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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 91-Year-Old Grandma Guesses Pokemon Names

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You want me to name an Animal like That are you Crazy

I'm not what do you think it's name i don't know it Was strawberry i

What do you think its name is?

Don't know You tell me hold the sore huh Bulbasaur

I don't know any of them there's a piece of Leaf on it i'm sore i

So what are you gonna do with Ivysaur?

Battle People

You can't Battle People That's a Beautiful animal!

But That's how it goes in the game you catch on then you make them battle each Other

What is your name oh?


Ribbon That's your name

close Enough It's venus or What venus or where the hip oh i like that i

Call him Hamilton

Charmander Well I call Him what did i Just go on Him

Yeah well hamilton he's Very important oh?

He's He's Having a Little Trouble With This tail?

Yeah he's Burning Up mausi


you're ridiculous

sure million Amazed It Will Have Called Him mum alone

Journaled or something a Newspaper a

Blue-Eyed Jerk But You can't Say Jerk

Boy That's a neat

Animal did you Draw that oh?

Yeah It's Unusual Charizard

All right Tumbleweed

squirtle What squirtle squirtle

Like Tea What do you Say going to squirt Water

See he's like a sporting turtle squirtle yeah well i'm not gonna do that

Well That's the same One Except he's Got a Big tail back there or something?

What's your name wartortle wartortle wartortle Water


Yeah It's Pieces he's lucky His pieces are attached to him two pair of


You don't see that Their Cannons

They Blast Water

Black Water That's not Black His last Water his cannons Blast Water

Okay you know it is no he's a blastoise

That's not a Black Toy it's blue and a White last Toys


While you save Your Way i'll have my Way I'm not calling that Thing Black

Do you want to stop here yeah okay we're good thank you grandma

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