Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Ruud Lubbers: "Bilderberg? Ik ben daar geweest als Minister-president" (EN subs)

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Ruud Lubbers: "Bilderberg? I was there as PM."

- "I need to go in a hurry"

You're in a hurry, can I walk with you? - "yes you can"

Well you were just talking about Brussels, I was wondering...

about the expenses claims of Euro-Commissionars for Bilderberg.

- "I know nothing of what they did there."

No? Because you were also there at the Bilderberg?

- "I was at the Bilderberg, but I never claimed any expenses."

You never claimed any expenses? - "No"

No? So, what is being discussed there, Mr Lubbers?

- "Yes, you wil have to...... We will need to do that aother time."

- "This is not the way..."

But another time is difficult.

Because everybody seems to want to be very quiet about Bilderberg.

- "Well, no. There are 2 kinds of Bilderberg. For a clear understanding:"

- "There is a Bilderberg by the Queen, the House of Orange...

- "That is the international confidential conference."

- "Maybe you're asking about that?" I am talking about the Bilderberg...

... Conferences you attended 4 times indeed.

- "Well, I attended the international Bilderberg in the past..

as Prime Minister." Yes exactly!

- "I thought you were talking about the annual Bilderberg."

No. - "About the meeting of the VNO-NCW (Dutch Entrepeneur Union)

No about the Bilderberg Conference that was held....

- "I have to search my memorie.." 1983 was the first time I think...

I grew up with you. - "That might very well be, because I became PM in 1982.

Would you like to answer that Mr. Lubbers? - "No, absolutely not"

No? Why not? - "Because i've been out of politics for 20 years...

So, i am not going to rattle about it anymore..."

No? Because it would be great. Because there is a big lack of clarity..

.. about Bilderberg. Many people would like to know about this.

- "For me that is a part of history. I have not been to Bilderberg..

for over at least 15 years."

Mr. Lubbers we see history repeating itself regularly.

So we see a other PM going ( Bilderberg)

Would you please lift a bit of the veil?

- "No, not really!"

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