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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Blue Care - I am what I am

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I used to think I should change. Find myself a better me but with time I

realised I am just what I am meant to be. I am the wrinkles in the corners of my

eyes. I'm in my laughter and every tear that I've cried.

I'm a thousand cherished memories twinkling up above. I am the passions that

I follow and the people that I love.

I am the highs and the lows and the moments in between.

I'm the places I've been to in the future that I dream.

I'm not perfect - my skin doesn't quite fit. But I am who I am,

body, mind and spirit. I am a life well lived in the place that I call home.

I'm proud of all I've done but I haven't done it alone.

I am what I am, all I was, and will ever be because of those who've shared this

journey with me.

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