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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Whirlwind Cargo Trike Introduction

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The Whirlwind Cargo Handcycle tricycle can be used for traveling distances quickly and

more easily than by wheelchair, while carrying goods.

This product has been developed as a platform for trike riders to carry and sell goods,

with the intention of supporting riders in small trike-based businesses.

The trike can be used to navigate long distances with the hand cranks which improves propulsion

ergonomics over push rims for many riders.

Riders can also move in tight spaces and climb hills using the hand rims on the rear wheels, like a wheelchair.

This trike you can push with handrims and steer to some extent with handrims just like a wheelchair

more or less like a wheelchair, and that's awfully useful if your front wheel is slipping in the sand, you're going up too steep a hill.

If you don't have enough traction to keep moving you can go into rear wheel drive, and there you have enough power to pop a wheelie.

The seating can be adjusted to fit riders in the following ways:

Seat height from the footrest, Seat angle

Seat position, front to back, to reach cranks. Backrest height

Backrest contour with tension adjustable backrest

Backrest angle (which is adjusted on-the-go without tools)

and crank height from riders's knees.

An optional Spinal cord injury kit includes a pressure relief cushion, backrest wedges

for lateral support, and a chest strap.

The cargo trike also features durable and standard bicycle components, rear wheel pushrims

a toolkit to adjust and repair the trike, locking rear brakes, a foot guard,

centered steering to assist steering when riders push on both hand rims, and many cargo accessories.

The optional cargo accessories include a front cargo rack,

a front cargo box an under-seat cargo box

a rear cargo box rear cargo bag,

sun canopy, and a cargo canopy for a trike-based store.

For trike information, trike provision materials including basic rider assessment, fitting,

and rider orientation, contact Whirlwind Wheelchair.

The World Health Organization basic service provision materials provide information that

is applicable to providing this tricycle.

The Description of Whirlwind Cargo Trike Introduction