Practice English Speaking&Listening with: "Beauty & The Beast" - Grooming & Makeup for Covid Mask Workers & Lockdown Video Chatting

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Hi Sharon Danley here of Two Minute Tips for Healthy Beauty & Confident Aging

Beauty and masks - what do we do for frontline workers

and those in lockdown. First wash your hands as prescribed for 20 seconds with soap & water

20 seconds with soap and water and make sure your

tools and products are sanitized and organized

all you'll need is a few brushes, gel liner, lash curler,

powder foundation, blush with vaseline or your Superstay Lip Colour, not shown here

and some alcohol to clean directly after use.

Now the only areas shown outside our masks are

brows, lash lines, and the darkness around our eyes

and over the bridge of our nose but

first unable to visit the nail salon gel nails have grown out or come off

especially with increased hand washing i found no polish applying a rich hand

and nail cream after every washing around the cuticles and under the nail

has worked very well in keeping my nails healthy and i use

vaseline every evening for the same purpose and they look

pretty darn good for my age

next facial hair straight or electric razors

for brows and face and tweezers and manicure scissors for detailed brows

i prefer an electric face razor which has a smaller blade for brow peach fuzz

and the longer blade for the other areas of the face

for brow detailed work tweezers are best and for those extra long hairs a

disposable mascara wand assists in trimming with the scissors

eyebrows the architectural foundation of the face

correction of misshapen brows does wonders

for our facial expressions too powder foundation your favorite brushes

or sponge simply apply with the goal of concealing

your entire eye especially in the corners

sides and under the eye you can see the difference

that even that little bit of makeup makes in brightening them up

and i always do a second layer where needed like

most of us in the front corners of the eyes the back end

and under the eyes and then i apply my two shades lighter powder foundation

to give even more brightness next i heat up my lash curler under the hot water

for about 10 seconds wipe it dry and i apply the holder

to each lash for about 15 seconds and i prefer the shoe umera lash curler

does a great job i use the l'oreal double extend

tube mascara i apply the white color first

immediately followed by the black color and i

only give it one coat to keep the overall look

in balance

for this lighter look of the eyes i prefer the annabelle

smooth liner gel pencil after it's heated under the hot water

i apply close to the lashes on the upper waterline

going in between where my lashes are sparse

then i apply the outer corner only of the lower lash line

as well

now you can also forget mascara and use the same

gel pencil to color your lashes as they've already been curled

use a combination of a windshield wiper motion or draw upwards from the base

for comparison my right eye has the mascara

and the left eye has the gel pencil on the lashes

now with a detailed dome brush we add a little eye

shadow in a dark taupe medium brown or gray along the outer edge of our upper

and lower lash lines

and note how it's just blended but just to give some depth without any

definition now on the other side take note also of how

the eye shadow is drawn out past the corner of the eye

now to the brows but first i make sure there's enough powder foundation

on my brows and then with my detailed flat angled brush

i draw on my first guideline and then fill in when i'm happy with the shape

then i stamp on the brow hairs in a vertical motion with the flat

edge of the same brush

next i draw the guideline on the other


now before i fill that one in i measure to make sure they're

both at the same height then i fill in and do the same process as the other


oops that left one's a little darker so i'm simply going

to use a disposable mascara one and brush away

the excess and once that's done i'm going to go over just a little bit with

some more powder foundation and voila eyes strengthened

brows shaped skin brightened i'm good to go

now for those cloistered working at home or

doing web visits we just need to add a little bit more

powder foundation to the lower part of our face with a little extra around the

nose and the sides of the lips as usual

then with a little blush in the usual manner

is all we need however if you have too much

all you have to do is lighten it up a little bit

with your foundation powder over top for lips either the long wear lip color

as a stain or blush mixed with vaseline for a soft

lip color now with a clean finger or a brush

grab a little product off the wand or you can tap the doe foot onto the lips

and spread around as shown smoosh your lips together or blot with a


then seal the product with your balm either with your finger

or straight from the container

the other choice with a clean finger or q-tip

grab a little blush and mix with vaseline - apply

and smoosh


So for our precious front line workers or

if you're video chatting or working from home this three minute makeup is

Fast, Easy & Oh So Practical. Keep safe, wear your mask and we'll see next time.

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