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personai hi my name is Steve it is nice

to meet you

person B I'm Jack it's a pleasure to

meet you Steve person a what do you do

for a living Jack

person B I work at the bank

personai what is your name

person be Jackson person a what was that

again person a hey John how have you


person B what a surprise I haven't seen

you in a long time how have you been

person a I'm doing very well how about

you person B I finally have some free

time I just finished taking a big

examination and I'm so relieved that I'm

done with it

person a hi Nancy what have you been up

to person B the same old same old

or the same as usual how about you

person a I'm pretty busy at work of

these days but otherwise everything is

great person a and E it's been a long

time how are you man person B what a

surprise I haven't seen you in a long

time how have you been person a do you

come to this restaurant often person B

I've been here a couple of times but I

don't come on a regular basis hi how are

you doing

I'm doing great how about you

not too bad

do you come to this restaurant often

I've been here a couple of times but I

don't come on a regular basis

what have you been up to

I'm pretty busy at work these days but

otherwise everything is great

well have a good evening

you too

it's nice to meet you my name is Jack

I'm Steve it's a pleasure to meet you

what was your name again Steve

so Steve what do you do for a living

I work at the public library how about


I'm a university student

that's great it was nice meeting you

yeah it was a pleasure meeting you

hey Jack it's good to see you wow how

long has it been it seems like more than

a year I'm doing pretty well how about


not too bad

what movie did you come to see

I came here to see matrix revolution how

about you I'm going to watch Finding

Nemo hey there what have you been up to

nothing really how about your work

it's so boring there I really wish I had

a different job is it really that bad

yeah most of the time I have nothing to

do but whenever I have something to do

it's boring work because it's the same

old thing why don't you find a different

job then

maybe I should hi Steve what's your plan

for tonight I don't have any plans are

you doing something special

well if you're bored let's plan on

meeting up tonight that sounds like a

good idea should we invite Bob he's a

little boring what do you mean

well he doesn't drink play video games

pool or really anything the only thing

he talks about is history you do have a

point we'll leave them out tonight

all right let's meet at 8:30 in front of

the University Bookstore perfect I'll

see you later tonight hello hi Jane what

are you doing I'm doing the laundry I'm

so bored

I have nothing to do why don't you come

over and help me with the laundry

I'd rather do my own house chores hey

you want to take a break from your

housework and have coffee at Starbucks

with me

sure that sounds great I'll meet you

there in 30 minutes

hi jack what are you doing hi Mary

I'm filling out a job application are

you finished with school already no I

have one more semester but it would be

great to have a job lined up

how is your day going

quite busy I'm preparing for my

presentation tomorrow on our marketing

strategy I'm not even half done yet

you must be stressed by now that's an


what are you doing now

I'm playing pool with my friends at a

pool hall

I didn't know you play pool are you

having fun I'm having a great time how

about you what are you doing I'm taking

a break from my homework there seems to

be no end to the amount of work I have

to do I'm glad I'm not in your shoes how

is your day Interactive practice

what are you doing now I'm watching TV

what are you watching

I'm watching friends what are you doing

I'm doing my homework but I really need

to take a break you want to do something

yes but I shouldn't I got to finish my

assignment now all right call me later

then okay bye where are you going now

I'm going to the bank aren't you

supposed to be at work I'm working now

I'm making a deposit for our company

where do you work I work for a

restaurant as a controller

Wow that's great great seeing you I have

to go now

I'll talk to you later hi Steve what are

you doing here I'm meeting a friend here

for dinner how about you I'm on my way

home but I needed to stop by the

bookstore to buy a textbook didn't you

finish school yet I have one more year

and then I'm done

what are you majoring in I'm majoring in

sociology how do you like your major I

really find the subject very interesting

I'm enjoying all my classes that's great

I had a better go now I don't want to

miss the bus all right I'll talk to you

later okay see you later

bob is in the hospital did you get a

chance to visit him I'm going to see Bob


I thought you had to meet John tomorrow

I'm going to meet John at the airport at

6 o'clock tonight I'm going home now do

you want to head out together no thanks

I'm going to go home in about an hour

didn't you need to buy a present for

your brother's birthday I'm going to do

that tomorrow I'm going to go to the bus

stop right after class so I won't have

time to meet you

that's okay we can always get together

tomorrow why do you look so stressed

I'm going to be dead if I don't finish

this project by tomorrow

I thought you had two weeks to finish

this project

I don't have time to explain now I'll

talk to you later since we are done with

school when are you going home

I'm going to go home next week

me too do you want to meet at the train

station on Sunday

sure I'll meet you there at five

do you have any plans tonight I have

class until five o'clock but I'm free

after that do you want to grab dinner I

don't have any dinner plans so that

sounds great

what time should we meet

I need to go to the bookstore first so

let's meet at 6 o'clock

let's go to Everland next week

I can't I'm Way too busy

what are you doing next week on Monday

I'm going to meet my professor Tuesday I

have a job interview Wednesday I'm going

to the dentist and on Thursday I have to

go visit my parents

why are you so busy

I've been procrastinating for a long


what are you doing over the weekend

I'm going to exercise meet some friends

and then watch TV

who are you going to meet

my friend from middle school is visiting

so we're going to have dinner on


how long is he going to stay

he is only here for a day

where are you going to eat dinner

I plan on taking him to an Italian


why didn't you come to my party last

night I'm sorry I couldn't make it I had

to go visit my grandmother at the


oh I'm sorry to hear that is she doing

okay they just completed a small

operation and the doctor said she should

recover did you get a chance to go to

that new restaurant down the street

yeah I ordered the special but the

server screwed up my order

that sucks so what ended up happening

they finally got my stake out but it was

overcooked it was a terrible experience

what did you do last weekend I went on a

date with Sammy really how was it

I couldn't ask for a better night we

talked all throughout our to our dinner

and then we sat by the river and cuddled

into the night

didn't you finish finals week

don't remind me I think I failed most of

the exams

why did you do so terrible my mind just

went blank I think I overloaded my brain

I just couldn't concentrate during the

exams what did you do last night

I met some friends and we had some

drinks at the bar did you drink a lot I

got so drunk that I don't remember how I

got home

why did you drink so much

I was so depressed I just wanted to

forget about everything

how was the airplane ride it was a

12-hour flight it was so boring I tried

to sleep but it was too uncomfortable on

the plane

how about the movies they play on

international flights I saw both movies

they played I was just unlucky

did you take a book with you

I accidentally packed it with my luggage

that I checked in

what did you do last weekend

I went to a party how was the party it

was way too crowded and the food was

gone before I got there what time did

you get home it was pretty boring so I

left at 10:00 and got home before 11:00

what is the average temperature in Seoul

during June it is usually about 26

degrees Celsius during June

what is that in Fahrenheit

that would be about 80 degrees

Fahrenheit hey John it's beautiful out

today isn't it yeah I wish it would be

like this every day

did you see the weather forecast

unfortunately it's supposed to start

raining tomorrow night

do you know what the weather is going to

be like tomorrow it's supposed to be the

same as today I don't think the weather

will change much for the next week or so

that's great

why are you so happy do you have

anything planned

yeah I'm going to ever lend with my

family this weekend so I was hoping for

good weather

I can't believe it is raining so much

it's not really that bad last year we

had floods in four different areas of

the city really does it always rain so

much during this time of year

this is not as bad as usual during the

monsoon season we usually have rain for

three weeks


hi Bill how are you doing I'm doing

great how are you doing

I'm doing well myself

what have you been up to lately

well I just started to work at the bank

so I'm pretty busy learning everything

does that mean you already finished

school I thought you had one more

semester left

I took summer courses so I finished one

semester early

it's great that you got a job I'm really

happy for you


we should get together for lunch


yeah that would be great

I'll call you sometime

okay I'll see you later alright see ya

hi Mary oh hi

how are you doing I'm doing all right

how about you not too bad the weather is

great isn't it

yes it's absolutely beautiful today I

wish it was like this more frequently

me too

so where are you going now

I'm going to meet a friend of mine at

the department store

going to do a little shopping yeah I

have to buy some presents from my


what's the occasion

it's their anniversary

that's great well you better get going

you don't want to be late

I'll see you next time

sure bye hi my name is Josh it's a

pleasure to meet you hi Josh I'm glad to

be here did you have any problems

finding this place

I didn't have any problems I found


on the internet so it was pretty easy to


however the traffic was not that great

traffic is never good around here

I agree it would be great if there was a

train or a subway line that went through


that would be so great I would

definitely take the train if they had it

trains are great because you can read a

book or get a little rest instead of

having to fight the traffic very true

well let me begin by telling you about

our company

hey Paul what are you doing here how's

it going I'm meeting up with a friend


how have you been man not too bad I'm

still in school and having a little fun

how are you enjoying mr. Lee's History


it's so boring tell me about it

if it wasn't a requirement I wouldn't

have taken it how about you what have

you been up to

I finished school last spring I'm

searching for a job now but I'm slacking


I heard the job market is not that hot

right now I can always take a low-end

job but I'm not that desperate yet well

good luck to you Thanks

it was good seeing you again

yeah I'll catch you later have a good


you're John right yes

oh you're in my English class right yeah

I'm Marta well it's good to finally meet


how are you enjoying the class I'm not

sure some days it seems okay but other

days I am totally bored in class I know

what you mean I haven't seen that son in

two weeks the weather has been pretty

terrible recently I'm really hoping the

weather gets better

do you have something coming up to tell

you the truth it's just been depressing

seeing so much rain

I don't blame you it has been pretty

gloomy for some time now

this is my stop I'll see you later I'll

see you in class bye hey John I'm going

to see the matrix with Peter and Brad do

you want to come when are you guys going

we're going to see the eight o'clock


that would be great where are you guys


we're meeting at the theater at 7:30

great I'll meet you guys there

hey Joe what's up Mike

I was wondering if you have any plans

for tomorrow night um I don't think I

have anything special for tomorrow why

do you want to see the Titanic with me I

wanted to see that yeah let's go what

time is good for you how about 7:30

sure I'll meet you at the theater at


movies interactive practice I hear

Batman is supposed to be good do you

want to go see it tomorrow

I have to eat dinner with my family

tomorrow we can watch The Late Show I

think it starts at 9:45 that would be


what time can you be at the theater by

I can be there by 9:15 okay I'll meet

you there

what are you doing tomorrow nothing


let's watch a movie or something what's

on these days I think they're playing

Lord of the Rings that sounds pretty

good let's watch that where should we


how about at the subway entrance all

right I'll meet you there at one o'clock

hey Steve what are you doing these days

just working the same as usual have you

seen sherée

no I haven't seen that yet let's go

watch at some time it's a weekend and

you should take a break

well to think of it that sounds great

I'll give you a call tomorrow about noon

and let you know the time

okay I'll see you tomorrow see you what

should we do this Saturday

rocky 6 is supposed to come out to this


yeah but I don't know if it's going to

be any good

the only reason I want to see it is

because I have seen the previous five

true okay let's see it this Saturday

how about we hook up for lunch at 12:00

and then go see the movie afterwards

sounds like a plan let's meet in front

of Tower Records at 12 o'clock movie

types interactive practice

what types of movies do you like

I like comedies how about you

action action is fun too what types of

movies do you like

I like all sorts of movies primarily

drama and science fiction

that's an interesting combination how

about western movies

Western and whore are the two types of

movies that I don't care for

why don't you like horror they're


some are entertaining but I find most of

them stupid and childish for example I

don't understand why a person always

goes into a house alone when something

is suspicious

haha I know what you mean but it's just

a movie they need the characters to do


hey you want to see a movie tomorrow

sounds like a good plan what do you want

to see

how about Legally Blonde

ah my girlfriend wanted to see that

movie I have to take her later so I

don't want to watch it ahead of time how

about the cube

isn't that a scary movie

how scary can it be come on it'll be fun

okay I'll give it a try

that's the spirit I'll see you tomorrow

after class

okay see you tomorrow

movie discussion example dialog did you

like the movie it was better than I

thought I liked it

the movie didn't have many cheesy or

stupid scenes yeah I'm glad that they

didn't have love scenes sometimes a love

scene destroys a good movie

I thought the scene where the girl was

washing her hair and Tom Cruise came to

say goodbye

was stupid why did they have to do that


I agree they didn't need that scene I

don't see the harm in that scene they

didn't do anything or show anything

what's the big deal when you are talking

about two good movies versus great

movies each and every scene counts

that's true but besides those one or two

scenes the movie was great I liked

everything about it I really liked the

samurai that was beating up crews in the

beginning of the movie the guy second in


he was cool too every movie has a guy

like him they tried to make him awesome

even though they don't say much I don't

understand why Tom Cruise went back to

that village if he was the only survivor

wouldn't that make everyone suspicious

about where his loyalties lie

it was clear in the movie that he loved

the place and should the samurais

clearly everyone knows that he isn't a

traitor I would have done the same thing

in his position I think so too

but isn't it suspicious that he is the

only survivor well all the samurais were

looking for a death in battle Cruz

wasn't but only the boss received the

satisfaction of being killed with a

sword nobody else did

true what are we going to order I am

going to have a chicken burger because

of the mad cow disease me too I'm just

having a soup and a salad

favorite interactive practice

what are you doing tomorrow

I'm going to stay home and watch a video

what are you going to watch

I rented last of the Mohican have you

seen it that was one of my favorite

movies you will not be disappointed

what's your favorite food I like Chinese

food the most have you been to the

Chinese restaurant on 44th Street no I

haven't is it good it's my favorite

Chinese restaurant I believe you will

like it

that sounds great let's go hey Jack how

are your classes the semester they were

not too bad I really liked my poly

science class would you consider it your

favourites class I don't know if I would

call it my favorite but it ranks up to

there what class was your favorite then

I took a business communication class

last year and it was terrific I never

took that yet if it was your favorite I

think I will check it out

hobby interactive practice hey Bob what

are you doing

I met home painting I didn't know you

painted what type of painting is it I

enjoy oil painting I learned it in one

of my extra classes in college

that sounds so interesting I wish I

learned a hobby hobbies are never too

late to learn they offer a variety of

classes at the local community college

you should look into them I think I will

thanks for the info hey Joanne what are

you up to I'm just watching some


I'm so bored I don't know what I'm going

to do today and it is only 10:00 in the


me too do you think we are boring people

I don't think we are boring it's just

that we don't have any hobbies that's

right what do you think we should do as

a hobby

that all depends on what you like to do

for example I like to doodle on the

notepad so I'm thinking about doing some

real drawings I like to play the piano

for fun

yeah that can be a good hobby hobbies

are great I'm going to make a list of

all the things I like to do

that's a great idea I'm going to do the


exercise interactive practice

hi Michael where are you going nowhere

special I was just taking a walk what

for to get a little exercise I'm so out

of shape hey I play basketball with a

bunch of friends twice a week it's great

exercise and it's fun too why don't you

come out and play with us

that sounds great

give me a call next time you guys play

all I do all day is work and watch TV I

really should start thinking about my

health I never thought about it but

you're right what do you think we should

do for starters we should start doing

more outdoor activities that way we'll

get some exercise I was thinking about

taking tennis lessons I always have an

hour to spare in the afternoon what do

you think about that that's not a bad

idea how much is it I heard it is only

about 120 dollars a month for each


playing tennis twice a week will be a

good start

count me in gym exercises interactive

practice what do you do besides work and

watching TV when I have some time I like

to exercise do you go jogging or do you

go to a health club I joined Samsung

health club a couple months ago how do

you exercise I usually spend 30 minutes

on the bicycle for the cardio and then I

lift weights for about 45 minutes how

often do you go I want to go 4 times a

week but I'm too lazy last week

I only went to workout once hey Jimmy

let's go workout later today sure what

time do you want to go how about 3:30

that sounds good today we work on legs

and forearm Hey I just played basketball

earlier so my legs are a little sore

let's workout on arms and stomach today

I'm on a weekly schedule

you're messing everything up come on

we're only switching 2 days you can do

legs on Friday all right I'll meet you

at the gym at 3:30 then damn Scott you

got big

yeah I've been working out a lot how

long have you been lifting weights for a

year and a half yeah last time I saw you

it was like two years ago hasn't been

that long how often do you go to the gym

I usually go every other day

for about three hours that's a lot yeah

I used to work out for an hour a day

four times a week and I saw no results

this is what you have to do to get

noticeable results I don't think I have

the discipline for that just think of it

as a hobby then it's actually fun

general things to review interactive

practice how are you doing I'm doing


what movies have you seen lately I saw

Forrest Gump the other day what type of

movie is that the movie type is drama I

can't believe you are watching movies

the weather is great you should be

outside I hate the hot weather I'd

rather stay indoors with the

air-conditioner what else

you like to do besides watching movies I

like to play computer games read books

go shopping and play pool out of those

what is your favorite

my favorite is to play computer games

what is your favorite computer game my

favorite is Diablo it used to be

Starcraft but it is getting a little old

if you like to play so much when do you

ever exercise although I hate to

exercise I go jogging at least twice a


that's pretty good by the way what are

you doing next Saturday I am going to

the bookstore I am having a party

Saturday night at my house if you have

time you should come that sounds like


great I'll see you on Saturday okay see

you later hello hi Steve this is Mike

what are you doing oh hi I was just

watching TV there's nothing to watch

right now I know I was watching a rerun

I have nothing to do and I was bored me

too let's get together and do something

I'd like to but I have to meet my

parents in an hour for dinner how about


yeah let's plan something tomorrow did

you hear the weather forecast for

tomorrow I think it's going to be the

same as today clear and sunny that's

great we can do something outdoors then

are there any special events going on

tomorrow yeah I think there's a live

outdoor concert by the river tomorrow oh

yeah I heard about that too let's go

check it out do you know what time it

starts it's

at 1:00 p.m. let's meet for lunch at

11:30 and afterwards we can head over

there perfect

I'll see you in front of the apartment

at 11:30

Steve is that you yeah what's going on

not much what a surprise to see you here

yeah it's been a couple of months since

I saw you what have you been up to I

just started working out really where do

you work at it

I joined Samsung health club last month

what do you mostly do during your

workout I concentrate mostly on my legs

chest arms and stomach I should start

exercising more it's hard work while

exercising but it's a great feeling when

I get done I have a running machine at

home I used to use it but I already got

sick of it

exercising at home is hard the

environment is not suited for exercising

if I want to exercise I will need to

join a gym I have a couple of guest

passes you want to check out my health

club that's a good idea

let's go over the weekend great I'll

call you Saturday morning all right I'll

talk to you later

okay bye the weather is terrible yeah

it's been raining a lot these days I


and watching a lot of videos at home

because of the constant rain have you

heard when it's supposed to get better I

saw the weather reports and it's going

to rain for the next eight days

that sucks so much what are we going to

do I'm getting pretty bored we should do

something despite the rain I'm with you

what do you have in mind I haven't been

to the mall in a long time let's go

there that sounds good

they have a movie theater there so if we

get bored we can watch a movie

great I'll stop by your place now okay

don't forget to bring your umbrella the

rain can start up anytime

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