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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Orthodox rabbi relates his personal experiences with the Zionists in the DP camp

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was zionism having an impact in your community

was secularism having an impact among the Jews

zionism head an impact

there where organized

zionist groups as a matter of fact

one of the ulrta leftists by the name of

hashomer hatzair had

a they

hired a basement in

our block and

they were singing and dancing and doing

things and

so we knew that there is such

movement as leftists the

word zionism meant

jews who would like

to convert the jewry

into non religious people

this was self understood when anyone

mentioned the word zionism I was

later to find out in my own experience

how through this

was if you want I I'll tell you one experience

that I had after liberation

I was the

chief rabbi of one of the largest DP camps

in Bavaria named leipheim


it was near

Ulm and

one day the people come in

very happy that a

soldier a Jewish soldier came to the camp

with Hebrew writing on his

uniform Sochnut

Hayehudis and

everyone was so overwhelmed after this Chorben

to see a Jewish soldier with hebrew wording


one week later after he arrived a teacher calls me from the

school that

the chayal he was called in Hebrew the chayal

is going in the clases ansking children

who believes that there is a God in heaven

and if they raised their hands he's trying to convince them that it's not so

it took the had of the

UNRRA to call

the general of the american army to remove him

so I experienced myself

i'm an eye witness that the very leftist

the shulamis alonis are trying

to achive that

The Description of Orthodox rabbi relates his personal experiences with the Zionists in the DP camp