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yo what's up guys teacher polo here and today we are reacting to

more netherlands because you guys enjoyed it you guys

have been asking for more and in fact today's video is actually brought to you by ryan kiewen

he said if you enjoyed this one then i recommend the survival guide about fireworks interesting um

he commented this in the video that i talked about the weather of netherlands and yeah what is um

what is so um interesting about fireworks in the netherlands we're gonna find out right now

i'm just preparing the video for you guys okay there we go if you're new to the channel don't

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i hope i'm saying that right so okay let's go

wait a second

yes you did indeed just witness a man fire a rocket from his ass cheeks to you this might

seem a little crazy or even borderline insane but to the dutch it's just another new year's eve

wait a second what just happened i'm not gonna rewind because um well clearly this

is a family friendly channel and the guy had his bare butt cheeks out um

i'm sorry about that um i hope the whole video isn't about that i i hope there's no nudes

in this video nah there isn't um okay okay let's go the netherlands 364 days of the year

is quite peaceful normally the closest the average duchy gets to war or or loch is a pitacha law

on the 31st of december this all changes besides all ebola the clock winning 10 euros

in the state clutter having a few drinks and watching old grumpy men on television

their most beloved new year's tradition is making their safe little country feel like a war zone

intentional he just threw fireworks into the car and blew up the car guys are you telling me that

okay so you have 364 days of peace and then you have a purge night which is new year's eve

it's like okay let's purge let's go ahead and

blow up the city with fireworks oh wow this is so interesting

okay let's keep going the rest of the year there's a ban on fireworks strictly forbidden so when the

ban is lifted okay it's time for liftoff so it is a purge whereas most countries around the world

celebrate the occasion with one big majestic show the dutch celebrate with thousands of smaller

less majestic shows just for them yo i would be so scared i i think he's in a helicopter right

now right filming from from above and can you imagine you're in a helicopter and then a lot

of fireworks are coming your way wow but guys so it's illegal the whole year and then one day

of the year it's legal and then people just purge it's like just like okay i gotta do this because

the only chance i'm gonna get is a year from now that is crazy and sometimes their neighbor

the guy just threw fireworks into the neighbor's window less majestic shows just for themselves

marveling at the colors sounds and smells of the explosions the dutch briefly come together as one

ignite to unite at the end of december bike shops garden centers and hardware stores all over the

country transform into highly secured fireworks shops as people line up to collect their arsenal

last year alone 68 million euros was spent on rochas matas poachers thailand fontaine

vondertolins truthseekers and screaming housemates lit individually wait the name

of that is screaming housemaid and screaming housemates individually or all at once

yo um if any of you is a nurse let me know because normally normally end of year um christmas you

know the the accidents and and and the er is full because of you know these accidents but

wow i would like to know if you work in the er if you're a doctor if you're a nurse let me know

what is the percentage of um accidents or or how full does it get on new year's

because of all of this because i can imagine there are lots of things going on the hospitals

are very busy at this time of year although technically illegal the days leading up to

you you'll already start to hear explosions the group responsible the group that wreaks havoc

craves destruction and must absolutely be avoided at all costs

kids 13 year old boys survival tip see one run they're armed they're dangerous but

they're not too bright stop with a strategy reminiscent of is

almost all their evil deeds are captured on video easily identified by their signature giggles

and awestruck royos wait a second this is like an explosion from a movie yes

almost all of their evil deeds are captured on video yeah i mean nowadays youtube tick tock

and all of these other platforms they they give you an opportunity to

um get a following right so people will go ahead and do crazy stunts

to try to go viral and that is just something that guys it's not worth it and nobody will follow

you just because of one viral video you know it doesn't work that way it takes a lot of hard work

dedication and you know people will follow you for being genuine and a nice person not for being

you know causing these stunts and chaos and oh my goodness you know i i was i i was i was really

intrigued with this video until i saw the dogs shaking and i'm like oh i feel so bad for the dogs

because i remember whenever there were fireworks my dog would be so afraid and yeah

you know dogs have a sense of hearing which is much much more efficient and

you know louder than ours and they can hear further so wow i can't get that image of the

dog shaking out of my head right now i know it's all fun in games but then when you think

about the consequences and seriousness of all of it especially when dogs um you know

i love dogs when it comes to dogs i'm i just love dogs and i got a a

soft heart for dogs okay but i'm going to try and enjoy the video without thinking of

the consequences too much because i don't want to be a square or anything i'm just

saying that you know you can have fun but be responsible be responsible that's all i'm saying

easily identified by their signature giggles and of course i'm a teacher so my teacher instincts

are kicking in and giving advice especially if you're a 13 year old kid watching this don't do it

for the vine you remember that i don't know you're 13 years old i don't think you remember buying

don't do it for tick-tock don't do it for you know don't do crazy stunts just to get it on video

with their trademark green logo you'll find a fascinating archive of their systematic

end-of-year destruction of compass property wow especially popular are garbage bins

mailboxes and bus stops wow but there's also sewer drains garbage containers

garbage containers break in a street light phone books cars refrigerators wheelbarrows

i'm in shock this poor lady stop and stop stopping

and even a goddamn [ __ ] tree

royo indeed whoa these kids should grow up to do action movies war movies you know

pyrotechnics or whatever and also if they want to work in the forest um industry how do you

call it the wood chucking industry so that they can blow down trees but honestly guys

i'm really shocked with this right now this is kind of like a real deal it's it's it's it's fun

when adults do it but when kids get involved man it's total destruction this is actually

vandalism you know i'm sure there's a law against it there must be i mean there must be right

there must be i'm sure there is

you might be wondering is everyone cool with this yearly apocalypse well actually the

dutch are pretty divided on one side you've got people who clearly love the tradition

on the other side well they're less enthusiastic

medical experts point to these statistics while government officials point to the millions in

damage while some kids don't point at all decades of gruesome anti-firework campaigns seem to have

slowly swayed public opinion and political parties are increasingly in favor of banning the sale of

consumer fireworks completely on the other hand though there's people who love the exhilaration

and thrill of lighting fireworks and watching it together yeah i mean come on if it's if

it's done by a professional or someone who has experience i mean fireworks were actually uh a

weapon in ancient china you know chinese developed fireworks as uh as a you know as a weapon in war

so you can't can't give fireworks to anyone you know it should have a a a weapon it should be

charged as a weapon um i don't know how you call this maybe there are you know white i don't know

if it's called white collar weapons um i don't know how you call them i don't know the the right

name but there are weapons such as knives and you know these things are are are considered less

deadly let's say so i think fireworks should be banned in in in a certain age range

like for example kids below 16

18 maybe even 21 i don't know some people are are not mature and responsible enough at age 21

you know um so maybe even 21 only 21 and older could buy this this could be like an immediate law

given all the injuries right and it should be you know it should be

controlled more of course i don't know anything about the netherlands i'm just watching this video

and um i'm giving my um to i'm putting my two cents in based on what i'm watching and of course

i'm not i don't know i'm not even um i don't know i don't even know if my opinion matters but

um because i'm watching it my teacher instincts are kicking in but i think a solution would be

you know keep the fireworks but keep professionals the government should you know should do something

or the entertainment of um people you know rather than the people take it into their own hands

um parents should be responsible for their children and you know all of that because wow

this is a serious issue i i thought it was all fun and games in the beginning but the more that

we watch the video the deeper it gets and the more serious it gets and it it gets me uneasy

so that's why i'm commenting a lot about this and i'm sure you have your opinion about it

and as i said i i do like fireworks and i think people should have access to fireworks

but i think it should be in moderation such as you know the same goes with alcohol

because people get crazy when they drink end of year um so i think it should have

i don't know i think it should i don't know i'm just watching this video and i'm commenting but

i think it should have some type of control but let's finish watching the video and you

guys can also comment and let me know what what has been done because i'm pretty sure

if they're doing all of these campaigns i'm pretty sure there's um a progress and a debate

on top of the topic and this video might be a little bit old also i'm not pretty sure but

you know i do support people wanting to have fireworks and you know the thrill it's very fun

but i don't think children should have access to it and who would

hate to see yet another dutch tradition lost for now the healthy debate continues

wow so basically you have two choices stock up and stay in

or get out and stay low what have you two today's crazy happy new year stay safe whoa

i was looking straight into

into the fireworks hey guys uh thanks for watching the video and also to dump it for

all the great footage if you enjoyed the video we have more uh check us out on youtube and comfort

we have more uh check us out on youtube and facebook and for as little as a euro okay so

guys as i said i am in no position right now to talk about this because i'm not even from the

netherlands but um you you know where i stand and what my opinion is i think you should not lose the

dutch tradition but you should have um professionals and some type of law um you

know keeping children from doing what you know is wrong because i mean kids kids are kids right

they'll they'll be kids and they'll do stuff but at the end of the day we need to be careful not

only for our protection but for their protection as well um as as i said there must be a lot of

injuries and kids losing their hearing their eyes their hands at a very young age you know it is

it is it is really sad and not not only at that age at any age

you know but the kid will grow up with you know i think guilt and we just you know

got to prevent that we got to protect our children in any case i hope you guys enjoyed my reaction

let me know what you think in the comments down below don't forget to like and subscribe

and i will see you very soon let me know if i should react to anything else i'm sorry if this

video took a dark turn but you know it's the way the video was um was scripted um i didn't

know that it was gonna go that down that path i i thought it was just going to be a fun interesting

curious video but then they got me with all the ads they got me the first thing they got me with

was the dogs i was like oh poor dogs and then they talked about the ads and the accidents and

it took a dark turn really quick so i'm sorry if i overstepped in any way you know i always

try to respect every culture and i'm not trying to tell the dutch what to do i'm just saying you know

if there is a problem then um they they should fix it you know in any case i've been rambling

for too much and too long i will see you on the next video thank you guys for watching take care

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