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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How To Hand Feed Baby Bird | Recommended for Trick or Free Flight Training

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Hi Sahabat Birdie!

In this video, i will show you

How to feed baby bird

Hand feeding is very good for taming the bird

So, it can be easily learn some tricks

and even free flight training

Let me introduce them

These are my new pets

Baby Non Eye-Ring Lovebird

This is Blue

Blue is a baby Blue Turqouis Lovebird

And this is Ray

the one that i choose for free flight training in the future

OK, guys. Before we learn how to feed them

Let's prepare the meal, first.

The first one is a hand rearing food for parrots.

Then we prepare the glass

Syringe as a tool for feeding

Boiling water to cook the hand rearing food

A whistle also a certain colored shirt as a pointer

is very necessary for free flight training

Scoop the food

put it in to the glass

and pour the boiled water

Stir the food until well blended

and shouldn't be too thick

after it well blended, put it into the syringe

For the little one Blue.

I give him about 4-5 ml food

And for the bigger one, Ray.

I give him about 5-6 ml

Next, we bring Blue & Ray.

Blow the whistle several time as a sign to dine

The whistle should sound monotone

Feed him right after you blow the whistle

Gradually he will understand

that the sound of the whistle means it's time to eat

Do it constantly until the birds are full

I do this feeding process

4 times a day

and will decrease following the age of bird that gets bigger

The feeding time is enough

if the crop is already full, like this.

Okay, guys.

That's how you feed the baby bird.

So it can be easily tamed, and respond to whistle.

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