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we are almost there at the reservoir Batak

that will a great refreshment

I will go swimming right now

we already filled up our water tank

here we are right at the lake

lake Batak to be correct

now all of us are hungry

and we are having BBQ today

there is cheese inside - it's melting already yummy

yes I know, I picked it

that's lamb, this is toast

this is pork

everybody is hungry - we are getting closer and closer to the grill

it smells great already

all but Kalle

Kalle has got a spoon

and wet ground

and plays with it

come on Kalle, let's make a hole.

and Madita too

the fight for food has started

where is my toast? I worry it will get burned

Kalle is happy

the cheesy sticks need some more time

a Bulgarian angler was coming by just a moment ago

and brought as this fresh catched fish

probably he thought we got the fire funning already

and the fish would be right on time for us

but to tell the trues - I never prepared a fish for grilling before

so that's the day

today we gonna find out! And how we gonna do it?

of course with youtube

that's a fish

do we need to take out the heart?

yes sure

we are about to learn how to do it

to prepare the fish

we found out it's probably a pike

it's huge

I would like to catch a shark or a dolphin

daddy look the people over there are also having a fire ... and there ... and there

Lena can't wait to do it

where do I have to cut into it?

maybe from there?

oh my goodness

looks how they are doing that. They did cut in here.

the knife stucks in the fish

shouldn't you hold it while slicing ?

you have to put in your thumb

that's how they showed it

and then pull

I will hold and you will cut

Tino that looks totally realistic

well I would say it's quite real !

there is a Ladybird on the fish

will it bring luck to the fish?

or will get reborn as a Ladybird

yes maybe

unfold it, open it

cut all the way down

it shines so nice inside

and now you have to remove everything from inside

yes pull it out with your hand

where is the swimming bubble?

OMG what I'm doing

you need to take out everything

we will look for our fish now

it got dark outside already

there it is

let get inside

yes we eat inside

welcome to Tinos fish restaurant

what are we serving today? Pike.

grilled Pike

I need to pull it out somehow

okay I will grab something out of our well organised drawer

there he is - the pike

now open it

and remove the middle bone

hmm still steaming

it's falling of the bone very nicely

it can happen so quickly

just one hour ago still in the lake

swimming around

now ot our plate

lemon? yes please

oh tasty!


really tasty!

Lena, it worked!

challenge fish accomplished

such a nice place

a herd of horses came by

running all over the place without fence

the one with the bell is the boss

can I fondle it? try it

look Kalle, horses

so many horses

they are enjoying the sun

did you see it rolled around

and back


an amazing place

Kalle has got a new fire truck toy

and is very happy about it

has got a comfortable place on the table

and plays

is it a ladder?

you can assemble it again

yes like that

and also inside the kids are playing Lego

wow what great car did you build

I have got a flight spaceship


we gonna collect strawberries

and if we find blueberries we take them too

and in case we find a mushroom too

we take it with us

that's so cool

lets go mummy

let's go

who is coming there?


I looked for the girls

they are swimming

Lena and Anne are swimming and Julies is taking photos

oh Madita did you hear that? Can we still make it on time?


it's rumbling

so tiny the wild strawberries

yes so tiny !

but sooo delicious

we just started, our bucket is still empty

hmm tasty

this one is good and this one and...

we just found a very good spot full of blueberries

Madita gets some already

and is tasting them

and here are many of them

here are our strawberries and blueberries

but it's starting to rain

and we thought we

better go back to our Frieda

it's enough for us

mummy I see the way we were coming from

yes, we can see the lake already

come lets go

come and see what we have collected

look at our bucket

great, isn't it

now we gonna have yummy break

all kids are sitting around the little table

Kalle doesn't like berries

oats, flakes, berries, oat milk

Look at Lenas perfectly arranged bowl.

and Madita enjoys it already

what a subtle background sound

this sound was NOT added post edit

let's look for the weather

the wind changed direction

even the lake

has some waving sound today

it's wonderful

not like in the river

much warmer

Madita are you preparing tea?

and Kalle is splashing at Madita

here it is, you want some tea?

oh of course thank you!

you are moving. Noo.

come to me.

you are moving. No I stand still.

we want to start a fire

and Anne tries to make fire wood

are you looking forward to the marshmallows?


I bet you can't make it with one hit

I knew it.

Anne you are doing a great job

and Kalle brings the wood pieces

to the fire place

Oh Anne I bet 100% I could do the next one better

Kalle, put it next to the fire place, not inside yet


here, just put it here

Madita is coming


marshmallow on a stick

everybody get only one at first

Anne can you put one on my stick

oh yummy I love marshmallows

hmm today we got marshmallows on stick

Kalle don't you want to grill your one ?

he already did a little bit

it's sticky

that's the reason we have it on a stick. So we don't need to touch it.

and tonight we get some horses visiting us

that's cool

and they are still making marshmallows

today we gonna move on

let's start the engine

right through the mud!

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