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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Supergirl vs Wonder Woman vs Tiny Rick Monster Zombies NERF WAR: GIRLS RULE real life SuperHero Kids

Difficulty: 0


So relaxed.


There you are! I've been looking for you all morning!

So like yesterday I was talking to Tony!

And it was totally crazy

Because he didn't like Jean

And then Jean thought he was all crazy and everyone was screaming

And then Tony took the shield

and he was like fighting for him and everything

and it was so weird

and blah blah blah

talking, talking, talking

and Cap was crazy about it

Super girl!


I have things to do.

Can I please have some peace and quiet?




Where am I?

Hey, I know you.



Excuse you

You're that super girl chick from the comics.

Who are you?

I'm tiny Rick.

I travel through dimensions.

So what do you guys do here?

I don't really know. I guess we fight.


Oh! Violence is cool!

You should


You should totally fight her.

But Wonder Woman is my friend.

Nah she looks like a tight wad.

You've got to have some reason to fight her.

You know what, you're right.

She never listens to my super interesting stories.

Yeah, yeah that's right. How dare she.

Like my stories are so interesting. I can't understand why she wouldn't listen to them!

They are so interest....

Hey! Whoa, whoa! I don't really care!

Just go beat her up or something.

You're right!

Tiny Rick!

Oh super girl! What was that for?

You never listen to my stories.

That means we have to fight!

So be it!

This is fun and all but I've got something that will speed the whole thing up.

Tiny Rick!

You never listen to my stories! That means you have to pay!


Is that what this is all about?

Well yeah

It's not that I wasn't interested in your stories.

It's just that I had a lot of work to do.

I knew I would get it done more efficiently if I was alone.

I'm interested in your stories now.

Tell me about how Tony is totes jelly of Cap!

Oh my gosh he is so jealous!

Let me tell you about it!

Huh, morning what?

Hey, hey! Why did you guys stop fighting?


Well we have no reason to fight anymore.

Yeah, we're friends.

Well maybe I just need to give you a reason to fight!

Let's do this.

Get them my monsters!

Take cover!

They are really scary wonder woman!

I don't know if I can fight them off!

Hey, you got this!


It was nice meeting you ladies but I got to go!

I'm out of juice.

Best friends?

Best friends.

I'm not doing a freeze frame.



Wait for me!

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