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Honey Story

Honey Story

I'll be right there!

Bucky, Franny, try a little of my wild berry tea!

Its crazy good for you. Made from raspberries, and dewberries, and farkleberries. I picked them myself.

Thanks, a lot Bjorn! So tasty!

Bleh! Oh! Its sour! You should add some like, marmalade?

Nah, it doesn't need any marmalade, you just need to get used to it.

Oh... add some chocolate...

It does not need chocolate!

Well, then... uhh... honey?

You could add that, sure.

You know what? I've never tried honey before in my life. Not once.

Wha-a-at? No honey?!

Wha-a-at? No honey?!

We have to fix that! You're about to take your first step into a yummier world, Franny, my friend!

Well, let's go collect some honey from the bees for you to enjoy...

Uh-uh, uh-uh-uh! I'm not getting stung! Forget that! Who needs bees? I'll make my own honey. If the bees can do it, so can I.

I can do way better than a bunch of bugs!


Makin' honey...

Now, what am I going to need? Not that, not that either. That I will need! Negative. Affirmative. Negatory. Absotively.

Nope. Nope-aroony! No, thank you.

Hmmm. This should come in handy!

Alright, then...

Dear bees, good day!

Could I perhaps... have some honey?

Hello? That didn't work.

So: Plan B.

So, how does the honey-nator-izer work, you ask? Well, it's simple!

"Of course, everybody knows, honey is made from pollen! So we begin with a pollen gathering device... Or pollen ""slurp-upinator-izer"". Once slurp-upinator-ized, the pollen dissolves in water and mixes with sugar. Why sugar?"

Because everybody in the world knows that honey's very sweet!

That's right, Chicky, time to make the world's first bear honey!

This is very exciting!

Dear bee buddies! Please let me to take a little bit of your fine honey. And to say thanks, I'll - sing you a nice song.


IF THERE'S- Ouch! Ahhhhhhhh!



I'm very sorry! I didnt mean to upset you!

Git along, little horsey-upinator-izer. Yee-haw!

So here we go!

Slurp! Yes!! Yikes...

Buuuuucky! Ooh, save me from this army of bees!

Aah! Get off that whateverizer and help me, Bucky!

Bjorn, hold on!

I'll save you!

Yeah? When?

Because now would work great for me!

Uhhhhhh. Whew.

So? You like my honey?

Gross! That's like evil anti-honey!

Ugh. My plan like big super-failed plus.

My plan hyper crashed and burned as well. All I got was stung all over.

Bjorn, I'm sorry... It's not smart to get so close to bees.

What did you say? And what if you didn't have to get close to the bees? Franny, youre a mega-genius! Ill be back... C'mon...


This way the bees wont bother us at all. You see, Bjorn!

Go left. Back to the right. Up a little.

And we're in! Yeah!

Now a little slurp-downinator-ization... And we are in the honey.

Well, you're right! Honey is very delicious!

Also, it's nutritious!

"Turns out bees do pretty fine work. They've got me beat. My ""bear-honey"" was a whole new kind of awful. "

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