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Difficulty: 0

Heard COC?

Yup, you heard it right, I was checking on smth

Shit Barba king is just there

Okay let's put him in upgrade

3300 Dark Elixirs

What should I do now

I am not sure


Okay, is there anyone who can do that for me?

You know, when you see the 1st rank player in China

They put on their name of their clans like BK

Like this

Is there anyone who can write BK for me?

I think I cannot do that myself

I want to copy and run

It costs?

how can I get 6 builders

Let's fast forward it to check if it is possible to get 6 builders

It is possible

Wait I have to have 9 holes?

Shit.....It would cost a fortune

I don't think I can do it rn

It is level 4

Okay I'll be sticking on that today

Let's go upgrade the miners with the training


Full on miners

Okay this is it right? level 9 lab

Wait, I used up all the elixirs

I'll get the small one

The miners use up small elixirs

Okay....35 miners

Hold tha tthought, I think I can get more

Edit army

Minus and check

Who cares about healers, I am trying to go with archer queen

I am full on miners

Let's march in

I can put miners in the middle right?

To here


Oh they move themselves

I'll try it on one

Oh this is how you do it

So they cannot dig up to here?



so they only work on the defense tower right?

Oh I see

Wait and this does not make sense

So they just go for the defense tower so if there are no towers to hit, they just hit the front

I will try

Rid of some

Edit the army

I will go with 25 miners and fill the rest with the healers

I think we need the healers because of the archer queen

Okay I'll see how it will go

If I loose a miner here

I should release them all?

Oh, they ruin it and go in over and over again?


They look like clans of hedge hogs

Break and enter

At one shot

and diving in

Wait this is not even real

And with the anger

And that hogs destroy everything


Break and enter

Wow they are getting in

They are breaking everything, this is not real



This is not even real

They broke everything at one shot

and I still have a minute and 45 seconds left

This is crazy, the hogs!!

I will go with 2 angers

Look at this

This is the by far most shocking thing I've seen in COC

Look at they dig


I found out why it was surreal

If we let 20 in at the same time, they just go for the defense tower

I think I can break 10 and 11 too

Okay miners


and one heal

Baby Dragons are no use

Where the fuck you heading

This dued has that


And has strong defense towers

But I'll charge anyways

I don't know if I can do this but

If I can make this, this is unreal

Let's goooooo


Wait what is that dropping from the sky

I cannot find the miners


Hold on

I can see why it is hard with the 11th hole

Cut cut

See that thing? from the sky

That guy kills'em all

Okay I will take a detour, now I see

If I can avoid that, I can do anything

I will get rid some of the healers

and I will go with miners

Okay, 26 miners and I don't need any angers but I have to make some space for the healers

Let's go with 5 healers

1 EQ

Only 11th hole can defense this

I think they own the X-bows

Wait no?

OKay this dude does not have that

Let's release the Archer queen and Barba king

They enter from here

and I will distract them with the EQ with cannons


40 miners, Let's goooooo

Okay follow the path of heal

I will pave the road with heals

Wait no no no no not the skull balloons

What the hell

FUCK that thing

This is a no no

All clear


Wait no no no

Admit this this was not what I expected

This was not what I anticipated it

I was shocked

I think this map is best for the miners

Wait I used my skill

40 miners

I hope I don't see that balloons again

I think 40 miners worth 3 PEKKAs

They get rid of the buildings first

Okay if my life reduces, I will start with the road of heals

here it goes

This is how I will pave the road

Okay I made the way

As I hear the sound

I think miners are pretty much alive

I can still hear the sounds

Look at the remaining time

If things go right, I think this is the fastest way

look I've done it

And 10 miners were working on the builder's house

This was quick

Shortest yet

Follow me all the little ones playing this game

Don't trust me too much tho

Don't click on the same spot but throw them in a line

oh like thiiiiiis? to look fancy?

I feel proud to see you learn

I am getting better, because of money dude

Okay I will now go with the strong ones

How does it look?

This one has some money

I think I can handle this

Barba king

Archer queen

I will hit the defense tower with EQ


Like the eagles

5 eagles

Okay with the heals

Wait NO!!

That was not in my mind

That blue dragon!!


That dude is off the chart

That dragon melts everything



MIners are crazy

They charged into the castle

And the laundry machine

Miners are doing their jobs

Okay I got his resources

Miners are all out

and adios archer queen

I see advantages of the miners

If I go in straight, I couldn't get the resources cuz it is normally at the middle

But they dig in towards the center

I really want to win this thing with only the miners

I think it is the best card I have yet

How does this look?

This is it

Okay I will throw EQ to the defense tower

Double cannon is little risky

and miners

Like the army of eagles

I love it

LIke I ace this

and only thing I have to do is to make ways for the heals

Cannons are doing its job

and that dragon??? AGAIN???

This is crazy

Okay I got the fridge

That dragon is not fast enough

That one is slow

The miners are like 4G while the dragon remains 3G

That dragon cannot keep up the speed

This was a counter punch

They cannot keep up the speed

Miners are still there

I still have 10

I've got the resources

Miners are doing their job

The miners are fooling the dragon

See it cannot keep up

The dragon cannot attack

It cannot attack

Cannot keep up the speed

It can do nothing


It is pretty normal to fail

This is an addiction

I can sense the achievement when I click them

Why don't you fast forward them all?

I just go with the gem right away

This is the ONE

I see cannos and mortars

To the right

No defense tower here


Good job


They are pretty stable this time

Full strength

They are tearing down everything

Without damaging their lives

Miners are all with me by far


Nothing can stop me

No one

Tore down everything

That miners are crazy

This clan was perfect

The end

In one shot


Miners were the heros today, they were legends

Two builders have nothing to do


Upgrade already

One inferno tower, one practice center


Full elixir storage? Use

That wasn't necessary

Now you regret using cash on COC

Yeah I used about 100,000,000 won

I used 4,000,000 won when I wasn't online

I was playing this one morning

I was upgrading 5 times

I lived a good life paying 110,000 won on games

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