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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Beyblade Battle | Joker vs Batkid! Funny Beyblade Burst Turbo / GT / Rise Episode

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hello citizens of Gotham I'm back I'm here to protect the city once more we are

gonna stop the Joker here now he has been causing a lot of threats in Gotham

City we cannot allow that Batman The Dark Knight will defend you guys let's

go get this clown and then his reign of terror once and for all

there's Joker I'm gonna challenge you to a battle Joker! Batman can't you see I'm

busy does it look like I care - no! don't tell me this is another one

of your dumb challenges to get me kicked out of Gotham yeah what did you have in

mind this time Bat Brain Beyblade. never heard of it it's game well

you rip these toppy thingies that name hit each other and stuff and

get points. ring any bells? no all you need to know is I'm a professional and if

I win you have to get out of Gotham City you got that Joker all right I'll play

your little game bat but if I win you have to leave Gotham you got yourself a

deal Joker

is this what it looks like that yeah looks stupid oh really

we'll get ready to be destroyed by my ultimate Batarang is this a bad time to

tell you that I'm a professional too have you ever heard of judgement

Joker what you know beyblade?

I'm afraid the joke's on you bat citizens I'm

finally gonna head this menace to Gotham City and get rid him it forever

beyblade Batman batwing - wings on the side batarang batgrapple what are you

using Joker I'm using slash Joker trick or treat okay judgement Joker and a very

very special version of judgment Joker hey that's a fake what are you doing

there but it's a very special thing and why

all them related jokes why are all of yours related to bats

bats are stupid bat to stupid huh we'll find out

get ready six bat brain tell me one more time see what happened it's 1 0 this is

easier than I thought I like being the underdog and it's not

just got lucky like that joke joke Lily one boy yes yeah

get ready to feel the power of the Joker back we go back nine Spacely it couldn't

stand my power that week nothing compared to the rest you're right he's

nothing / Joker won that round now it's time for

trick or treat this has got a very very special trick

tip you see it it is oh so tricky I am never touching that many weight

again are you done are you done aiming your face one not three just you

wait bat brain what you already won let it

ring go battery you got you see how tricky my trick or

treat is yeah you're about to see you rip where's the trick here I'll show you

a little magic trick you want to see a beyblade disappear yeah I do

magic that's magic yes don't ever become a magician stays a clown to zero

trick-or-treat come on now go metal rakes go straight go on Street yeah yeah

do you might have won this one back but you don't stand a chance against

judgment Joker now it's time to back graft and judgment

Joker no no that was a ring out Elsa first it was a ring out real because

your Beyblade is out of the stadium who is exploded right now Joker the ring

out happened first that but just like that you smart buddy let's just redo the

battle then but Joker my best buddy you lost pretty funny it's 1 0 I'm winning

looks like it's the end for you let it rip so much brick but out your

little battering doesn't stand it get out get your Bey and calibrate you got

lucky we're gonna see you slacking after this battle I will moron right now look

after ya let's find out it's to zero I got this one in them

okay you just wait what - I'm coming back

three two one Rick ah ring out here Oh - two - I'm not done yet you'll be

done in a second three - what you're about to see a whole

new kind of joke ah no yes deleting Gotham Joker oh wait wait wait

I think you forgot about one teeny tiny little thing I still have one more Bay

judgement Joker what fate I'll just beat him again

we'll see about that now music that way to keep this clown out of Gotham City

what are you doing Joe what is that a joke joke our way just this second take

a little look-see what yet see what's going on Joker this isn't funny

just a little gorilla glue what's going on a Jesse gets it fixed up just right

Hey okay see now what did you do to me Joker

I was just clowning around Oh repeating idiot

yeah cuz you're beyblade Gotham that yeah good job looks like you have to

leave Gotham forever the Joker all right that I'll go but I'll be back

Joker's gone you finally got rid of that cloud thank you so much glass you get

buried saving Gotham and if you guys want to see me or more characters coming

to blast okay be sure to like this video and as always Batman

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