Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Pete Seeger on The Byrds and "Turn! Turn! Turn!"

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I remembered seeing a video of you at the night you were given the Kennedy Center

honors and clearly it you were

very moved when Jim McGuinn

sang, Turn! Turn! Turn!

Is it very powerful to hear your music?

Its a great honor. that recording of The Birds is a fantastic recording

a lot of harmony that they had to change my melody very slightly

but it works. Now when I sing it

most people have heard the song from The Birds record so I sing their version of

it rather than one I...

mine's ok but it's

as long as I sing it that way Ill sing it their version

Although never you can tell what will happen

in the ages. it's an extraordinary poem though and somebody made a whole

book out of it, can't remember the name of the publisher

but they've got a wonderful illustrator

do illustrations for every single line in the song

I changed it, of course they put the


the King James translation and then they print what I did with it. I rearranged it

very slightly so it rhyme better

Time of war time of peace a time you may embrace

and embracing peace with time of love time of hate time of war of time time of

time of love time of hate time of peace I swear its not too late

So I added one line of my one

to the King James version

What a poem that is

it is a

something worth considering

that the world is full of

opposites intertangled, good and bad untangling up all the time

Nobody knows

God only knows

and words being different things at different times

I tell everybody I probably told it to you don't know if it's in your book

the agricultural revolution took

thousands of years the industrial revolution took hundreds of years

Now the information revolution only taking decades

and if we use it

use the brains god gave us

Who knows what miracles may happened within the next few years.

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