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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: We Pretend to Send Ourselves to a Mansion! (skit) Shot of the Yeagers VS Kids Fun TV Colab!

Difficulty: 0

You're going down!

[Dramatic music]

Hey guys what're you watching?

Were watching this cool YouTube channel

called "Shot of the Yeagers."

Cool, I love that channel.

[Doorbell rings]

I wonder who it is?

Someone gave us a package!

It's addressed to "Kids Fun TV."

"Dear Kids Fun TV, we have a challenge for you."

"Let's race, let's see who can mail"

"themselves fastest to the mansion."

"Ready, set, go!"

"--The shot of the Yeagers."

They challenged us! Let's go!

We gotta mail ourselves again?

This time to the mansion!

[Kids cheering]

Do da do

Do da do

Dad, can we use those boxes?

What do you wanna use them for?

The Shot of the Yeagers challenged us to a race.

Yep, could we use those boxes?

Sure, hop on in!

Boys in this one,

girls in that one.

You guys want some snacks and some activities?

I'll be right back.

Here you guys go.

Here's your backpack.

Dad, hurry get us out! We need to start the race!

Alright, everybody good?

Alright, here we go.


You guys are heavy.


Alright guys, we'll see ya!

I think the mail man's here.

Let's see what mom and dad packed us this time.

[Girls] Play-doh!

Mom and dad packed us a phone!

Who should we call?

Let's call the Shot of the Yeagers.

[Phone ringing]

Hey Steven, we're going to race you to the mansion.

Who's gonna win?

The mailman picked us up an hour ago.

Are you serious?

So we're totally gonna beat you.

No way!

Our mail man is faster than yours.

I don't think so, we're gonna win.

Oh snap!

Snap it off you two!

Tell us your best joke.

"Knock, knock!"

"[Kids] Who's there?"


"Dunna who?"

"♪ Dunna, nunna, nunna, nunna, Batman! ♪"

[Kids laugh]

We like watching the one

where you mailed yourself to Hawaii.

What are you guys doing in your box?

Just playing with some fidget spinners.

You guys got to play with fidget spinners?

No fair!

Bye, friends!

I wonder if the girls have legos!

[Girls] Legos!

[Phone ringing]

I hear the phone ringing.

Where is that phone!

Ah, found it!

Hey, girls.

Hi, boys.

Do you wanna have a contest to see

who could build the coolest thing?

They want to have a contest.

How about a boat?

To see who can make the best boat.

Challenge starts now!

Then what are we waiting for, let's do it!

One, two, three dump!

Let's get building!

There's only one problem.

This could be a diving board.

I don't know how to make a boat with Legos.

Or, the plank!

[Dramatic music]

Don't worry I'll teach you.

Let's use this, I guess.

Yo-Ho, Yo-Ho, a pirates life for me. ♪

I think we totally beat the boys!

This is coming along great!

I wonder what kind of boat the girls are making.

This Moana boat is the coolest!

There's no way it's as cool as ours.

Let's sail Moana on our boat!

This is the last piece.

We finished!

I think we won!


We're all done!

Let's call the girls and see how they're doing.

[Phone ringing]

Hi Girls, what're you doing?

Boys, we totally beat you!

We'll send a picture if you send a picture!

We're going to send the picture to you.

[Camera clicking]

[Camera clicking]

Hey look, they built a Moana boat!


Okay, let's look!

The boat is way better than ours!

What should we do now?

Let's break it down so we can build something else!

A book!

Let's do something else!

I call this card!

Jazzy, would you read to me?

Let's play this game.

"Where the Wild Things Are."

We're gonna do it like this.

"And Max said, 'Be still!'"

"and tamed them with a magic trick."

Hey, let's make it like Mickey Mouse!

"And they were frightened"

"and called him the most wild thing of all."

I'm gonna crash!

I'm gonna crash you!

Let's see who will--

Okay, restart!

"Let the wild rumpus start!"


You're under arrest,

no one come through my part of the town.




Hey, wanna have a race?




On your marks, get set, go!

Haha, I win! What!



You're a good little monster.


Now we're gonna make this crash wigglier.

I'm gonna win, I'm gonna win!


Let's call the Yeagers.

Is Parker there?

I can't wait to play with you at the mansion.

I know, it will be fun!

Parker, watch me dance!

Oh snap!

Oh snap!

I can't wait to race you to the mansion.

I can't wait to meet you there.

Bye, friends!

Let's play with Play-Doh!


Let's play!

I call pink.

I call... blue.

[Gentle upbeat music]

I'm making people.


Okay, let's make people then.

You're my best friend, too.

I think we're getting transferred

to another truck or something.

I'm making a person with one eye.

I'll go first.



Snack time!

Good guys always, what!


Okay then.

[Rumbling and clattering]

Jenga! [Cheering]


Let's play again.

This is a little girl or Kalia's.

Let's see if there's any snacks in here.



Kaden, you spilled!

One little fishy come to tickle you, ♪

One jumped in and jumped to her mouth. ♪


It's time to clean up.

Okay, you finish those crackers.

Yay, we have Twister!

Let's set things up.

Let's practice our fire dancing.

Give me that!

Hey, no.


You have your own!

Thank you. Thank you.

Do you wanna spin first?

Where is it gonna land on?


Give me that!

Left hand red.

Left hand red.



And foot's on blue!

En garde!

Left hand green.


Kalia I think you're winning!

I'm winning!

This is hard to play in a box.

Let's play the limbo!

Me first.

You did a good job!

Let's see what's next.

We're gonna start the limbo

all the way up high

and we're gonna see who can get the lowest.

Yes, dollies!


Oh snap.

Hey mommy, I want some food.

You want some food?

I did it!

Okay, heres for Kalia!

Thank you.

You're welcome.

I like ice cream. You go. [Slurp].

Your turn now.

I get to go lower!

Oh, you did it!

I love chicken! Especially chicken leg.

I want something!


I'm winning.

We saved some corn for you.

Should we clean up now?

No, not yet.


I made it!


Last try!

Yeah, a water bottle!

It touched you!

Yeah, it touched you!

Okay let's do it again.


After a long hour.

Let's do it again!

No tug of war!


Whoever knocks it over first loses!

I'm thirsty.


You're down.

[Boys] Hey girls, what you're up to?

We were playing with Play-Doh.

I can't believe they got to play with Play-Doh!

We did Twister.

You guys played Twister?


We played with fire sticks, we did the limbo.


But they didn't have a dance party!

Hey one, two, three, hey! ♪

One, two, three, hey! ♪

Show 'em out.

One, two, three, hey! ♪

I think the truck is slowing down.

I think we're here at the mansion.

I think we're here!


They are loading us off the truck!

[Boys] We're here!

I can't wait to see the Yeagers!

Me too!


We made it!

[Mysterious music]

[Dramatic music]

[Boys] You're going down!

[Mysterious music]


Nice try!


[Gentle friendly music]


Do you want to be my best friend?

[Soft guitar music]

Who do you think won the race?

Kids Fun TV?!

Or Shot of the Yeagers?


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[Upbeat dance music]

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