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- Electricity costs are huge, especially here in Texas.

- I get killed, by the way.

- Well, and here's how I'm gonna save you some money, Pete.

15 years ago, Texas deregulated energy,

but 90% of Texans are still overpaying

for electricity because it's very complicated

to figure out what promotion and what usage

and there's 1500 promotions and sales out there going on.

There's a tech company out of Houston called Energy Ogre.

I like to call it the consierge service for electricity.

They figure out what your usage is

and they take care of finding you

the best plan, switching you over.

It costs 10 bucks a month,

but most people save $800 to $2000 each year.

- You know, I've heard of them and I haven't used them.


- I mean, it's so cheap, and you save so much money.

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