

Next is our Gannarao who has set records in pot breaking.

Now we're going to see him breaking..!

They are rotating him!

-He fell! -He is alive or dead

It's getting late. Come, let's go.

-Hey.. -Come

-Shall we tie to Suri? -Come!

Now our Suri, younger and a smart one

He is ready and coming

He is going forward slowly!

He is thinking

He is looking up

Are you wonder how he looks up being tied?

He is thinking! Looks he'll break!

Back him with your applause to break..

He hold the stick tightly

And he lifted it..

Come and have your food!

Is it? Leave it.

It has happened like that

The fete is good..

Mom, let me down.

I am watching you daily! Don't come behind me!

I don't like this! Be careful!

Just now I'll come

Is she teasing me willingly?

Oh gosh! Seems I have come out of the village?

-Who are you? Why are you here? -I'm from Rajhamundry

I came for the fete. I forgot the way to return!

You've to travel 3 miles.

-Whose house have you come to? -To postman's house!

-Hey son of papamma! -What aunt? -Are you going to village? -Yes.

This girl has missed her way, so guide her to the fete.

Ok, ask her to come.

What are you thinking? He's a good guy, you can go by trusting him. Go.

-Where do you belong to? -Rajhamundry! Why are you here?

My sister-in-law invited me here for the fete.

-Are you studying? -Yes, 2nd year B.Sc. in Rajalakshmi college.

-You? -When I studied 4th..

..a bull rammed my dad to death.

Not knowing what to do for food, my mom sent me to work in a farm.

I didn't study further.

-Keep walking, I'll join you! -Why?

Did I take your things? Or you took mine?

What is this nuisance?

Why should I bother for that?

-Suri, where are you going? -To garden, you?

I am going home

I quarreled with pullamma and got late.

-I've lot of work to do. -Ok aunt.

She always bothers me

-Why she is scolding you? -Not me.

I know. We too have people like her in my town.

That's why I asked you to go front

If she sees us she will tell to my mom

The time when both our eyes meet

is the moment to understand silence

This is the age when love sprouts!

-I'll take leave, since my sister-in-law will search. -Ok.

Your name..

-Where did you go? -To pray god.. I..!

Inform me before going anywhere, right?

-Come. -Don't fight. It is our village fete. Be careful

Dear people! Just now I got the news The news give you happy

Uppada and Bheemili teams will play kabadi match today evening

You said, your son is taking care of the mill. But he's here.

-I am calling you. -Coming dad. You play.

-What? -Did you close the mill and come? -No, accountant is there.

Why do you play idly instead of handling the business?

-I was there only till now. -When would you take the responsibility?

Had you got married, you'd have beget 2 or 3 children!

What is this Kabadi?

Damn it!

You play!

Let him play! But he's playing with outcasts!

What a son you've got!

Are they equal to us?

Keep quiet!

You scolded your son while he was roaming with that Manga

Did he listen you at least once?

You've come to advise me. Move

-Hey Sekar! -Financier has come.

You are late today also

I just now finished a outpost payment that was pending a long!

Don't you get lost from there. Why did you come here?

You've to focus the game same as you do in a business!

-Why do you show the anger over your dad on him? -You come in.

Suri, sit outside.

Move away!

Guys, shall I too join you in game?

Why do you want to strain yourself at this old age?

Will you play with the children?

Hey kiddos, join him in your team!

I told, you go and join them


Sekar brother!

-What? -They have come!

-Why do you come panting for it? -Not that

He has brought players from the police team so as to defeat us!

Gone! We'll lose this game too.

Better not to play than getting defeated!

No buggers can win against us in our home ground. Let's see.

Bheemili and Uppada teams are requested... come soon to the playground.

They have announced! They're calling us only.

Hey Ganesh, where is Dhanraj?

He has gone nearby village to collect money!

He'll come in 5 minutes!

We're being called, but you say he has gone to collect.

Then, it'll be difficult. players have come from police team!

Better we save our dignity instead of playing with them!

Suri, you play in this match.

Buddy, wait for some time. He'll come now

Do your work, let Suri play. That's it.

Both teams have entered in the ground

Let's see which team will win from these two?

Clap well and encourage them

Clap well

Do it well.

-Buddy! Dhanraj has come. -Ask him to go

Buddy! Ravi told, he'll give the interest money today

Since I can't collect later if I leave this chance. So did I...!

Can't you understand if I tell once?

Let Suri continue. Ask him to go and collect money.

We request Andhra Pradesh Kabadi team coach..

Mr. Prakash to preside for this committee. -Kabadi team coach?

What is this, man?

What a long distance you've come from! This is a pride for me.

We welcome you with this.

Now the referee will introduce both team players to Mr. Prakash

Do you remember me?

I played against your team at Vizag.

-Suresh? -Yes sir.

-How are you here? -Konda babu is my friend

..So I came to play here.

I'm Konda babu.

Forgive me sir, I spoke without any knowledge of you!

It's ok. play well.

Move aside!


Let him come in!

Hold his legs!

-Bheemili got one point! -We should catch him.

Hey, stop. Aadhi, you go.

Uppada is leading by 2 points

Bheemili got 2 points and Uppada got 2 points.

Oh God!

Oh God! They'll lose this game too

Uppada team is leading now


pull him like that!

-What are you doing here? Go -I am going.

You fool!

Hey, why are you out? Damn it!

Ganesh, we lost our dignity. Do something.

You go. Why he is going?

Bheemili player played well and got a point

They played well


-He is out. -He didn't touch me

-I touched him. -No, he is lying

-I touched him -He is not out. -Go away.

I touched you, son of bitch!

How dare you abuse about my mom?

Leave him

Suri, leave him

We don't want fight You don't need this play.

Listen to me

Listen to your mom!

I will finish you, idiot!

Why do you do like this?

Are you happy? What game are you playing?

It has become an issue between villages.

-please be patient. -What patient?

These guys will play and invite problems. It is we who have to die by fighting!

Damn patient! No need of your advice

Did you forget what happened early?

Look the guys and their horrible faces!

Have you ever won in any game?

What happened now and why are you yelling like this?

We are yelling.

Shameless fellows, win if you have guts!

Ok leave it. Suri, Is Kabadi necessary for you who work in a farm?

These guy haven't done any mistake. That guy didn't touch him at all.

He is lying.

Touched or not, Is the issue needed now? Earlier there was a similar problem

..that led to a big fight!

-We don't know what's going to happen now! -Move away!

Subbalakshmi has come from Nidadholu.

Is dancing and singing there or should we send her back?

Fights are common in a fete.

Didn't they get the advance, start the dancing!

-Sensuous night! -Is it?

A lightening has descended!

It has come as a guest to our village fete!

Enough of ogling You beat the drums!

Oh Nidadholu dame! Shall we go on a date?

I'll offer you Rajolu bangles Will you give me what I need?

We feel mesmerized to your tender beauty

At your first kiss we would get molested

We feel mesmerized to your tender beauty

At your first kiss we would get molested

We get lusty when we look at you

If we touch you, we get inebriated

We get lusty when we look at you

If we touch you, we get inebriated

I am Nidadholu dame! Let me see your might

Will you offer me Rajolu bangles and trail me?

You praise this neighborhood beauty

But criticise your village beauty

You praise this neighborhood beauty

But criticise your village beauty

Oh my nocturnal king!

I'll feed you my tender beauty

Oh my nocturnal king!

I'll feed you my tender beauty

You idiot!

Don't you know about power cut at 10 o' clock?

Light the fire sticks

Has the Moon come down from the sky for me?

Is it a miracle that it has come close to mine?

You are my eyes that opens silently ever

My mind stays calm but it is after you

Something happening in my heart

Don't know what magic is this

Love overflows, crossing all limits

from the moment I see you

You've appeared like a streak of light

If you come to me, we can paint the sky

If you agree, we'll feed you mangoes

Let's play with everyone watching us

Let's make merry joyfully

If you move wearing skimpy dresses

our shirts get wet and hop happily

Dry fish and toddy are there Let's have some fun

Don't spoil our sleep, you hot chick!

The fete has started

Let's dance with steps

The fete has started

Let's dance with steps

The fete has started

Let's dance with steps

Don't mind the time

Start the love war

Love garden is filled with colours

Then my heart has started to blossom

Love garden is filled with colours

Then my heart has started to blossom

It is yours!

I'll take it in the next festival.

-Why do you stand here? -I'm off to the garden.

-Do you want some drinks? -No, thanks

New dress and new appearance What is the matter?

-Tea for me! -I will give.

Buddy! The girl in white outfit is staring at you.

She is doing that since 5 days.

-What? -We are in love!

What do you say? You were with me all the time.

When did it happen?

-It was in the festival that we talked. -What you talked?

We talked about something.

...that she is studying in Rajhamundry women's college.

...and she's come to her sister in law's house for the fete.

She told me that she will come in the next festival!

-I decided that I will marry her. -Don't talk rubbish.

This is quite common in festivals like this to meet and rub at each other.

Don't dream about marriage by that.

It won't work out

-Stop it. -How can you say that she will come for the next festival?

What will you do if she doesn't come?

Mind your business. She'll come. I am confident.

I won't believe her.

She will bid goodbye to you and you will become mad!

-Go man. -Ok. I said to prepare a tea for me. Where is it?

-Go carefully! -See you dad.

Write a letter to me after you reach there Don't forget it

-Uncle! -Are you keeping well? -I am keeping well.

Do you want some drinks?

-I'll come next time. See you then! -Ok uncle!

-See you then! -Ok uncle! -Ok.

Take care.

Her name..

Again Suri has come for competition!

Has he come? Let him come.

He is taking us for granted

I'll see how wins this time!


Shall I come with you as a shadow?

I've lost myself

Time is running fast at your thoughts

My mind brims with your memories

Shall I come with you as a shadow?

Our meeting of yesterday, shall I take it as a boon?

Memories in heart, overflows

Let my dreams come true

Let it bring you before my eyes

And my heart is waiting for you

Buddy! Why do you get angry unnecessarily?

I know a man called Ranga in Anakapalli

If I tell him he will cut him into pieces

Suri has beaten me! I'll kill him with my own hands.

I'll kill him tonight.

Hey Suri!

Hey buddy! Don't be hasty.

He is working in landlord's farm.

30 people will be around him all the time.

If you go there they will cut you into pieces.

That's why I told you that we would tell to our people.

But no one listen my words

You fool! Shut up your mouth!

Do you want us to publicise that we got hit!

It is better we could die with his hands.

Don't worry

Early morning he goes to offer milk to the society.

We will finish him off there itself.

Sekar! Why Aadhi has not come yet?

He is coming on that bicycle

-That is scooter. -Cycle is better than this vehicle for him.

Why did you arrange the meeting here? Why have you called me here?

Our village president resigned his post and we want to give that post to you

-You! -Stop it.

From tonight, Kabadi games are going on there?

-Where? -In Rajhamundry

-Who told you? -Ammoru has seen the poster.

1st prize is 30000 Rupees!

It's nice! It is like the younger girl getting married before the elder one

We were defeated in a minor match.

-How can we win there? -Don't say anything.

30,000 rupees prize money Let's go and play

How long we can be like this?

Let us try our luck in this match no problem if we win or lose.

He is right

It won't work out buddy!

Don't discourage us

They'll ask us money even for the entry.

-I'll pay the entrance fees! -He'll pay it

You will give that.

We have to bear the expenses for these.

Don't talk nonsense!

Many loading lorries will go to Rajhamundry

-We will go in that. -Let's return in the same lorry!

-How about our stay there? -Are you going to stay with family?

No need worry about that. Are you coming or not?

Are you coming or not?

-We'll go. Let us go. -Look!

We were defeated before as we have played like this. Leave all that.

We have to win this time somehow.

What are you thinking?

You are telling about win and defeat only.

Once, people at home would give permission to play.

Let's make our parents agree

You don't know about my mom.

It was your father who was mad after Kabbadi and that's why we are in the street

and you also have started now.

Do as you like!

I shall take it as my only son is dead.

Lord Vinayaka! You are the abode for my son.

Why are you crying when our son goes for the game?

I was scared if he is off to the military or for the game!

You damn it.

To his appearance, neither in Military nor in Municipality he gets a job

Mom! Go and bring a glass of water!

Son! You have not won in any matches so far.

..and you won't win any matches anymore.

Why do you talk like this during worship time?

I am not saying.. but it is used to you to get defeated

Son! It is not important if you win or lose!

Even if you lose it.. should be praised for your performance by others.

That is called manhood

See you mom.

We are only hand to mouth people.

Why do we need this damn kabbadi?

Don't discourage me, mom when I am off.

All I have is you for me.

I won't stand the pain if you undergo anything traumatic.

Don't kill me with your talk

I am leaving

Take care dear! Be careful while playing

You too take care

See you then!

-Dear! -What is it?

I am curious to watch your playing.

I too am coming with you

I am going with my friends to play.

Can I take you with me? Try to understand, dear!

We shall have the rest after I return! Ok?

Smile, please.

Nasty fellows are around. Go in.

Go in and close the door.

-Dear! -What is it?

play well.

You could get hurt.

You have your problems and I have mine

Nothing will happen You go in.

I am not going anywhere! I am here only

-They are not to be seen! -See! paidi is coming!

See! How I will tease him!

Come paidithalli

-Did you leave your wife in your house alone? -Yes!

Why do you ask that?

Nothing, there is no one with her, isn't it? Just to know

-Aren't you coming to play? -No, I have a small work here

I'll finish it and come early in the morning

You too are coming!

See, he is afraid.

Are you making fun of me?

Hasn't Devudu come yet?

-He went to call Ganesh. -Go inside

-Dad! This is the only match! -Go in..

He wants to play Kabadi leaving other things.

-Damn your kabadi! -Dad! Only once

-lf you cry out, I will break your legs. -Dad

-Dad, allow me to go. -Stay inside, you idiot!

He is a bothersome guy.

You wait!

How long will I wait? Are you coming or not?

They have gone to bring two others.

-play with the rest of people. -Brother, please wait..

-Devudu has come. -They have come.

Why are you coming alone! Where is Ganesh?

-He hasn't come -What are you telling?

-He won't come, buddy. -What do you mean?

His dad has locked him in the room.

What shall we do now?

See you then!

Go and win the match.

-pentiga! -What buddy?

-We need a player. -So what?


My aunt will kill me then.

Why do you want to talk to him? Lift him.

You mischievous guy You naughty

You mischievous guy You naughty

My heart urges me to join you

This is just a small interval between you and me

Stay in my heart as my breath and speech

Stay in my eyes as my dream and boon

I don't know your name

Don't panic We won't get separated

My heart urges me to join you

This is just a small interval between you and me

Let our shadows sink in the water

Let me read your poems that you write in the air

My eyes were created only to see your image

That's why my image stays in your eyes forever

I don't know your name

Don't panic We won't get separated

My heart urges me to join you

This is just a small interval between you and me

If you're with me I resemble the cupid

Without me there is a vacuum in you

Silence becomes a ladder between us

The distance seeks the way to unite us both

I don't know your name

Don't panic We won't get separated

My heart urges me to join you

This is just a small interval between you and me

-Stay in my heart -As my breath and speech

-Stay in my eyes -As my dream and boon

I don't know your name

Don't panic

Hey Suri! Get down

Look! It is there


It is a big stadium, buddy!

It will be like this

See how we are received!

-This is for the players. -We too are players.

What? Are you players?

-Got nose cut -You haven't worn uniform

That's why he didn't recognised us

Are we allowed to play in this ground?

Don't invite troubles Come, let's go back

-Lift him up. -Oh god!

You are not allowed to play. Try to understand.

We can play well sir!

Only those who are selected can play in this tournament!

Don't irritate us. Go away

We have come from very far.

We will pay the entrance fees. Give it.

How can I make you to understand?

-Listen to me.. -It is not possible. Go

-please.. -Go away

Sir please give us a chance..

Hey Suri.

It is sir!

-Do you know these boys? -I know them.

Why have you come here?

-We have come to play. -To play?

They are adamant and they don't understand.

-I'll talk with them. -No Suri!

This is not the match like the one you play in your place.

It is of state level! Understand?


The teams which are selected in various District.

The teams here are selected 1 month ago.

We have come with some expectations!

You should have enquired it before you came.

See! What was written in that poster?

Was it not written that outside teams are not allowed?

We didn't see it clearly.

If you say a word, they will allow us to play.

No. The tournament has started.

We cannot do anything now.

-Ok. -Let us have coffee or tea. -It's ok, we had it.

practice is over. Shall we go to the room?

You wait. I will come now.

Tomorrow night is the match.

Go to room.. You nasty one.

Didn't you see the poster clearly that outside teams are not permitted to play?

I didn't notice it well while was coming from the bus.

It's because of you! Everything was lost after all this way to here.

-Have I done it deliberately? -Ok. What shall we do now?

Shall we eat parotta?

I feel hungry, that's why.


35 so far, including this.

39 including this.

It is enough. I can't, anymore. I agree my defeat

Take out 100 rupees then!

What are you thinking? Take out 100 rupees.

Want bet!

-What is the bill for him? -Take 22 rupees and 50 paisa

I gave 100 rupees. Won't you give any discount?

-Take 10 porotas! -I can't. Leave me.

-You will kill me it seems. -Damn discount!

-What is this line? -Line for betting!

He had a bet that he will eat 50 parottas! He was defeated, isn't it?

-Shall we come for the betting? -Anybody can enter, except him.

What is the betting for?

One has to eat 50 parottas!

I will give you 100 rupees if you do that.

No money for parottas!

If you didn't make it, you have to give me 100 rupees!

You have to pay for those you have eaten up.


-50 parottas? -Yes!

I am ready for the game.

Take it

-He was mistaken seeing his physique. -He has been caught up.

-4... -2 is enough!

Where are those parottas?

Do you expect me to keep it till you come?

Bring the parottas. Keep the curry here. Go

Look there!

Enough! I had 50.

-You had only 42. -I had 50.

Count the lines if you want. Only 42.

I know that I had 50.

I am sure, that I gave you only 42.

No. I won't agree. You are playing a foul game.

I had 50. Rub those lines.

I will have it from the start.

-pentiga! Go and draw the lines! -Why not? I will draw it.

Brother! You will get the cup this time too.

How are you? Have you forgotten me?

We have met in the last tournament.

-You told you have an estate in Araku! -Not bad! You seem to remember that.

-How many matches today? -Two

She is my wife and she is my daughter.

-She likes your game very much! -Is it?

-Your name? -Divya.

-What are you doing here? -My family friends have come.

If you waste time without sleeping, how can you play tomorrow?

I've told you many times to concentrate only on the game

-Go to the room! -Give me 5 minutes.

-See you sir! -It's ok.

He's insulting me wantonly.

Sir talking very furiously.

-Is not easy to maintain such a big team? -You are right, buddy!

play well!

-Look there. -play like that

Anathapuram team is leading by 20 points

Oh gosh!

They played well, isn't it?

-We can't play like that -We can play

Order tea for us

-How many teas? -5.

Make 5 teas!

Where are Suri and Ammoru?

They are here somewhere

-Sir! Do you have Beedi? -No

I'll go and get beedi. Don't know whether I have money

-Give me a cigarette. -Take this

Give me a bigger cigarette than this

This is a bigger cigarette Take it

It should be lengthier like my knife

Else I'll stab you

Sis. Give me a pack of beedi!

You're disturbing while we are talking business!

You are giving to those, leaving me aside.

-What is the problem over there? -Someone is irritating

-Who is it? -Who knows? Some idiot!

They would have allowed us to play in that game

But they didn't agree to play

They would have allowed us to play in one game

-Sorry! It was my mistake. -It is okay!

-Stop there. Which place are you from? -Bheemili!

If a good looking girl comes will you dash her?

Are the local people good for nothing?

But I am here

How did you hit her?

-Have a walk here. -For what?

You have asked me how I hit her!

-Are you trying to molest me? -You!

He is blabbering. You are up to him!

It's ok. He did too much just now

You have hit me

-What is going on here? -He has dashed her.

He is hitting me when I asked him why.

It was him who got drunk and making trouble.

No sir. He is lying

-Madam! Has he dashed you? -No sir!

It was him who got drunk and making trouble.

Come, I'll make you to get conscious.

I'll see your end

You have pointing me out.

I won't leave you

You created trouble for the locals.

He will do something in return.

-Buddy! We will go back to our place. -Ok buddy!

-Ok! -Let's bid farewell to Prakash sir and leave!

-What shall we do now? -Why ask me?

Why don't we tell that the Karimnagar team has won?

Won't the other teams create problem?

What? Any problems?

Chittoor team who is to play against the police team...

...has met with an accident on the way.

We just now have got that news

12 teams are in the knockout game!

We can't name any team against the Karimnagar team!

-Go away boys -Listen to me sir..

Excuse me sir!

-Send them here. -You can go.

Why don't we send them to play instead of Chittoor

They are also Kabadi players!

This is a big match.

They will get defeated and make us shameful.

I have seen their playing! They will play well.

When you say so... let them compete.

Instead of Chittoor team, Bheemili Kabbaddi team is going... going to compete with the Karimnagar Kabadi team.

Both team players have entered into the court

We too have fans for us. 11 people are clapping their hands.

Do your work

1 point for the Karimnagar team!

Do we need to play here?

Careful your leg

-You short guy! Come and hold him -Again!

Get up dear Be careful, go

-You idiot! Can't you catch him? -Did I know that he'll hit you?

How is your elbow?

Can't you see that I got hurt?

How about you?

He became deaf

I was a tea master. You made me to play Kabadi

Swears of her were better than this. You idiot!

Is it my turn next?

He is the one who got out first.

He should get into the court first.

This time they will smash me off Thank god!

4 points now for the Karimnagar team!

Catch him

You fat guy! Catch him Come back

No points for Bheemili

Who allowed them to play here It looks like watching a comedy movie

-He only selected them -It's all fate

pentiga! Keep a leg on the straight line and lift the other leg.

-Understand? -I know -Go

paidiga! Is it correct?

During first break time, Karimnagar team is leading..

You wanted to play. Have you played well?

-No brother -Don't talk

Sekar! Sir is coming

Not bad. You have played well.

-No sir! -Yes! Really!

Do you have money?

We have it, to go back to our place!

-Take that out. -Get the money. -Here.

Hey boy! Come here

Get two apple juices for each of them.

-Keep the balance with you. -Ok sir.

play well after drinking the juice.

Now, you have no money.

You will get money only if you win the match.

You can go home only then!

-I doubt if we can go. -Why do you get scared?

You told the other day that no one is fit enough to defeat you!

Where has the anger go now?

Do you think your opposite team is stronger?

They too have two hands and legs.

This is your place, your soil and those...

...around us are your people.

How many times have your home ground seen your blood!

With the elbow bruised... knee damaged...

...and the skin bruised.

How long will you stand the pain of the defeat?

I can trust you

During this 20 minutes, you can win over the injuries,

You have played well. pain agony and humiliation so far.

You were craving for a chance to play.

You have got it now to play.

Both win and loss are spelt equally

But loss will give depression

And win gives another victory

The kabadi player should have eyes not only in the face.

He should have eyes all over him!

Imagine that no one have the guts to defeat you.

When you are playing in the ground you all should concentrate on one thing.

When one of you is been touched you 7 players should charge on him!

The one who comes singing should not be timid.

He should feel the pain of it.

Each point you gain, should be the winning point.

Think it as the last minute of your birth the time you are playing in.

The last minute of your game will be the beginning of your life.

If you can hold the legs of others in the game...

...I wonder what stops you from holding your officers' legs!

You get tense very easily.

Have they ever won in the game?

The one who wins is the man but not the loser like you

You should win! Only those wins will get standing ovation in this world.

I will imagine that the only son I had is dead.

You eat and sleep well and are not fit for the game

One should bring fame to the parents.

As well as to his birth soil. Only then his birth has a meaning

-Take care of the camera. I will have a smoke and come. -Ok!

Bheemili team have gained 3 points at first time

Let him come inside and catch him

Get up!

play carefully Go and sit down

Let him come

Watch out

Both the teams are at same level.

You are the reason for this

I thought we will win but..

Have I done willingly?

Aadhi! Come here.

They'll try to touch you! But you stand near outline

Go out when he nears you.

-Understand? -Yes sir. -Go

Bheemili team has got a freak...

...victory over Karimnagar team

What buddy?

Buddy! They are clapping for our win!

-Do you feel for it? -For you? - I too.

-We will go out and weep! -Ok

You have played well..

-I'll have a talk before we go. -Ok dad!

Aadhi you have played well in the last raid!

Prakash sir! Gave me the idea

-Greetings brother! -Greetings!

My name is Krishna

I was a kabadi player when I was a boy.

You have played well. Where are you from?

-Bheemili! -Bheemili?

My wife's place is Thagarapuvalasa!

My uncle is the chairman of Thagarapuvalasa!

The chairman is my distant relative. So you've become neighbors to us!

Distant relative means....?

-How is that? -My wife is from Thagarapu valasa!

Her brother's, brother-in-law's, daughter's son.. married with this chairman's 3rd uncle daughter

He tells it as a long story!

Her name is Amaravathi Senakkayala!

Dad! It is not that name It is Amaravathi Vidyavathi

Is it very important?

It is Amaravathi Vidyavathi

Then you'll become our relatives like that

It is that distant relation means

Ok, sir! We will start right away.

I am your uncle and call me that.

-Uncle? -How is that?

Call him uncle! Else he'll kill us with his talk

What is he saying?

He is saying that the relation of an uncle is right.

You have caught the number 7 player very well!

Ok, uncle. We are leaving!

OK dear! We have come closer.

You are having your feast tomorrow at our house!

You have to come definitely.

-See you then! -Ok! -See you.

-I'll come and fetch you tomorrow. -Ok

What is it, in law? Why are you standing here?

They are our close relatives!

They have come and won the match!

How come they are your relatives?

That is my wife is from Thagarapuvalasa...

If he behaves like this now..

He has called us tomorrow for feast.

He will kill us giving us a feast.

I am not coming dear!

Where? Which is the large one?

This seems to be the right one. Come dear!

Look! He told us he is not coming! Now he is the first to come for it!

Why have you not kept any egg for him?

Excuse me. I forgot it.

Serve more for them.

There is a saying that feed the animal seeing its capacity

I didn't mean you. You eat well

Who are they?

Mom! I told you they are our relations!

Seems they're not looking like that

Mom! I will tell it in detail.

Then we went for your brother's, brother-in-law's daughter's marriage

He has started it again

We can talk about it later. Now, take care of the guests!

You take care them

Serve me some chicken curry

You have it dear!

Is the food not good? You are not eating anything

I am thinking about my mom!

I've never tasted good food like this!

I want to feed her good food in her life!

Why not? I'll come and prepare it for her.

Stupid! She is a large mouth!

Yes! She resembles you

What did he say?

-What is she studying? -I'm studying degree in the Rajalakshmi college

It's enough

-Thank you very much! -Why do you thank me for this?

Not for this! Had you mentioned anything different...

...the policeman would have beaten us!

It is not your fault. You didn't hit with an intention!

-It was not deliberate. -That's okay.

I bet it was not deliberate.

-I know it. -Are you studying in Rajalakshmi college? -Yes!

I want to ask you something.

-What? -That is...

Buddy! Let us go.

Instead of Rs 1000 will you give me Rs 500?

Give me remaining 500 rupees

-Where are they? -They are in the school!

What are you telling? Who has kept them there?

They have won the match yesterday.

The players are kept in the school!

-I don't believe it. -It is for real!

Damn it. I have come back to normal.

Come, let's finish them off.

No, They are staying in the school.

It is a crime if we touch them as they are the players.

They will tell to the police.

They won a match by luck.

Anyway they have to lose finally and pass this way!

We will hit them then!

It is his fate to die at our hands.

Which school are they staying?

Come here

-Keep hands like this and push it -Ok sir

-Buddy! Do you know that? -What is it?

Come. I will teach you that.

Come you fat guy!

-You idiot! -Go there

That's it You fat guy!

I've learned how to jump by seeing them

-I'll teach you. You learn it -Ok


Bend! These people have come to play the games

-Are you ready? -Yes, I am ready.

You fat guy! Can't you understand? Bend a little

-Is it enough? -A little more..

-Is it enough? -Still more.

-Is it enough? -Bend a little more, you idiot!

I wouldn't cross him if he lies down like this.

What if he even bends like this? You idiot!

Someone come here.

What happened?

Nothing will happen to you

-Look, in sixth standard itself... -Falling in love...


-Which class room is this? -6th class room

-Why? -My daughter and son are in 2nd class and 4th class.

But now I am in 6th class

If they know this they will feel very happy

Spoiling my sleep, you wanted to tell this to me?

He has already said to us

-When is our match? -At day after tomorrow night.

Then who will play tomorrow?

Our sir's Hyderabad team and Ongole team

-You can play this match. -Ok sir.

Badri! You can take rest.

-Rajesh can play this match instead of you. -Ok sir

What is it? He is only a new comer.

Let Badri play this match.

This is only the second round!

He will get some practice!

Sir! You are deciding everything without asking me!

Why should I be the captain then?

-Keep quiet! -You keep quiet.

Why do you ague like this unnecessarily?

Should we shake our heads when you tell something?

Are we animals for that?

During that match, you have scolded me before all players.

We too have sense of shame! It's a big torture.

Do you know what you are telling?

I know it.

It's you who couldn't understand anything.

We are the team! We give our life for us to win!

You will get the name for you only when we play and win!

Understand it first.

Badri! You are playing this match!

Badri! You are not playing this match!

We will not play this match if he does not play this match.

Are you threatening me?

It's ok, sir! I don't play.

What's the problem?

If he continues to be our coach we will not play this match.

He does not give respect to the senior players.

If he continues to our coach, we wouldn't play this match!

How can it be without a coach?

We don't need one. Allow us to play or include him in the team!

If this match is not played it will be very shameful

-Don't act big. -You are acting big!

When we play and get the cup you can sit in a corner and clap.

You won't get the cup this time!

What then?

Treasure of Victory is at sight

March forward to acquire it!

Treasure of Victory is at sight

March forward to acquire it!

Treasure of Victory is at sight

March forward to acquire it!

Set yourself ablaze and reach the sky

Fight forth and succeed

Consider all directions as East Rise up like the Sun

Every defeat is a lesson Grow up like a tree

Set yourself ablaze and reach the sky

Fight forth and succeed

Consider all directions as East Rise up like the Sun

Every defeat is a lesson Grow up like a tree

Fulfill your motherland's gratitude

Make your destiny favourable to you

Be your own opponent, Victory will be yours

Face the obstacles and reach the shore like the waves

Treasure of Victory is at sight

March forward to acquire it!

Treasure of Victory is at sight

March forward to acquire it!

Motivational song, Kabadi!

Soil game, Kabadi!

Resisting hunger and thirst, Kabadi!

Everyone praising, Kabadi!

While talking, Kabadi! While playing, Kabadi!

Get ready your limbs as weapons

then the result will be yours

If you unite your body and mind

the forthcoming victory will be yours

Gain confidence to achieve burning heart's desire

If you work hard, the fruit of victory will be yours

As a regiment of soldiers reach the heights

Run nonstop towards the goal

Treasure of Victory is at sight

March forward to acquire it!

Treasure of Victory is at sight

March forward to acquire it!

In the first half Bheemili team is leading with 9 points.

We are in the lead!

We just have to kill the time.

Just play carefully when they come to you

-You injure that Suri hand if he comes for the ride! -poor guy!

Don't feel pity on him. You can't win.

Injure him.

Ask Suri to run away.

-Suri! Stay here. Sekar! You go. -Go

-Catch him -Don't catch him.

-Block him -Leave him.

-Catch him! -What are you doing? -Come on, catch him.

Chandu, catch him

Catch him

What happened?

Suri! Lift him carefully. Nothing.

-Relax -Move away


You were yelling like a child.

-It was too much pain! -All behave like a child when in agony.

That's true.

At this age, me too have fallen down from a tree...

My hand was broken and put a dressing and suffered much!

Then my people came and admitted me to hospital!

Come sir.

-The match? -Did the doctor say anything?

The shoulder bone was slipped. They made it all right.

It will be all right tomorrow!

What about the match, sir?

I knew it well that we'll win!

-See his face has brightened up. -Yes

The medical shop will close now, go and get this medicines.

You can talk. I will go to the medical shop.

Ok! Tomorrow is the finals! Take rest.

-Ok sir. -Bye. -Ok. -Take care

All go to your room and take rest.

-You should come fast in the morning! -Ok Sir!

-Suri is alone here! I will be with him! -Ok!

You will win in the finals! After that it is your marriage, right?

Yes! It is my mom's wish! It is my uncle's daughter.

The proposal is over.


Why did you lie to her?

She is thinking about me in her mind.

The reason to talk her, She and the other girl..

.. who came to the festival are studying in the same college!

I wanted to enquire about her, and that's why.

Don't be foolish! Don't think about her.

She told that she will come for the next festival.

Surely she will come. I am sure of that

Some Bheemili team comes forward as winners!

In kabadi match it was Hyderabad team...

...who are the winners every time!

This team seems to defeat that team!

They are making me loose courage.

I have bet a lot of money on Hyderabad team

Don't worry unnecessarily

Our team will win definitely

Don't talk any rubbish thing!

The coach has catalyzed them well!

Suri's play was very rough to add to it.

I've understood what you think.

-Suri will not play in the finals! -Ok?

Dear! You keep walking

I'll see the doctor and come Ok sir!

Come buddy! Let's go

-Buddy! When did you come? -I came only now.

The news that you have won the match has reached our village.

That's why we have come here.

Have anybody come from my house?

people have come from everyone's house!

Where are Suri and Ammoru?

You were about to get hit my vehicle.

-Tell them to get down! -Ok sir.

Get down. I don't know what you made a problem! Get down fast.

-It is him. -Catch them...

Hold my hand!

Kill them

It is Suri!

Narsinga! How come you are here? Get up!

-All are our friends. -What are you telling?

They are going to play the finals!

-Come here! -Brother!

Why have you quarreled with them?

Go away What is the news?

Nothing. Just miss Else I would be killed

When did you come to our place?

You wouldn't have expected me here, right?

We have come here to kill you.

Having come to this place and won the match...

...and earned a name for our village!

If you don't win.. Don't forget it

There is something pending already in our account

You said that Suri will not come for the match!

-But he has come! -Just wait and see

-They have called you to give name list. -Coming

If Suri plays in this game, he'll get the fame

He should go out being unfit for that.

Our caste people are equal.

Why do you tell about the caste and all?

I am not like that.

Don't talk non-sense buddy.

Some players are needed for the Railway team.

Already, two has been selected from Cuddapah and Hyderabad teams!

In the next selection committee...

...your name and Suri are been included.

If you make him not to play in it, you'll be selected there

Chairman is our caste person. I'll recommend you

If you play for Railway team You'll get a job and fame

Think well

-Suri! Is your hand aching much? -I feel a little pain!

You don't play in this match. Take rest.

No brother..

-Ganesh! You play in this match -Ok

It's ok. I will play this match.

No, Suri. You say that your hand is aching!

If something happens...?

Who will answer your mom?

There is no pain for me! I can play.

That's what I told you. Ganesh will play instead.

If necessary you can go in the middle.


-Brother! -What is it?

Take Suri in. I shall stay out.

Who will play in the corner?

Who will put the angle without you?

He is just coming back to normal.

Will you give your hand, if he breaks his hand?

Go and do warm up.

I told you know?

Suri! You are sitting without doing warm up!

Sir! They have not included me in this match.

-Who told you that? -It was Sekar brother.

What sir?

Why have you told that Suri is not included?

Tell me. What is the reason?

He told that his hand is painful, that's why.

No sir.

Nothing will happen Let him play

He is doing his work with his hands.

-lf anything goes wrong....! -Nothing will happen like that.

-Let Suri play. -No sir! Ganesh will play.

No. You are in a different form now. You don't change it now.

Let us continue that.


If Suri don't go for the raid, we will get weak! Mind you!

Won't we go for raid? We will see to that.

I didn't say that you will not go.

If he is with us, it will be add to the strength!

I will keep Ganesh for the match.

He will play very well. We don't need Suri.

-Why do you say so? -We don't need him.

-Why do you say so? -No need of him!

I say he is needed.

He'll play in this game

Who are you to tell that?

-Don't get tense! -I am the captain, and I know it.

You seem to be very harsh on me.

I know now why you was send out from the Hyderabad team.

Don't talk anything wrong about him.

Without him, we wouldn't have played here.

For that, should we have to listen to him?

He is acting big!

-Don't point out sir. -What will you do?

I will break your hand.

-What? -Keep quiet.

Why do you say he is not needed? Tell me.

We don't need him.

Did they promise you to give any money?

Have you thought that I am a lowly guy?

We have enough wealth for 7 generations.

Are they giving you anything? Tell me.

-Are they giving you anything? -Tell me. -No.

-Tell me -No

-Who told you? -No sir

Did they tell you that, you will be included in the...

...Railway team or the Customs team?

Don't lay your hands on me.

Tell me, what else did they offer you?

What man? How dare you lay your hands on my man?

-Behave yourself. -Damn it.

Are you talking politics?

If you show your smartness here, I'll peel off your skin

Because people like you everyone behaves like this

Will you make the players quarrel?

If I see you again here, I'll kill you

Get out!

Dear! He is a big fraud.

Don't believe his words

If you play together, your team will win

You keep quiet!

I took my own decision!

Suri will play.

Those who are willing to play with him can come with me.

Others can get out from here.

Wait. I too am coming!

If you play in this match, you will not enter our village.

Leave me.

It is only 5 members. How will we play then?

I've known some players. He plays well

-Shall I call them? -Ok

Konda Babu! Come here!

-What is it? -We need 2 players.

Will you come and play for us?

No, sir. We have been got drunk.

Sir! I too will play.

It will be nice if we get another one.


You don't know to wear the kneecap!

Do you want to play? Silly. Wear it correct.

-Rajesh! -Sir -Come here.

-Sir! -Do you want to play with these players?

I will play sir.

-Where is Sekar? -Move away

-He is there. -Hyderabad team has won the toss and goes in first

The match has started and you are here!

I'm asking only you.

You have told it before.. not to play with any nasty people.

We forgot everything and have come to watch the game..

But you are..

You won't come good in life

I feel if we have committed some mistake.

You... come.

Catch him

He is hitting really

Oh mom!


-Catch him Let him come in

What were you doing?

Bheemili team got 2 points

In the first half an hour play, Bheemili got points..

..and Hyderabad is leading with 15 points

We will win

Suri! What are you thinking?

Nothing sir!

My mom hasn't come.

Your mom will be waiting for you at home that you'll come victorious

Go and play


Let him come inside!

Catch him

Block him Catch his legs!

What is this?

It is a very interesting moment.

Both the teams get 21 points.

We will come to know which team will emerge as winners.

Touch him.

Bheemili team has emerged as the winners.

Bheemili Kabadi team got a freak victory...

..over Hyderabad team and bagged the trophy!


We bring to the people's attention that on the occasion of pongal festival

Until festival customs get over..

What happened to you Suri?

Suri! We have won

Suri! What happened to you?

Sorry Prakash! He is dead.

Leave me. Let me see my son,

Have you gone leaving me alone? Look at me dear!

I want my son

Why have you done like this?

Why have you made your mom an orphan?

My Suri! I want my Suri, sir!

Why are you roaming behind her?

She is looking for our Suri!

What are you telling?

That girl and Suri were in love with each other in the last festival!

Were they in love? Does she know that Suri is dead?

-She doesn't know it. I wanted to tell her that. -You fool.

We feel sad everyday because Suri has left us

She could not see him in this festival and next year's festival...

Let her think that she is cheated or something else

Let our Suri be alive in her heart.

The Description of Bheemili Kabaddi Jattu Telugu Full Movie | Nani, Saranya | Sri Balaji Video