Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Long kinky hair secret from Chad in Africa

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I'll take you on a journey to meet women from

an ethnic group in Chad called the "Badsada Arabs" (?)

The defining feature of this ethnicity is their long

frizzy hair which often reaches their thighs

They agreed to share their beauty secrets with me so I went

to find out how they make their hair grow out so long

and the recipe for their hair treatments

They coat their hair with a mix of ingredients

which keeps their hair extremely hydrated and moist

This stops it from breaking

from childhood, right through until they are adults.

[foreign stringed instrument playing]

(singing in foreign language)

the mix is made

mainly of a grain called "shevay" ,

a grain called 'mechlava su bien"

a type of stone called "misic"

which gives the mix a nicer smell


a resin called "samurh",

and fragranced oil

the lady who's invited us, roasts

and grinds each ingredient

she then passes them through a sieve until

they are all in powder form

next each each woman chooses their favorite hair butter

or oil which they will add to their mixture

traditionally women use beef fat,

but this was swapped, due to its very strong smell

Before applying the mixture,

she wets the hair

then, she applies the powder mix

and the chosen oil, in alternation, until the hair

is completely saturated

she then replats the hair, and wets it again

this ritual is repeated every five days

many people think their long hair is linked

to their genes, so I asked them if it was,

they said "No,

it wasn't at all genetic, they

don't apply the "shevay" to their fringe, & that stays short

whereas they do apply it

all over the rest of their hair, which grows long

and it doesn't break

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