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Hello! Ujiie here again.

The JP-8000.

This is really something!

As you can tell by looking at it,

the JP-8000 is a knob-laden Virtual Analog.

And, in keeping with the JP tradition,

not only in terms of design,

but sound as well,

it's loaded with good stuff!

Let's check out some of the sounds.

First off, something I found really interesting

after playing the JP for a bit,

was patch number one,

which is a bass sound.

Such a fat sound!

There are lots of unusual sounds, like this one...

There's a variety of sounds.

Regarding structure,

there are 2 oscillators, a filter,

an amplifierthe signal flow is left to right.

Let's use just one oscillator...

Ah there are effects also, chorus, delay etc.

Ok, let's look here at the oscillator.

Actually, something special about the JP-8000

is the Super Saw.

This is the first Roland synth to have it.

A normal sawtooth sounds like this...

Right? But the Super Saw sounds like this...

By simply choosing this waveform,

you get the fat, layered sound of

multiple sawtooth waveforms.

And the filter...

raise the resonance...

the filter is really powerful!

Let's adjust the envelope.

And the amp too...

There we go.

And that's how you make a sound.

Having this many knobs and sliders

really makes creating sounds a breeze.

No mistake, this is the Roland sound!

The ribbon controller is a very cool feature!

Perfect for realtime performance!

Ok, moving on,

let's look at Performance mode.

A Performance is made up of

a combination of patches,

like the sound I played at the beginning,

with the bass sound here,

and a nice, thick synth brass sound up here.

Nice combination. Or like this one...

different sounds on top and bottom.

Or a real fat lead sound...

Ahh that's really nice!

The Performance sounds really hit the spot!

The bright sounds are excellent!

Very nice!

The effects are at work here.

Chorus + Delay add just the right touch.

The JP-8000 is really a pleasure to play!

And that's all for the JP-8000!

Translation + Captions by:

SWCreative Japan.

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